Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 32 Review – Boring!

Ohkay so, it won’t be an overstatement but this drama has become lame. I think the best way to deal with it is to show 2 episodes every week so that it reaches the end soon because sitting through its episodes nothing short of a task!

Shahzeb hasn’t come to terms with Baba Jee’s death but then he had a moment where he remembered all that Baba Jee taught him & I guess he found a purpose of his life. Obviously, he should & he has to do something with his life based on what he learnt from him, otherwise it would mean that Baba Jee wasted all his energies. It was obvious since day 1 that Shahzeb will turn into another Baba Jee & that is happening now!

Well, Arsalan coming to Zimmal’s house for 20 seconds was just so random & out of the blue. If they had shown that he came for some project it still would have made sense. Zimmal’s mom’s impression of Arsalan was so amusing but then her own daughter is not in her senses anymore, so it doesn’t matter what she thinks of others. Zimmal & her fixation with Mohabbat ka afsana is so annoying, like she has no one to speak to about it that she chose Basit for it? Another gutless person who forsake his mohabbat for weird reasons?

Raani made a deal with Nawazish & got a flat for herself & her daughter. I must say for someone unlettered like Raani, the entire wall filled with bookshelves & books in her home didn’t make sense. Well, even Shammo made an appearance to make a special announcement & we’re thrilled for him but whatelse? What’s more to his story in fact everyone’s story? Watching this drama is now like you’re watching a story without a climax, without a purpose & it just isn’t working anymore. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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