Alif Episode 11 Story Review – Spellbinding

Opening Thoughts – Spellbinding Episode:

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif was spellbinding. Alif is the kind of drama that has to be approached a certain way. It is not your typical commercial drama therefore you just can not watch it without taking away so much from its episodes if you have not paid attention to the point of being invested in it. Alif is different from the kind of content Pakistani drama viewers are used to watching, therefore it has to be approached a certain way, with a different mindset and undivided attention. This is how the viewers will be able to enjoy this experience. The best part of watching Alif for me is that they have put so much detail in every single scene which I enjoy exploring, this way I am able to understand the characters better & know what they are feeling. This episode, like all the previous episodes of Alif was perfect!

Momina & Her Emotions:

Momina’s parents found out about Faisal. This was something that Momina should have told them herself considering she is shown to be comfortable around her parents. She made such a big decision but to deprive them of the details was unlike Momina. While watching her performance I couldn’t help but notice how they have established the fact so well that because Momina has been through so much, because she has lost her brother, all these emotions that she pours into her performances stem from her losses & the pains that she has endured. I am not sure if this is how it was meant to be but when it comes to Momina’s performances, I always think about the fact that losing Jahangir has added so much depth in her acting skills. Though this was not what Momina wanted, but this is basically a way for Momina to channel out her emotions.

Qalb e Momin came to see Abdul Alla & then they took us to the backstory of Taha & Husn e Jahan once again. I really must say this has to be the best approach of the director where he is giving us all the information of what actually transpired in the past to understand the future happenings better. I am glad we are getting to see Husn e Jahan & Taha’s story at this stage of the drama. Qalb e Momin had no idea that he will end up with Abdul Alla’s confessions. Finally, Abdul Alla admitted that he was the one who did not forgive when the time was right. He was the one who was being rigid to the point that he ended up losing his son!

Abdul Alla’s Love For Taha:

Taha met Husn e Jahan & while Abdul Alla tried to distract him, he could not take his eyes off her – another brilliant detail that I enjoyed noticing. It’s little moments like these that set Alif apart & take it to another level of drama-watching experience. They briefly showed what Taha meant to Abdul Alla & also that Taha was ambitious. Yes, Taha inherited the artistry from his father, he was a calligrapher too, a whirling dervish as well but he had his ambitions & he was passionate. Abdul Alla was happy with his minimalist outlook on life but Taha wanted to explore, he wanted to know & to be known – this is where he was different from Abdul Alla.

Alif Episode 11 Story Review - Spellbinding

The reason why Abdul Alla is so lenient towards Qalb e Momin, the reason why he does not judge him or is rigid anymore is because he has lost his son due of his behavior & he does not want to commit the same mistake. Taha was all that Abdul Alla had & because he loved him so much, he wanted to control him. Abdul Alla obviously wanted the best for his son but it was beautifully shown how when you love something so dearly, you can not fathom the idea of losing a grip on it. Abdul Alla’s love for Taha was exactly like that, to the point of it being suffocating for him. I loved drawing a comparison between Abdul Alla of before and Abdul Alla that we get to see now. He is still the same when it comes to calling a spade a spade but he is far more gentle & considerate towards Qalb e Momin. It is interesting how Abdul Alla, who thought he knew it all, ended up learning so much from Husn e Jahan. He judged her based on her profession & the outer beauty but after it was too late, he learned that he was wrong. This is the reason why Abdul Alla calls her ‘naik rooh’. Abdul Alla must’ve never thought that the woman he was so quick to judge would end up teaching him a lifelong lesson of not being judgmental & this is the reason why he is so easy on Qalb e Momin. This is exactly why Abdul Alla believes in giving Qalb e Momin a chance because he knows that he will have his awakening when it is destined to be.

