Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 18 Story Review – The Downfall

Tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho focused entirely on Shehwar and Mehwish’s downfall. Everything happened too quickly and there were times when I felt there was a need to slow down. It was definitely good to see Shehwar getting punished as well since most often in such situations men are forgiven. Some of the conversations tonight were confusing and disappointing. Maham’s conversation with Deewan sahab was the most confusing conversation in this episode. After the dhamakedar entry, watching Maham feel bad for Mehwish and wondering if there was need for her to intervene or not, made no sense. Maham’s dialogues overall were extremely disappointing, I was expecting much better from Khalil-ur-Rehman. The sequence of few of the events affected the overall impact of some of the developments. Am I the only one who feels that Danish and Mehwish might end up together after all? Even though tonight’s episode wasn’t intense enough but this was another episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho which left the viewers wondering what turn the story will take from here.

What is Danish Thinking?

The best part of this episode was the way Danish’s scenes were covered. The kind of confusion the writer willfully created by showing these scenes is going to be the number one reason why people will watch the next episode. The opening scene of tonight’s episode was perfect. All the flashback scenes were put together carefully. One of these scenes also showed the viewers a side of Mehwish’s character which most of us might have forgotten – there was a time when she was in love with Danish! These scenes summed up Danish and Mehwish’s relationship and its end so well. This scene also showed that although it looked like Danish had moved on but he was still reliving the good and the bad times which he had shared with Mehwish, every single day. Later on, when he was informed by the chauffeur that Mehwish had come to visit Rumi in the school, his reaction was cold.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 18 Story Review - The Downfall

When Rumi narrated the entire story, Danish still did not react at all. When Salman called and told him what had happened, even then he was not interested in finding out the details. Did Anoushey tell him everything already or was he emotionally numb? In this episode, Danish’s track was covered better than all the other tracks even though his instant success has been really hard to digest! Humayun Saeed continues to give a solid performance since he translated this change in Danish so well on screen.

Too Many Reality Checks

Mehwish and Shehwar’s track was unbelievably fast-paced. There wasn’t a single conversation which reflected Mehwish’s state of mind except for her meeting with Shehwar. She swung into action a little too quickly – asking Salman for a job. Why didn’t she ask Anoushey for a favor? Watching someone as selfish as Mehwish running to her kid before she turned to Shehwar to find out if there was a way out was not very convincing. Maham’s final dialogues to Mehwish were not impressive at all, which was actually quite unlike Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. I was expecting these final words to be more powerful but they were pretty much like the du takay ki aurat dialogues minus the impact.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 18 Story Review - The Downfall

Mehwish and Rumi’s scene was emotional but watching Mehwish change completely with in a few hours was difficult to relate to. Rumi in a way asked his father to take Mehwish back. Ayeza Khan acted well and actually made me feel for Mehwish since she had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Adnan Siddiqui was equally convincing in this new ‘avatar’!

Hania and Danish

Danish finally told Hania that the person she was advocating for was actually her! The change in Hania’s attitude after that was quite evident. She distanced herself from Rumi a little and kept her conversations with him short. When she made the decision to not answer any more phone calls from Danish, her sister said something which suggested that she owed it to her father to help Danish. Hania definitely likes Danish and she is scared of acknowledging her true feelings for him. Danish on the other hand has a really matter of fact attitude towards her. Overall too Danish has turned into a rather unemotional person – completely different from who he was before.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 18 Story Review - The Downfall

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode wasn’t perfect but yet again, this was another episode which left me with so many questions. The preview of the next episode was extremely enticing! Will Danish forgive Mehwish? Will he get married to Hania to get back at Mehwish? Do you want to see Mehwish and Danish back together? Does Mehwish deserve forgiveness? I must say that I want to see Danish happy more than anything else right now. Although, he is doing great financially but he is miserable otherwise which makes me feel for him even now. Not sure if Mehwish deserves sympathy but there were times tonight when I felt for her.

Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • I really felt for Mehwish. She made me have sympathy for her. Having ur child say he doesn’t wanna see you often is unimaginable pain. Actually at first I didn’t want Danish and Mehwish to get back together but it would be interesting if they showed it. Because it’s also reality that someone can love someone so much that they take them back no matter what. Interesting

    • Honestly I kind of want them to get back together mainly because we so often see men in dramas and even in real life cheat but they are forgiven. But rarely does that happen to women. Would be nice to see Mehwish suffer for some time but eventually forgiven by Danish

      • I second u. Its common for male to betray and get forgiven, why not a woman? But surely, writer will not. He will make us to feel they are going to end up together and at final moment something different will happen.

        • It is common but in KRQ’s case it isn’t. The male lead in Muhabbat tum se nafrat hai who betrayed (that too due to misunderstanding caused by someone else) was not forgiven in the end.

    • It happens men do take back women who have cheated, the only thing is that its not talked about very often in our society. Personally I don’t think it has anything to do with love. Its like for men its a sense of failure/ ego issues – they are destroyed because they feel they lack in every way for a women to leave them and to go to someone else.

      I am married to someone who is a divorced – and that happened because she cheated and she was the one who then asked for a divorce. My husband didn’t want to give one but wanted to work on the relationship. I up to this day feel he hasn’t gotten over that sense of rejection – so I more then anyone can understand why Danish would take her back if he does.

  • If Danish and Mehwish end up together then i don’t know KRQ at all. I will then say that he is a fake guy. I have followed KRQ so much that for me it’s impossible that Mehwish will go back to Danish. I felt for Mehwish so much but even if i am in place of Danish, i won’t forgive her and won’t take her back. I found it convincing that Mehwish and Shahwar got what they deserved too quickly. I think Maham being a woman was feeling a little for Mehwish. She knew Mehwish made a mistake to be with Shahwar but still she thought that Mehwish would have a justification or a reason for doing this. Actually i liked the dialogues of Maham because they were powerful although on the same lines to ‘2 takkey ki aurat’. Danish will feel bad for Mehwish and maybe will have weak moments but taking her back is not an option.
    Really great drama and wonderful review

    • You are right Ahsan, It will be interesting to watch how this drama ends. So glad, you could relate to everything that was shown tonight. Thanks a ton for liking the review and commenting, appreciate your feedback.

      • I think that mateen sb’s dialogues in his last scene with danish like “bewafai ki saza milti hai kia” and his regrets and sufferings may have an effect on danish when he cinsiders of taking mehwish back.

    • KRQ ne apnay aik interview main kaha tha k is dramay ki last Episode likhtay waqt mairay hath kaanp gaye thay. It means danish will not accept mehwish.

    • You r right its not likely for KRQ to end Mehwish with Danish. KRQ has always been quite “cruel” to female bewafai, he will not give her a good ending.

    • Ur analysis is better than this review. i too liked Maham’s dialogue. she was trying to find out justification. it also showed that she might have wealth but she could not get love and sincere partner that is why she said to Deewan that” agar Muhabbat milay tu larki sari kamiyun per guzara ker leti hai”. this dialogue shows her experience.
      though story is fast but its good they are not dragging things.

      • I didn’t get the point where she said that sab kuch theek chal raha tha un ke beech main tou mujhe kuin bulaya to dewan saab

        • Even I couldn’t make any sense to that “kiya ye shadi Deewan sahab ki marzi na honay ki wajeh sy ruki? “

  • It was a good episode of MPTH. Though we hated character of mehwish and wanted to see her regret to the core but today i truly felt for her. Yet i don’t want to see her ending up with danish. Waiting to see what end will be of MPTH. A great review sister

      • Hi Fatima great review as always! Its so satisfying reading your reviews after watching the episode! To be very honest i think Ayeza Khan is not as good in this drama as her male co actors! From her social media comments I can see that although she opted for this role but she was too afraid to portray such a character and was very much concerned about the opinion of people! Because she is one of those pak actresses who has quite a good image infront of the public! So i find her performance not up to the mark n now in this episode since her character was becoming positive she acted really well!I dont know what to say because she has played quite a handfull of negative character previously so if she was so concerned she shouldnt have opted for it! Mje bar bar dekh k khayal ata hai that Ayesha Khan would have done a fabulous job!

