Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 30 – Review!

Ohkay so, I don’t know after how many weeks I found a few bits & bobs interesting in this episode but yes, those were all related to the original characters because my mind still hasn’t been able to comprehend the reasons why the newer lot was introduced. Yes, on the whole the drama has derailed but after weeks, I found myself getting interested in the future of a few characters but still the drama in general has lost the charm & is not working anymore!

First & foremost, I loved the conversation Shahzeb had with his mother. It was almost as if those were Baba Jee’s thoughts that were being voiced by Shahzeb. Baba Jee has left a great influence on Shahzeb & that is why he not only gracefully accepted everything that happened, he moved on & grew out of his love for Nazneen peacefully too.

Even though Basit emerged as a coward, a loser but still what happened between him & Nazneen was something that I didn’t see coming. Basit always said that the intensity of Nazneen’s love for him scared him & once again, he said the same thing & used it against her but then, now when he lost his parents & eventually betrayed Shahzeb’s trust, there was no need to dwell so much into the guilt that he decided to part ways with Nazneen. Once again, another curse was fulfilled & this time it was the one that came from Zaitoon Bano where she told Nazneen that she won’t get her fair share of happiness after ruining Shahzeb’s life. Even though Nazneen will return to her parents’ place, I am keen to see how Basit will pick up the pieces & what he will do with his life?

Suddenly, Shaheer’s mother has started taking interest in her son’s life & there is absolutely nothing that sparks interest about this love triangle. Zimmal is not into Shaheer & I think not into Arsalan too, may be she will fall for Basit after learning what he has been through, after learning about his reasons?

Reena had a daughter & even though everyone was trying to show her the real picture, I cringed how casually the word ‘tawaif’ was being used for a newborn, euuu!!! Anyways, Nawazish’s wife got such an insider news that Reena was expecting a child, so it is unrealistic that she didn’t find out who fathered the baby? Weird!

I think 30 episodes were more than enough for this story to get a proper closure but they have ruined it by dragging things from last 10 episodes. It is also highly unlikely that the drama is nearing the end, which makes us question the purpose of the story again & again! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan!

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