Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 26 – Boring!

Ohkay so, I know these recent episodes of Alif Allah Aur Insaan must be working for some viewers but for me, they are just coming across as fillers with no real purpose behind them. In this episode as well, I found so many scenes to be too long and more like fillers as if the writer & the director do not have much left to show but are being forced to fill the remaining episodes that the producers have decided. It is sad to see a drama that started off on such a strong note deteriorate so bad that I literally struggled watching this episode tonight!

To be honest, I am tired of Qadir Ali & his wife’s wailing. We get it, you guys are loyal to Malik Hashmat & are scared to face yet another brunt of Nazneen’s selfishness but then there’s a limit. Their scenes were so long & all the dialogues were so repetitive that I really didn’t understand why they were getting so much of coverage?

Nazneen once again made another irrational decision where she left Basit’s place just like that & when he called, she even responded? Then what was the reason behind leaving his place when she wasn’t going to cut off the contact from him? I am sure this was done only to bring Zimal & Nazneen together which again was a forced twist. When Nazneen left Basit’s place, she was worried about what her father was going to say, which made me think if she was so conscious about her father’s concerns then why did she ask for a divorce in the first place? The strength of this drama was that all the characters stayed true to their personality but now they all are acting so differntly as if they have been re-written by someone else.

It was amusing that more than Rani, it was Nawazish who got the coverage in this episode. The entier scenario about some Faraz Bhai coming back from Canada after 10 years & then showing up with all the updates about Rani was so forced & unnecessary at that. It is because of such scenes that I am finding it hard to take this drama seriously now. All of a sudden, Nawazish’s wife got introduced too & Basit’s sister who was a part of the original lot is MIA from so many episodes? It goes to show that even the director is unable to have a grip on this drama anymore, hence the unnecessary additions & changes in the story!

The only scene that made sense & I liked watching was the confrontation between Shahzeb & Nazneen’s mothers. Finally Zaitoon said what needed to be said. Even though Nazneen’s mother’s reaction was realistic where she wanted to stop Zaitoon from wishing ill upon her daughter but then again, Zaitoon has seen how much Shahzeb loved her so she on her own was right in believing that Malik Hashmat & his wife, despite knowing that Nazneen loved someone else forced her to get married to Shahzeb, due to which both Zaitoon & Shahzeb faced the consequences, hence the curse! Finally, seeing Nazneen out of Shahzeb’s place & then seeing her not having anywhere to go reminded me of Shammo’s curse where he said that she will not get to be in the ‘Haveli’, so it finally happened & now Nazneen is going through what Shammo wished for her. This was the only bit that was interesting in this episode & after that, I didn’t have any interest in what Nazneen was going through or what she was planning to do!

Basit’s outburst & the way he spoke to his parents once again made it look like his character has been re-written because Basit could do anything but misbehave with his parents. Also it looked like Basit’s decision of marrying Nazneen came out of nowhere because just a few days ago he was adamant that he couldn’t accept her back in his life as he was not going to hurt Shahzeb anymore but now, they didn’t even show any scene, any conversation of Nazneen & Basit to let us know how Nazneen convinced him because Basit’s declaration seemed a bit out of the blue!

The entire philosophical conversation that Zimal & Nazneen had didn’t strike any chord & even I have pretty much lost interest in what Baba Jee has to say because whatever he says seems repetitive now. The university scenes were again fillers & to see the students playing with paper balls made me wonder whether they were in class 3 or what? Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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