        • Hello Anonymous, Thank you so much for liking the review and for sharing your views here. I respect your opinion but I think she is doing a great job.

  • Very intelligently written review. You rightly pointed out the shortcomings of this episode. plus Rumi k dialogues bhee apnee age barray lagtey hain.

    This drama has left a strong impact. Even one of the leading news channels was compelled to clarify the Danish’s earning of heavy profits through shares that it was not possible in real. There are certain standards for market to operate and change in value of shares!!!

    Mehwish k baray main feel kerwaya ja raha hai. Even the next episode’s promo supports it more which can lead to ending up of D and M together. But is it possible? Obviously, drama-makers should know the do’s and don’ts of doing halala. Khair, let’s see what is in store for us, abhee to do qatal bhee honey hain, jesa k bataya gaya hai. Bataney walee khud bhee hosaktee hai. ;)

    • Thank you so much Urs. Oh yes! Murders ke baray mei tu bhool hi gaye mei. Shehwar adha tu mar hi gaya is episode mei LOL!! You’re right about Rumi’s dialogues, too heavy duty!

      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

      • I think all the talk abt murders was just a bluff, only shehwar could have murdered someone, infact now there was a chance that he would have got maham killed, but the way he behaved in the jail was so unlike his character and position, it was just too fast to show him so weak.

          • Ya lets c, I just feel that murder wont fit into this storyline. lso Fatima, are reviewit media partners of MPTH, everyday there is an article abt MPTH, and most of the times, the same content but just with different headings.

  • Mujhy to lg rha h danish mehwish ko apna le ga….
    The way they are showing it.

    And yes… Wasn’t it too fast-paced? Mtlb ek dum se hi mehwish ko ehsas ho gya? And why we all are feeling for her? Is it a strategy? The captions of ayeza khan are confusing?

    (nafrat ko pyar mn badalne ka wqt aa gya hai)

    This episode left so many questions. As humayun said there will be a murder too, i am wondering who will be murdered?

    Ost kuch nayaa tha aaj hainaa? Mehwish k according….

    On-point review…..

    • Thank you so much AH. Good observation, bilkul OST ke yeh lyrics hm ne pehle nahi sunei. Yes! Murder ka tu bhool hi gaye mei. Aj Shehwar adha tu mr hi gaya, will he be murdered? Let’s see. It was fun watching him suffer..Mehwish ko pehchane se hi inkar kr diya.

      Enjoyed reading your comment.

      • Excellent review Fatima. As someone who has written a drama serial in the past (Barson Baad) I too find lots of flaws in the serial. But generally speaking it is good. Will want to save my full review until I see the end. However I do think there was no need to make Daanish rich and the story could have been scripted better.

        • Sawan rut mn aap ne ki thi dil ki gali abaad, taza ho gaye zakhm purane aai jo teri yaad,
          Barson baad…

          I remember it. Amazing serial. Tb ki kya hi baat thi. Kitne ache din thay. Ehsan khan, kashif mehmood, javed sheikh, shabbir jan…. I still remember kashif mehmoods performance. I am 20 but i remember ptv dramas. Kya content tha…. Jb trp ka dor nhi thaaa….

        • Waah!! I still remember the OST and a few scenes of Barson Baad. It was greattt. Why don’t you write for TV anymore?

        • Thank you so much Nasir Jaffri for liking the review and for the feedback, I really appreciate it. You’r right, MPTH isn’t flawless but it is gripping.

        • Seriously? Are u the writer of Barson Baad.. it was one of my favorite show from ptv time, infact our family’s favorite… i have seen it on youtube too..
          Why did not u write more dramas?

    • You’re welcome Alif. I must say that they have set the bar high with some outstanding episodes. The preview of the next episode was really promising, looking forward to Danish/Mehwish conversation, can’t wait.

