Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 33 Review – An Average Episode!

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan was slightly better but then again, things have become so bland that the charm that this drama once had has completely gone. There was a time when all the scenarios in this drama looked so interesting but now it’s like a plain story telling where nothing piques your interest anymore. To be honest, the only reason behind tuning to it now is to see how it will end & that’s about it!

Shaheer sent his proposal to Zimmal’s place without even telling her & what’s amusing was that his parents thought their marriage was a done deal. Just when I was actually having a hard time understanding why Zimmal said ‘Arsalan ne mujhe kiss mushkil mai daal diya hai’, I was taken aback when I heard her talking about their marriage? I mean these characters were introduced in the 20th episode & it literally took them 13 episodes to show who was chosen by Zimmal? What’s worse about this entire scenario is that they never really showed Zimmal’s growing interest in Arsalan, it’s like she had to choose between 2 guys, so just because she didn’t like the 1st guy, she chose the 2nd one? There was no emotional development in this entire track & that is why these characters never really grabbed the attention of the viewers in the first place. Zimmal’s suggestion about the secrecy of her marriage with Arsalan was another thing that I couldn’t comprehend? Now that she has made up her mind, what’s the point of hiding her marriage? In fact shouldn’t she declare it so that Shaheer is not under any delusion that she will accept him sooner or later?

Shahzeb became Baba Jee’s successor & it was too obvious, right from the beginning that this was going to happen, which was a decent development or let’s say closure to his track!

Rani’s neighbor screams trouble to me as in the very first meeting she seemed a bit too inquisitive. Also, one thing that seemed like a flaw was that her neighbor didn’t recognize her whereas Rani just did a movie & her posters were everywhere like her younger siblings said. Anyways, Rani’s track has become so boring like Zimmal’s that discussing it seems pointless!

Looks like Nazneen is going to get 3rd time lucky with her 3rd marriage? LOL! But not sure as Taimur’s parents have already chosen a girl for her & his mother especially doesn’t seem to be a fan of Nazneen. I am not sure if Taimur will be able to endure the pressure of his parents by sticking to the word he gave to Nazneen! I must say perserverance is commendable, I mean after 2 failed marriages, she gave in after a minute’s pleading of Taimur, seriously? Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan!

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