Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 23 Review – Wrap It Up Please!

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan was pretty basic once again. It is such a shame that a drama that started off so strong has come down to this where sitting through its episodes is basically a struggle. The main & original characters have stopped evolving & the new ones aren’t sparking any interest, so not sure what is happening in this drama at the moment. All the main tracks of the drama have become stagnant & there’s absolutely nothing that they’re giving us to keep us hooked. I really believe this drama should end now but looks like the drama-makers are not in a mood right now!

This episode mainly focused on Reena & the reality that everyone around her was trying to make her see. I found most of the dialogues a bit repetitive & even the scenario with everyone taunting her was quite monotonous. Be it Chaman Begum, Shireen Bai in the previous episodes or the flower vendor in this episode, everyone has been telling her the same thing which again was something that I felt could have been chopped down because we have already seen what she has done & what everyone was trying to convey. So, Reena finally got married & once again the entire scene where she wanted her Nikkah to happen at the brothel was so unnecessary, there were so many such moments which I felt were added only to fill up the episode which could’ve been easily omitted. I thought things will blow out of proportion when Reena & Nawazish had an argument but in their next scene we saw them together, leaving me baffled as to why that little argument was shown when Reena had to follow what Nawazish was telling her, anyways! So, right from the beginning Nawazish is making it obvious to Reena that he has his list of priorities that he can’t falter taking care of & she obviously is going to have issues with it in the future!

Nazneen is still stuck on Basit & this time around, she once again tried to remind him what they both had & what they shared. Basit obviously hasn’t moved on but he has at least understood that Nazneen belongs to someone else whereas Nazneen hasn’t accepted it. The way Nazneen tried to stop her father from coming to meet her was again her way of saving herself & Basit because she knew what would happen if Hashmat saw Basit around her. So, even Nazneen’s mother in law Zaitoon decided to speak to her because she can clearly see that Nazneen is not quite happy or comfortable but then Nazneen had nothing to say to her.

All this while I thought Zimal was engaged but in this episode it was suggested that she was legally married to Ali & he sent her divorce papers out of nowhere, which then made me feel a bit more sick remembering how comfortable & casual she was when Shaheer confessed his feelings because any ‘married’ girl would’ve straight away set the guy straight but she chose to play along. Still not feeling this entire track & I don’t think it would change in the future!

The last scene of this episode was once again a fault on the writer/director’s end. All this while they suggested that Shahzeb only knew Basit & Nazneen were from the same village, but now Shahzeb was straight away talking to Basit about Nazneen as if he miraculously recovered from a memory loss & remembered that Basit was the guy who came with Nazneen to meet him? Before this scene, we saw Shahzeb oblivously asking Nazneen if she knew any Basit from her village but now it looked like he never was oblivious of who Basit was? I never once expected something like this happening in a drama where the director had a good grip on the script but now looks like everyone associated with this project is just doing what is expected from them without putting much interest & it clearly shows.

I never really imagined that Alif Allah Aur Insaan would come at such a point where it would stop working for me. I am sure all those who invested so many weeks in this drama must be feeling the same way. We have seen everything from everyone so now I feel this drama should wrap up. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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