  • i feel sorry for Danish, as long as Mehwish was with Shehwar it was for him to live with her mistakes now that they are parted everything seams like it was for nothing because there is no way back now

  • بڑے کم نظر تھے،گنہگار تھے ہم
    مگر تیرے دل کو لبھاتے رہے ہیں
    یہی سوچ کر تم بھلا دو خطائیں
    تجھے ہم بہت یاد آتے رہے ہیں۔۔۔💔💔
    میرے پاس تم ہو

      • Excellent review. I feel that the drama should have ended when a Mehwish left Danish. It has gone downhill since then as the team is confused on where to take it. The biggest flaw so far is the weakness of Shahwar’s character. He has been running the business for a number of years and their marriage was non existent so it seems so unrealistic that the wife turns up and destroys him in seconds. This is extremely implausible. Also Shahwar has fallen in love with Mehwish or at least that’s what they were trying to show! All lost in seconds. Why did Danish had to become rich overnight? Again, there is huge confusion on the part of the production team! I suppose to appease the viewers they have to punish Mehwish. While I agree that needed closure, I hope that they don’t kill it. Otherwise it will be remembered as a drama that lost direction. I also agree with the character of Hania totally pointless. Excellent acting and direction. I sincerely hope that divorce means divorce and no other nonsense. Hopefully the story can conclude in a plausible way.

  • Aaj pehli baar mehwish ki bebasi pe rona agya. She is now really in hot water and trapped in a blind alley. It is now upto krq how he unfolds the story as to their reunion and where Haniya stands to. Btw your rating is unreasonable FA compared to its vieweship followed by grip on the story.

  • Great review Fatima and No you are not the only one who thinks Danish and Mehwish will end up together and you didn’t mentioned anything about direction of nadeem in this review what do you think about direction of nadeem in this episode?

  • Well really everything goes very quick but I believe that Mehwish doesn’t deserve any kind of kindness from danish and Haniya deserves to b with danish

  • Mujhey ajki episode bilkul impressive nahi lagi…na he aiza khan ki acting…bilkul aisa feel nahi hua k woh jo hawayin men ur rahi theen woh neechay aa giri hen and has lost everything
    I feel that danish and mehvish will endup together.

  • Mehwish has to get married again and then divorced to be with danish again.lets see what’s in store for us?krk script always gives last minute surprise and this drama is no different.

  • Thank you Fatima for the review. Today’s episode was too fast for my liking in terms of Mehwish and Shehwar’s fate.

    What I didn’t understand was when Maham’s dialogues. When Maham asked the servant about how Shehwar treated Meshwish and when he answered fine, why did Maham ask him then why did you call me so often when everything was fine? What is that supposed to mean? Did I understand it right? My Urdu is questionable at times!

    • I am thinking the car number were different.
      Driver went to drop danish to office.
      But danish came back on car driving.
      Who picked rumi from school.

  • Anouhsey must help mehwish. I m also too confused about it. If she had not role in next episodes, why was she at nikah preps?

  • Maham dissapointed me. I mean she should have just refrained from worrying about the other woman.
    Mehwish’s contact with the same friend!? And so soon!?
    Well… lets hope mehwish isnt forgiven.. no golddigger should be!!!

  • Dear Ms Awan, your review on this drama is remarkable, I believe its extreme popularity has left the writer in dilemma in many aspects causing weak grip on the script. However, Maham entry was the peek moment in this saga and now it’s time to descend this triangular love story. Today’s episode was the moment of truth for Mehwish and Shawar, as they cheated on their partners and broke their trust, now this is time for repentance.
    Also, despite of Mehwish wish for remarring Danish is another implausible idea because of religious hazards. So I guess we will enjoy some more twists and turns in coming episodes.

    • Thank you so much Humaira, I appreciate your feedback. Yes! Things will only get more complicated from here on. I am looking forward to Mehwish and Danish’s conversation in the next episode.

      Keep reading and commenting.