Best Scene of The Episode:

The letter reading scene was my favorite from the entire episode. The camerawork, the lighting, background sound & Saleem Mairaj’s expressions made that entire scene a treat to watch. The way Sultan smiled when he read Husn e Jahan talking about having faith in Taha more than him & the way he nodded showed that he so yearned for a chance. Sultan knows it in his heart that if Husn e Jahan had given him the chance to be with her, he would’ve never let her down the way Taha did. Sultan’s feelings for Husn e Jahan are of some other kind. Simply beautiful!

Alif Episode 11 Story Review - Spellbinding

Closing Thoughts – Absolutely Beautiful:

This episode of Alif was absolutely beautiful. There is so much to learn about the characters & I am glad that even after so many episodes, we get to learn more & understand them better. For me this entire episode went by quickly because I was too busy noticing the details. Alif is a masterpiece & it has been treated that way. Saleem Mairaj, Ahsan Khan, Kubra Khan & Manzar Sehbai made this episode a treat to watch. Manzar Sehbai’s grip & command on the character of Abdul Alla is commendable. I am enjoying the pace of the drama too. I like how in such brief interactions they carefully add such dialogues which tell us about the characters, their personalities, their thought-processes & their thinking. Without taking much time, they give us an entire picture. I will cut it short & just say that this entire team deserves a standing ovation for giving Alif such a beautiful treatment. Please share your thoughts about this spellbinding episode of Alif.

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  • Exactly zahra. Jo drd hai na, insan ko trashta hai. Art or drd ka bra gehra rishta hai….. Ap k andr se khoj k nikaalta hai ye sb. I am an artist, i paint, i draw, i do poetry, I write, i am involved in art in some way. I can truly feel that. Whenever i feel pain, i paint something better than before. It just pushes me to spread my thoughts onto canvas or a piece of paper.

  • Perfect episode as well as perfectly summarized in the review. Alif is 1000 times better than over rated MPTH. People in our society don’t use their mind and just wants to see that director/writer wants us to see but Alif is sort of project where you actually end up being creative and logical. We should have more projects like Alif which can atleast contribute something to our dumb society.

    • What exactly is Alif’s contribution to the society?
      And what is the elastic symbolism or subtext in any single scene of Alif. If any?

      • Maybe you’ll find out the contribution it has to society by the time the drama finishes. For me, so far, it’s showing realistic struggles we face with religion. Someone who has money but feels a void. The money and fame isn’t everything. It also shows how someone who has love for God, does artwork in His name, struggles with pain in life and why she has to go through it.

    • Thank you so much Hamza. To be honest, the kind of feedback that Alif is getting unfortunately shows exactly what you have spoken about. They want commercial dramas & any such stories that forces them to think about the real purpose of life, they find them boring. Bitter truth!

  • Standing ovation.

    Alif is something else. Kya bna dala hai inho ne, mere nazdeek bar set ho gya h. I crave for stories like that. I love quality content. This us what we call class. The masterpiece.

    And its an experience. I am learning so much from it. Every single detail just makes me astonished. Something magical is added to it. This must be watched. This must beeee watched. Esa drama dahaiyon mn ek bar bnta hai…but i think every body dont get it. Ye sb ko smjh nhi aa skta…..

    And what a performance by everyone. Mind blowing.

    Truueeeeee review…!

    • Sahi kaha! Main bht shok se dekhti hun pr such btaun to kahani ki smjh nhi a rhi mujhay sahi se

    • Thank you so much Ali for appreciating the review. I so agree with each & everything that you have said. It sure is a quality content which has to be approached a certain way. :)

    • Couldn’t agree more.. its a drama which acts as a medicine for the soul! Love it.. Those who understand just want more.

  • Kash hamari public me is drama ko samjhne k lie thori si aqal hoti. Exceptional episode and perfect review.

    • Ms. Zainab agar koi kisi dramay ko nahin dkhta tu iska matlab yeh nahin keh usay koi aqal nahin, hu sakta hai keh usko aqal ho isi liay woh na dekhta hu.
      I have read novel and it was far better than this drama. execution of novel is not as good as it should have been. except for sajjal i do not find acting of any other appealing. after watching few episodes of this drama i say thanks to Umera that it was her wise thinking that she did not allow dramtization of Peer-e -Kamil.

