Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 28 Review – Filler Gone Wrong!

Seriously, as this drama is progressing, the story is losing its purpose & nothing is really making an impact. I can not believe this drama has come down to such a stage where it is hard to sit through its episodes & impossible to praise it!

Reena came back to the brothel & Chaman Begum like a kind hearted mother accepted her back. When Nigar & even Reena used to rule the brothel, they used to make all the decisions but this time around it was Chaman Begum who welcomed Reena back despite Shireen Bai telling her not to. What’s next in Reena’s life? What’s left in her story & if I take a look back at her entire journey, I do get that she has fallen flat on her face but I want to know the crux of it? Somehow things are not making much impact & that is ruining the drama for me completely.

So, Basit & Nazneen got married. Malkiyani did all she could to bring Nazneen back but she was a bit too late as they already tied the knot & Nazneen told her mother that she had nothing to do with her parents. I still see it as a biggest flaw that Malik Hashmat had no idea that Shahzeb divorced Nazneen & even Malkiyani chose not to give him such an important information. Yes, she must have been waiting for his return but still Malkiyani not telling Hashmat the first thing after he came back that his daughter got divorced is a bit hard to digest!

So, Nazneen had a verbal spat with Basit’s parents too & the way she dragged him made it look like she forgot that Basit was now her husband & not her servant’s son that she was bossing around. I really don’t get the transition that Basit’s character has been through. He was fine without Nazneen like he came to terms with the fact that he couldn’t be with her. He then took a job at Shahzeb’s despite knowing that he will come across Nazneen. He then fought with his parents for Nazneen & completely overlooked what their opinion was when it came to his & Nazneen’s wedding & now when he finally got her, he started feeling guilty thinking that he wronged Shahzeb. If that was the case then why did his guilt occur the moment he got married? Why didn’t he think things through before taking such a huge step knowing that his parents were against this marriage? If he had done that, his parents wouldn’t have died because this was Hashmat’s way of taking his revenge – Basit took away his daughter, he took away Basit’s parents from him!

This drama is becoming worse with each passing episode, not to forget the extremely boring & long scenes which show that there isn’t much content left & that is why the episodes are just being filled for the sake of it. Zimal is another filler which has gone wrong, it is quite annoying to see her getting the coverage that too like she is the main character of the drama. It is amusing that by making her cry, they thought we will sympathize with her character, one can barely tolerate her character let alone sympathize with her. The direction of this drama has become a joke as well. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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