Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 16 – What Goes Around, Comes Around!

Oh wow, what an episode. I really feel a little uneasy praising Alif Allah Aur Insaan so much week after week because I have a fear of jinxing it, since it usually turns out to be the case with almost every other Hum TV drama these days. Anyways, I am so glad that Alif Allah Aur Insaan has turned out to be such an amazing drama, which has all the ingredients that make it successful. From drama to emotions to convincing scenarios to development & pace, every single episode has had so much to offer that it surely is a treat to tune to this drama on Tuesdays because it guarantees that this one hour is going to give you the sort of entertainment that you are looking for. Even though the story of this drama is intense & is based on realities of life, I still find it to be a feel good drama!

So, if it wasn’t for Chaman Begum, Shahzeb would’ve never gotten a clear perspective of what he was going through & most importantly why. It was interesting how all this while, it never really occurred to Shahzeb that everything that he was facing might’ve been the consequence of hurting someone’s true feelings. Shahzeb by chance stumbled across Chaman Begum only to get to the truth that was he was in search of himself. Even though it was convincing that someone had to speak on the behalf of Nigar Begum to once again tell Shahzeb how much he meant to her, I really felt bad for Nigar Begum that the one she loved truly had no idea about her, like she didn’t even cross Shazheb’s mind even for a second that all that he was going through could’ve been because of her. Nigar Begum loved him deeply, whereas for Shahzeb, she was just someone whom he came across & forgot as she held no importance in his life. Chaman Begum & Shahzeb’s conversation was done really really well, I felt so overwhelmed when Chaman Begum was speaking about Nigar Begum with so much of sadness because out of all the people, she knew how hurt Nigar was when Shahzeb rejected her love. Chaman Begum knew what Nigar went through when she lost the hope that Shahzeb would give her the respect she longed for all her life, like even though Chaman is serving Reena but the love & respect she has for Nigar is still intact!

Finally, Shahzeb did realize that it was Nigar Begum’s curse that came into the play, more like a karma that he was being rejected in a similar way. Just like how he undermined Nigar’s love, Shahzeb’s love was being undermined the same way too. I loved the conversation that Shahzeb & Zaitoon had, it is endearing to see how much Zaitoon trusts her son & everything she said was spot on. I loved Zaitoon’s balanced approach where after reminding Shahzeb that he didn’t do anything wrong by refusing to give Nigar what she wanted, she also told him to apologize to her as she could feel that Nigar must’ve been deeply hurt but sadly, it’s too late to do anything as there’s no chance for Shahzeb to seek forgiveness from her!

Well, I was actually interested to see Reena Begum in this episode, like I wanted to see how she was doing after the emotional trauma that she went through but looked like she picked herself up & accepted it as a part of her new life that’s why she didn’t hold back in flaunting her status in front of the flower vendor only to get reminded that she had to give a lot in order to gain what she wanted. Reena might think that she has won but this is just the beginning as every step of the way, she will be faced with the reality that she didn’t obtain this wealth without paying a heavy price herself first. Oh well, to be honest, I loved seeing Nigar Begum in this episode because this is exactly what I assumed & predicted should happen in the last review & to see it happening really made me happy. Finally, Reena’s subconscious was now going to play tricks on her & it won’t let her forget what she did with Nigar Begum. Reena must’ve thought that by taking her place, she actually took over & succeeded but her conscience is always going to remind her that she is the reason why Nigar Begum is dead today. People might forget Nigar Begum in front of Reena Begum, but the best part is, she herself is never going to get her out of her mind!

Well, coming to the most interesting part of this episode, Basit & Nazneen’s rishta. I loved loved loved the way it was handled. Nazneen did win, she finally did because both her father & Basit’s father did everything that she wanted. Hashmat obviously always had a soft corner for Basit in his heart because he did treat him like his son, that is why even after his wife dissed the idea, he convinced her showing that he had made up his mind even before speaking to her. I found it quite interesting how in this scenario, both the fathers were easy-going & chill whereas both the mothers not only had some inhibitions but also strongly opposed the idea. I loved seeing Basit’s eagerness when Qadir informed him that he had spoken to Hashmat & now he was waiting for his response, this was for the first time when Basit actually showcased what was in his heart otherwise he was always mindful of the fact that one wrong move of his could tarnish his family’s reputation that is why he kept his feelings to himself!

Nazneen obviously couldn’t contain herself when she found out that her parents chose Basit for her. Nazneen didn’t mind playing tricks & she thought Basit would be with her on this as well but it was quite interesting to see how Basit immediately drew the line the moment Nazneen told him that everything that she did was on purpose & she deliberately caused a dent in Shahzeb’s image to be with Basit. I think that entire scene was acted out brilliantly by Shehzad sheikh where you could see perplexity in Basit’s expressions & body language as if even he was hating the fact that Nazneen could go to such extreme to get what she wanted. It was like for the first time Basit was scared of her love, though he has said this before that the intensity of Nazneen’s love does scare him at times but this time around, his fears got confirmed & he was finding it hard to relate to Nazneen!

Even though things looked like they were shaping up in Nazneen’s favor but who would’ve thought that Basit’s mother would find out the truth & she would make sure to convey it to Qadir. Basit for the first time lied to his parents as well saying that he had no idea what Nazneen did to call her marriage off with Shahzeb because he knew his parents would never approve of getting him married to Nazneen after finding out what actually transpired & that is exactly what happened. Qadir felt he would be deceiving Hashmat if he wouldn’t tell him that everything that he was going through was basically done by Nazneen only to be with Basit. I think Suhail’s involvement was another convincing aspect because he not only took a stand for his best friend but also wanted to do everything to make sure that his reputation isn’t spoiled because Shahzeb didn’t deserve that. All of a sudden the track which seemed one-dimensional & boring has gotten so interesting that I am actually looking forward to see what will happen with Basit & Nazneen. I really felt bad for Shahzeb because either way, he was going to be at the losing end, even if he got to be with Nazneen or not. Now it’s time for Shammo’s curse to come into the play & cast its shadows on Nazneen’s life but will she realize her mistakes? Definitely not & sadly, in this scenario, it won’t be Nazneen alone who’d suffer, Basit will face the brunt as well which even he also doesn’t deserve!

Overall, this episode was amazing & the preview of the next episode promised fireworks. I am sure it is going to be intense & interesting just like this episode. All the actors have performed phenomenally & flawlessly, like there’s not even a single actor that can be picked out who hasn’t given their 100%. For the first time I liked Mikaal Zulfikar’s performance as well, I also like the fact that the writer hasn’t shown Shahzeb as a bechara, she has only shown that he is suffering because of loving someone unconditionally & because of rejecting someone’s unconditional love too. Shehzad sheikh was the star of this episode for sure, especially in the scene where Basit meets Nazneen, he really acted out Basit’s confusion to perfection. It is interesting how the writer showed that Nazneen did score a win by fooling her parents but Basit couldn’t bring himself to do that because he wasn’t this selfish to keep his parents in the dark for her sake for the rest of his life. Noor ul Hassan gave yet another brilliant performance in this episode, it is a treat seeing him doing justice to Qadir’s character. Kubra Khan’s acting was perfect too, where she posed to be all innocent in front of her parents but showed her true colors to Basit because she thought he’d also jump with joy after finding out about the game that she played. Loving this drama so far & hope I get more such chances to fall in love with it again. Please share your thoughts about this phenomenal episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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