Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 21 Review – Strictly Alright!

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan didn’t bring much to the table apart from an introduction to a couple of new scenarios. I am sure the new characters are going to contribute to the story but somehow seeing the lack of development in the tracks of original characters is making me feel that the pace of the drama has been compromised upon & all of a sudden, everything has started to look so stagnant, which I hope changes soon!

So, Nazneen hasn’t moved on & since she has made it clear to Shahzeb that she is not going to give him a chance, she is making it even more obvious, which obviously puts Shahzeb in an awkward positions especially in front of his mother. I am not too sure if the never ending flashback scene of Nazneen or Basit was required or did anything for the viewers. Usually when the drama-makers start relying a bit too much on the flashbacks, that’s when you know the pace of the drama is going to become slow & the story is going to become stagnant.

Well, since Basit is quite desperate & he wants to do everything to provide for his family, he took a job at Shahzeb’s, despite knowing that he is Nazneen’s husband. I would like to believe that Basit took this job only for the sake of his family as he was burdened with their responsibility but you never know, may be is looking for a chance to see Nazneen again? I am not too sure why Shahzeb had a hard time recognizing Basit & why did he ask Nazneen if she knew Basit because when he & Nazneen got engaged, Basit was the one who was in-charge of the entire function & even after their engagement when Nazneen went to meet Shahzeb to tell him that she wants to go to the city to pursue her education, Basit was with her & he met Shahzeb first. I think it would’ve been more appropriate if Shahzeb had told Nazneen that your servant’s son Basit has been appointed to do the artwork of the Masjid. Just a small detail but yes, it did seem like a glitch.

Well Zimal’s character seems nice. She is a happy go lucky sort of a girl, engaged to be married to her cousin & looks like she & her fiancée Ali both believe in giving each other a lot of space because they both trust each other. Zimal is passionate about what she does & she shares a strong bond with her mother in law to-be. I am sure Zimal’s track will be interesting & she might contribute to the story a great deal too but usually viewers have a hard time relating to the characters that are introduced at such later stages of the drama because after spending 20+ weeks, viewers are usually interested in seeing the closures of the original tracks. Even though I don’t have any preconceived notions about Zimal’s character & have no issues with her so far but at this stage of the drama, I am not too sure if I will be interested in seeing a new beginning altogether as usually such twists do make you feel that the story has deviated from its main purpose & things are being dragged. Zimal shares a cordial relation with all her friends but looks like Shaheer is interested in her, we’ll have to see how things go henceforth!

Well, since Nawazish Ali has invested in Reena Begum so much, he expects her to do much more for him in return but Reena is interested in getting married to him & Nawazish doesn’t seem to be into the idea of a lifelong commitment. For Nawazish Ali, Reena is more like a flavor of the month & unfortunately, Reena is unable to see that. I am not too sure if Ustad Chandu deserved so much of screen-time because to be honest, I had a hard time feeling anything for him. I mean I might’ve taken him seriously but his wig made it hard for me. Yes, we all know that Reena has hurt a lot of people till date & it will come back to her but despite a few meaningful dialogues, Ustad Chandu & Chaman Begum’s scene seemed far too stretched.

For the first time I am having a hard time making up my mind about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan, like I am unable to figure out whether I liked this episode or not but yes, I did struggle hard in keeping my interest intact in the episode as all of a sudden I felt the story was all over the place. Shammo’s character has been heavily compromised upon as well & it is sad to see him gracing the screen for a couple of scenes which again seem like fillers. I am not too sure what will change when Reena will come across Shammo once again, let’s hope this time around, after her heart-break, Shammo is finally able to convince her to leave this world, at least that would make Shammo a hero once again which I would love to see! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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