  • Have been following your reviews and I would say brilliant!!

    It’s like momin is trying to find answers k wo kya tha aur jo tha wo kyun tha aur ab jo hai wo kya hai aur kyun hai

    Never expected kubra to play husn e jahan so gracefully.

    This drama is indeed a masterpiece. They kept the essence of the novel alive

    • Thank you so much DYH for your kind words. I am so glad those who have read the novel unanimously say that they have stayed true to the essence of the novel, which is so hard. Kubra has played Husn e Jahan’s character beautifully. :)

  • This episode was tooo good🔥 Dada jee never fails to impress 🖤 there is one problem that episode ends too quickly…!

    • I so agree Ramsha. I always feel sad when it ends because I am always looking forward to the next scene. Dada Jee’s character is such a treat to watch.

  • Superb review
    Amazing episode
    Just liking the way they are giving detail and explainin each scene and every character.

  • I totally agree with you. Indeed letter reading by Sultan was so well directed. All three, ABDUL Ala, Taha and Husne Jahan made their part of mistakes. Taha painted a woman, he left painting Allah (a symbol, I believe, to show when we give priority to world over religion), ABDUL Ala judged Husne Jahan to be evil and did not forgive his son, and Husne Jahan made Taha cut off from his father intiatlly. What Abdul Ala did is something many of us do. We take pride if our good deed, judge others and push them back into evil. Like we criticize if someone offers one prayer. And in doing so, we make them leave future prayers.

    • Thank you so much P for your insightful comment. Yes, they all did their mistakes & before they could make amends, it was probably too late. I loved seeing the difference in Abdul Alla’s attitude where he was so rigid & judgmental but now he is forgiving & believes in letting go.

  • Nice review since you find this drama good but for me it is an extended Yawnfest. I actually use this drama to have some sleep time before kick-starting the weekend lol.
    Tonight’s episode had little to zero substance and the sound design was so pathetic that the dialogues couldn’t be heard well.
    Alif is a hollow and forced spirtual journey that is thrown to viewer’s faces in the name of intelligent tv. (And it isnt intelligent, infact more hollow than the overrated MPTH). The writing is bland and the direction is no help either.
    The only reason why people “WATCH” it is because of the dream star cast (not dream neither stars actually).
    Alif is no comparison with intelligent tv or cinema.
    (All people screaming quality find the likes of Judy & Irishman boring and that explains the desi intelligent audience watching Alif)

    • Difference of opinion and perspective is alright. You find it hollow, boring, yawnfest. Its ok, thats what you think. Its just how you perceive it. ☺️

    • Intellectual much???….Please do us a favour….Don’t watch ALIF. Not meant for people like you.

    • Trust me Sarmad I am not watching it because of a ‘dream star cast’ & I absolutely love it. Probably it is not your cup of tea, which is fine. Like I said, this drama has to be approached a certain way & not just watched for the sake of it. Not working for you, it’s totally cool but I would definitely like to know what is your idea of a ‘perfect drama’? Just curious.

      Forced spirituality? I think it just perfectly elaborates the struggles a regular believer goes through probably every single day, but then again, your perception, your choice.

  • Gr8 review Zahra. It was a superb episode. Episode 8 and 9 were little slow for me, but 10 and now this week has been gr8. The flashback is moving at a good pace and Abdul Ala is the star of the show, his scenes with everyone are very powerful. I hope that the background score was more powerful. Don’t know why the last week episode was bashed so much, I thought Taha-Husne Jahan story is being shown convincingly.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. Yes, I am glad they are taking the story forward & covering all the important details. Yes, I am not sure why the last episode was not well-received, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :) Abdul Alla is such an amazing character & Manzar Sehbai is such a good actor. Such a perfect combination. :)

  • Good review.
    To me the dervaish part is not appealing because whirling dance has nothing to do with islam and is showed as love of Allah which is not all true.i think people are watching it just because of umera ahmed and big star cast.

