Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 25 Review – Purposeless!

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan was quite boring. Even though quite a lot happened in this episode but the way things unraveled was so unconvincing that it really didn’t leave any impact & made it hard to feel for any of the characters!

Nazneen decided to cling onto Basit & Shahzeb stumbled upon them. Obviously, whatever Shahzeb saw was a shocker for him but what convinced him to let go of the love of his life was everything that he heard from Nazneen because she made clear to him that she wanted to be with Basit. I don’t know why but I had a feeling that the entire scene was shot at two different places & was later combined through editing, like Basit & Nazneen were at one place & Shahzeb was at the other because despite the well-thought out editing, that entire scene didn’t have any continuity. I don’t know how to explain but there are some bits in every other scene like some frames which look so random showcasing that the director’s heart is not into this project anymore & he is just ‘filling’ these episodes.

So, Basit took Nazneen to his place & seriously, Nazneen’s attitude with Basit’s parents, his mother in particular was so bizarre. This girl plans on getting married to their son & there she was treating them as her servants. I really do not get the crux of this track, like why didn’t Nazneen become mature? After going through so much, after emotional suffering of not being with Basit, now when she finally got the chance to live her life with Basit, she went back to her old ways in stead of being thankful that she is now going to be with Basit & remorseful that she put everyone through such a trauma. Obviously, I am not expecting her to act all nice because she never was like that but someone who goes through some sort of suffering tends to grow mentally at least. The tiff between Basit’s mother & Nazneen was once again so bizarre, like it was another attempt of filling the episode. So, Basit got the job in this new university & I am sure it will be the same university which Zimal attends, so I am sure they both are going to cross paths & I won’t be surprised if Basit will fall for Zimal, since she is the talk of the town (for reasons I am still trying to figure).

I really don’t get why Zimal is the center of everyone’s attention? I just don’t get it. Yes, she has been introduced to take the story forward but I don’t see anything special in her so I don’t get the hype about her. Shaheer drew her sketch & hell broke loose because Zimal hated the idea of seeing ‘nami’ in her eyes. Shaheer in order to prove his love tore the sketch apart which actually made me sigh with relief because it was such a bad sketch that it actually deserved to rest in the dustbin. Anyways, the phone call that Zimal got from her cousin was once again so so so random? We’re 3 episodes down & the discussion about Zimal’s divorce isn’t over? Why? The funniest bit was seeing Zimal’s mother planning a dine out with her, whereas just an episode ago she was bed-ridden to an extent that her husband was quite worried. Another ‘filler’ scene I tell you!

Now when I look at Shammo, I look at an opportunity wasted. The writer & the director had such an amazing opportunity to turn Shammo into something so big to leave an impact & to show that the one who dreams big can achieve bigger things but now he has turned into this ‘saheli’ who is available 24/7 for Reena, like seriously. Even when Shammo was poor & uncultured, he had so much of personality & charm but now it looks like Imran Ashraf is just ‘acting’ Shammo out, without feeling or owning the character because there’s nothing left for him to portray about Shammo! Yes, Shammo has done well for himself but what is he doing now? Even the scene between Shammo & Reena seemed so superficial, like that entire emotion & spark was missing that we used to see & feel in their scenes in the initial episodes, which is such a downer. It is so so obvious that even the actors are just playing along because the producers are refusing to end this drama.

I really didn’t get why Zimal’s friend telling her that Shaheer loves her came as a news to her because Shaheer confessed his feelings to her just before she got divorced? The entire tantrum that Zimal threw saying people are talking was again so bizarre! Seriously, can someone tell this ‘art student’ a basic thing that in sculpture classes, students are supposed to carry their hair in a bun or any updo, in stead of sporting lose curls which obviously were getting in Zimal’s way & she was trying to get rid of them in an attempt of looking cute which she failed at, & oh, did I say miserably?

Anyways, I just can not believe that the drama which had so much of potential & which promised us such amazing things has turned into a joke where the script is not making sense anymore & the direction has become quite clumsy too, take Malik Hahsmat’s cut paste presence in Amreeka? LOL! Even though for some that scene might not be of any importance but when you watch an episode at 2AM, you tend to pick such things which can make you laugh hysterically! Anyways, for the first time, even though all the original tracks are approaching the closure, while thinking about them I was feeling clueless because like I said, I do not get the crux of it. Oh boy, Nimra Khan’s acting in that outburst scene was so bad (not that she has been acting brilliantly in other scenes), she clearly was struggling & she made it obvious. Kubra Khan’s has conveyed Nazneen’s desperation to perfection & this by the way is not a compliment because that desperation is cringe-worthy which means her acting is cringe-worthy. Someone please cut Shaheer’s shirt a bit loose because it looks like he is so stuffed in that Shalwar Kameez that he can’t breathe, hence the akra-pan. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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