    • It is. Danish only divorced her once and not 3 times. Tripp’s talaq ke baad halala is needed and not one talaq

  • AOA Fatima,
    I throughly enjoyed reading your detailed review. To be honest i felt this episode is weakest work of NadeemBaig as he was not able to hold it well even last episode was not much happening except Maham entry which saved the whole episode…
    Funny thing is before everybody was saying bad to Mehwish but suddenly all sympathies are with her which is wired because as you said her sudden change in behavior seems odd but yes i also felt for her too.
    Ayeza khan performed exceptionally well and this is easily one of her best performance.
    She definitely dont deserve forgiveness because the way she ditches danish and treated him even after despite him stopping her again n again will not get her forgivess. Danish might forgive her but she will definitely not come back to his life.
    Hira mani role is extremely confusing and the triangle love story between Mehwish,Danish and her doesnt make sence.
    This is just my opinion but as this drama becomes so popular that even an average episode will still give it blockbuster boost.
    I must say Humayun Saeed acting as poor danish was brilliant but as rich Danish he is not putting much effort.
    Ayeza was best and Hira Mani also failed to make any mark.
    Let see what we have in store in the remaining episodes and i hope they will end is in 22 episodes as nothing left in the drama now.
    Thank you for the review and sorry for being too much critical lol but as hope are high so we expect so much :)

    • AoA Aamir, thank you so much for liking the reviews and for the feedback, it is good to have you back. I am enjoying reading all these different opinions about the latest developments. Some people want Danish to forgive Mehwish and others think she doesn’t deserve forgiveness.

      LOL!! Not at all Aamir, you are entitled to an opinion just like everyone else. I actually agree with you, MPTH has raised the bar high and these episodes were not entirely up to the mark.

  • Another Great Review Fatima!
    I agreed with what you have written some of the scenes were fast paced that it was difficult to understand the sudden change in behavior but overall it was another engaging episode ,Although it seem that danish and mehwish will be together at last but religiously and morally it wont be possible unless she marries someone else and i hope Director and writer knew about it.
    I think she will die somehow at the end .

    • Thank you so much Rehan. Let’s see what happens next, if she dies, it would be too predictable, don’t you think?

      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • I can’t get over how irritating Hania’s character is. After getting too personal with Danish (with her father as an excuse), she encouraged Rumi’s thoughts about getting married to her. The way she is always loitering around Rumi (hasn’t she got other things to do?), and the way he told her about this “girl” he was looking for his dad, made her “shock” at discovering that girl was her, totally fake. Isn’t that how she landed her real life husband?

  • Nice review
    I don’t have any sympathy for mehwish. Whatever she did with danish chalo usky liye tu maafi shayd mil jaye but whatever she did with her child that is unforgivable. Matlab jaatey howey mil kar bhi jana gawara nhi samjha aur ab betay ki yaad agai. Mehwish ko shehwaar sy zaida buri sazaa milni chaiye
    I dont want k Danish mehwish ko maaf kardy yan ussey accept karly.

  • Jo log ya Soch rahy hen ka mehwish Danish ke life ma phir ajaege tw Bhaiyoo or unke Behnoo Islamic Drama Ha “Halala” Hoga agr phir ana hwa magr yaha tw shehwar na Nikkah he nahi kia Soo, Mehwish Zamany Bhar sa Ruswa Hojaegee …

  • Shahram and mehwishs tracks have not been realistic to say the least. He’s cheating on his wife and brings his mistress to live at home! In which world does this happen? In reality someone like him would house the mistress in a flat or home. Unless his wife is helpless and Bechari type. And shouldn’t he have a lawyer lined up to deal with police. Meri insult his rahi hai to maham was so odd. Like he is a helpless child. But most unrealistic is mehwish. A woman obsessed with money who left everything for a married would have gotten several properties in her name. Would have transferred a ton of funds to her private account because she would anticipate the wife coming back and kicking her out. And she certainly wouldn’t be looking for a job !

  • Awesome review Fatima. U covered all the flaws, as I always say that this drama is directed in a super entertaining way, but it is not flawless or a classic material.

    Shehwar was shown totally stupid, its really hard to digest that there was absolutely no preparation or backup from his side. howcome so openly he was spending money lavishly and having an affair, when he knows that all money belongs to his wife and its v easy for her to find out the truth, if he had a hidden affair like Meer faroukh in yeh mera dil, then ot would have been more believable. Mehwish’s reactions were perfect, she was crying and totally helpless as she was flying bcoz of Shehwar who himself was sent to jail and behaved like a coward. She has still not started to regret, she is trying for other options, as you pointed out , Anoushey was already there, she should have gone to her.