    • Thank you Waqee. I don’t agree with that part either because I don’t see dancing as a form of worshiping Allah either but other than that, this drama works & ticks all the boxes for me. :)

      • Guys, I don’t watch this drama but I read these reviews and I have read the novel.

        Whirling dance is not a form of worshipping Allah (Completely agree) but it is a way/route for some people to connect with Allah. Basically, they lose control over themselves and get into a trance where their souls can feel the freedom and somehow connect with the UNIverse. They become part of the WHOLE.

        • Sorry i don’t mean to offend you but if whirling dance would take a person closer to Allah then nauzbillah our prophets (pbuthem) would have done that because there are the ones who had the strongest imaan. These are just lame reasons that lead to innovations.what Allah wants from us has already mentioned in Quran and through messengers.

          • I am not offended at all. I mentioned that I don’t take it as an approved form of worship in Islam. I just explained how some people use it and their reasoning behind it. It might work for them. If you or I have not experienced something, it does not mean No Body has experienced it.

            The debate you are trying to initiate here is basically the question if Sufism is allowed in Islam or what does Islam says about Sufism.

          • Sorry but i am not initiating any kind of debate since i am not a scholar or anywhere near to a scholar but what i was trying to point out is the claim that is made that this dance gets us closer to Allah is not even approved by Allah then what’s the point of such an experience.Allah has already mentioned in the Quran and through messengers what he wants from us.

  • Alif takes you to another realm. You start living with all the characters and relate to whatever is happening with them. The pain, agony, being judgemental, take pride in your good deeds. Everything is so perfect. We easily judge other people on a single incident like husn e jehan, abdul Aulla did. Not knowing that each person you encounter in your life is a lesson for you. I had no idea I’ll like kubra as husn e jehan because initially I did not like her (was expecting sanam baloch to play it). But she is doing and amazing job. The transition from future to past and showing every detail from each person’s point of view is just spectacular. Loving Alif and re watching it again n again

    • Thank you so much A for your insightful comment. Yes, the way they have shown all the shades of a believer is commendable. Abdul Alla really judged Husn e Jahan, that is why he is guilt stricken now because he knows he was wrong as he learned about her & got to know her through Momin’s letters. They surely have done us a favor by making this drama. :)

  • I have read the novel & I am glad they did not ruin the true essence of the story, like some of other novel based dramas. Plus I am glad they are giving flashbacks of lives from three different perspectives; one from Momin’s in the initial episode, one from Sultan’s in the previous couple of episodes & now from Abdul Alla’s.

    • It is always amazing to hear the feedback of those viewers who have read the novel. If they find the execution of the drama convincing then it definitely is amazing. :)

  • Great episode and review. Honestly the episode and your review compliment each other. It’s like symbiotic. Really feel sorry for the people who don’t get it and are not enjoying it. I have to say that it beats the norm of your average Pakistani drama series. So I am surprised that MPTH has higher ratings than Alif………..but then again I am not.

    Alif makes you think – it’s deep. And people who are having a “yawn Fest”want pure entertainment and Alif does not cater to that of psyche so I don’t blame them. As for me, I like to entertain myself with something where I can learn to better myself and make a difference in my life. That’s what Alif is all about. It makes you search your soul and then some.

    Good story, good direction, terrific acting and last but not the least great review! Kudos to Sajal, Hamza and the rest of the cast. The last two episodes without the two main leads were not the same. Kubra Khan looked pretty but her diction and acting are very average. Just my opinion.

  • Debate amongst my peer group in India is exactly same as i read here in comments. But Thanks Zahra for summing it up so nicely in these words :

    “It is not your typical commercial drama therefore you just can not watch it without taking away so much from its episodes if you have not paid attention to the point of being invested in it. Alif is different from the kind of content Pakistani drama viewers are used to watching, therefore it has to be approached a certain way, with a different mindset and undivided attention.”

    You have to be invested in it to enjoy it, feel it and savour it !!!!

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