Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 40 Review – Disasterous!

Seriously, this drama is past that stage where people would take it seriously. Everything that has been happening in this drama now seems like a joke & all this is because they chose not to end it at the right time.

Everytime I see Zimmal, I am reminded of the tormenting fact that it was because of this girl that this drama was extended & when I see a very bad acting & equally bad character portrayal, my blood boils. Zimmal is going to get her happy ending after 1 failed marriage, 1 tragic end of an engagement, so are we supposed to shed a tear or two out of sheer happiness? Seriously!?!

I really wonder why Zimmal & Co. were introduced as art students because it served no purpose whatsoever. Shaheer, Zimmal & Arsalan looked like anything but art students & Roshni should’ve been a detective. I guess they will only be using this connection to make Roshni end up with Basit which is a perfect case of mismatch & looks forced. All this while people thought it would be Zimmal who’d be with Basit since there was so much of focus on her but now in the end but now it is going to be a 5th or may be a 6th lead; Roshni? LOL! Looks like after weeks & weeks of showing people failing at love, the writer is trying to give everyone a happy ending which seems anything but happy!

Oh so yes, Roshni ended up solving the case in a jiffy which again brings me to my point that none of these guys had the personality or traits of an art student so they should’ve been shown as what they looked like; Shaheer as a Punjabi movie hero, Zimmal as a Punjabi movie heroine, Roshni as a detective & Arsalan as a back bencher in any university who’d laugh at his own jokes crying to get someone’s attention! No idea what was police doing all this while though!

Boo hoo Nawazish’s wife left & he was after Reena. This entire track seems like a joke to me, like from where it began to how it is going to end. I’ve got nothing to say about it!

Nazneen & her Kurta had some hissy fits which actually made me laugh. Obviously, she is bound to lose her sanity after all she successfully failed at 3 marriages which ain’t an easy feat. Chalo, at least she did introspect & realized how wrong she was in the past but again, none of it made an impact because it came too late! It is funny how Basit has become.a 7th or 8th lead & is nowhere to be seen? This is what happens when the purpose of a character, its journey & story on the whole is lost. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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