    I was expecting more scenes of Maham after her rocking entry. Hania’s character has turned out to be complete disapp and useless, she was there only to bring out rumi’s emotions and his ott dialogues.

    I also got the felling that Danish and mehwish my reunite at the end, even the main poster of the drama makes you feel that, maybe at the end she will tell Danish, that I don’t want anything, just u…mere paas tum

    • Thank you so much Tiger. I think he was well prepared but wasn’t anticipating that his wife will ever find out about the fraud. He obviously trusted dewan sb a bit too much.

      You have a point – you never know.

  • Hye Fatima!! Great review!! I agree with everything you have said except that dialogue of Maham. I really liked that and Sawera’s dialogue delivery. This episode clearly belonged to Ayeza and she nailed it.
    I am worried though that in order to punish Mehwish, it may end like Zara Yaad Kar. I think the promo was also suggesting that it is going to end exactly like Zara Yaad Kar and I seriously hope that it doesn’t.

    • Hi Pakistan Po, Thank you so much. Yes! Ayeza Khan played her part so well. I am not sure how ZYK ended, I didn’t watch it till the end. Savera is an exceptional actress no doubt about that.

  • Its a bit difficult for me to assume that mehwish and danish can get back together, as writer has not created any scenario of halala. Agar shehwar se nikah hogaya hota ( jo hotey hotey reh gaya) to kuch gunjaish banti. But now, i dont think its going to happen.

    Yes maham’s dialogues were a bit confusing for ne too, and yes comments are right that she was saying all of that based on her experience of mard ki bewafai. But as we dont know her character, to itni jaldi we were not expecting all that.

  • Danish or mehwish ko dobara ikatha hony k liye mehwish ko shadi krny ki zarurat he kisi or se, danish ko nahi

    • This will only be if he divorced her 3 times. I can’t remember if he divorced her once or 3 times. If once, then she can remarry him directly.

  • Thank you for your insightful review.
    I think Danish will forgive her, which does not mean taking her back. He will tell her he holds nothing against her.
    Maybe even help her.
    If there are only 22 episodes, they have to move fast. 🙂

  • Thanks and Danish married successful, mehwish not innocent, she not again deserved to danish love

  • In Actual Life If God wants to change any body life style he do some happening if mehwesh was not going to there Danish will not be come a rich

  • Danish won’t be able to take mehwish back even if he wants to. You know why? Because our mullahs will burn the production house down and issue a death fatwa against Humayun saeed. Most likely they will kill off mehwish. they changed a major scene in last episode because of mullah fear. Maham was supposed to catch them in her bedroom .Nikah scene was added to appease mullahs. That’s why nikah was completely unexpected And Some of the dialogues didn’t make sense. It also explains why mehwish doesn’t go to anoosheys home! That’s coz anooshey wasn’t supposed to be in that scene :)

    • interesting. I wouldn’t think that the writer would kill off Mehwish because death would be easier than repenting what she did which I feel is what is being portrayed now and what the writer wants us to digest.

  • I dont understand how Danish can take Mehwish back. Atleast he didnt just let her go….he properly divorced her. Mehwish didn’t care abt getting nikkahified first and then having a relationship with shahwar. She has proven herself to be a loose character not Daanish. Its not abt forgiveness, its abt the technicality of divorce that he cant take her back…remember he didn’t even let her go in the room the night shahwar was taking her. Also I do feel bad for Mahwish co she made a mistake, a big unforgivable mistake but she is also human. Unfortunately men make these mistakes but can be forgiven again due to the same technicalities of divorce…but not women.

  • Well seems to be good drama. but its so strange that Danish did not put his efforts to become a rich person in love of Mehvish, but now in hate he becomes millionaire in very short span of time.

  • Killing off mehwish (or having her go crazy) is just lazy story telling. Most people live with the consequences of their mistakes/gunahs and so should mehwish. In fact it would have been more powerful to show her be financially better off than Danish but missing her simpler life with him because her life was enriched with his unconditional love. And for her to really understand what he meant when he would say that he feels rich because he has her. THAT would have been impactful

  • >