Alif Episode 12 Story Review – Emotional Transition

Opening Thoughts – Another Beautiful Episode:

Ohkay so, this was yet another beautiful episode of Alif. When it was about to end, I thought I saw a lifetime of all the characters & their journeys but then I was reminded that there’s so much more to be seen, which I am so looking forward to. Like all the previous episodes of Alif, this one was no different, it was beautiful, it had so many details & it laid the foundations of what is yet to come. I love how they’re establishing the fact that your past shapes your present & your future, this is why they have taken us into Qalb e Momin & Abdul Alla’s pasts to understand them better & see them differently.

Emotional Transitions & Regrets:

I loved how they showed us flawed human beings flawlessly. There’s so much to a person & his journey – full of ego, greed & most importantly regrets. This is exactly what is common in Abdul Alla, Taha, Husn e Jahan & also Qalb e Momin. In this episode, they finally got over with everything that transpired in the past, which I feel is a perfect approach. Now we are more than ready to take what’s yet to come. Yes, they have left another riddle unsolved but then I am sure when the time is right, we’ll find the answer to that too.

In this episode, what I absolutely loved was the conversation that happened between Abdul Alla & Husn e Jahan after he came to see her 8 years later. It was much needed & I kind of felt relieved that they both got a chance to speak to each other & confess where they both were wrong. I loved seeing Abdul Alla as a flawed character, who not only admitted that he made mistakes but also changed himself. This is the reason why we see him being so lenient with Qalb e Momin while still trying to guide him to the right path because that is his responsibility as a believer & as a Muslim. The transition that they showed in their behaviors & outlook on life was another brilliant aspect of this episode. Abdul Alla was rigid, he was judgmental & he was unforgiving. Husn e Jahan thought she owned Taha & that she was doing the right thing by parting him with his father. Then came the stage where they both accepted their mistakes but unfortunately, they were full of regrets because it was too late.

Alif Episode 12 Story Review - Emotional Transition

I loved how the relationship of Abdul Alla & Husn e Jahan evolved. They resented each other, but then the love that they both had for Taha brought them on the same level where they endured pain & mourned his loss together. It was like the emotions & feelings they both had for Taha acted like a binding force between them. They both met years later with bigger hearts & room for forgiveness. They were hesitant in the beginning but then came a time when Husn e Jahan referred to Abdul Alla as Baba, just this utterance was enough to show that their relationship got better & they both did not have any negativity, grudge or hatred towards one another. It’s details like these that I enjoy picking up when I am watching Alif, it is like they effortlessly put so much into perspective which is commendable.

After the heart wrenching & emotional scene of Abdul Alla’s confession, I loved seeing how Qalb e Momin at least had one good memory of his father. Every child deserves to have a memory of seeing his parents happy & it came as a relief that Momin saw that time with Taha. Qalb e Momin transitioned as well, from someone who was full of resentment to now someone who was full of regrets because all of a sudden he started seeing his mother differently. I somehow felt they should’ve explored why Qalb e Momin developed those feelings for Husn e Jahan because yes, he was upset when he saw her surrounded by men in Pakistan & decided to go to Turkey but the 8 year old Qalb e Momin had a lot of love for his mother. It was not like Husn e Jahan sent him away selfishly, it was the decision made by Qalb e Momin & his mother just respected that. Qalb e Momin has gotten a lot of answers, he is now ready to see both his parents as flawed human beings who made mistakes & probably were also victim of Abdul Alla’s rigidity. Although they have kept the focus on Abdul Alla & Husn e Jahan, but the screen time that Taha’s character got was also engaging due to Ahsan Khan’s spectacular performance.

Momina’s Approach:

Momina is touching the skies & I absolutely loved seeing her emotional transition too where she went from being sad to a little excited, then happy & then grateful to Allah. Momina is going to mourn the loss of Jahangir for the rest of her life, she will always remember him whenever something good will come her way because she feels sad that Jahangir couldn’t live to experience all of this with her but then, I loved how she put her act together & took it as an opportunity to be thankful for what she has achieved. I must add, Sultan & Jhumar’s scene was another beautiful moment of this episode, it is nice to see them having a handful of people who genuinely feel for their family & love them wholeheartedly. (

Alif Episode 12 Story Review - Emotional Transition

Closing Thoughts – Outstanding Performances:

This episode of Alif was beautiful in every way. It was focused on showing everyone’s transitions & the foundation of how they are going to evolve from here onward. Kubra Khan should be extremely proud of herself for giving Husn e Jahan the perfect & the kind of treatment she deserved. She has flawlessly showcased all the emotions that Husn e Jahan felt, all the aches that she endured & her regrets. Manzar Sehbai is the backbone of Alif & Abdul Alla’s character is beautiful. He actually thought his life was sorted with him doing something that pleases Allah & a son who was so obedient but then he crumbled when he was tested & probably became egoistic about it too. Getting to know his journey has been a wholesome experience of its own. I am now looking forward to seeing Qalb e Momin’s journey & his approach now that he has gotten so much clarity & some of the answers that he was looking for. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s precision in expressions makes his acting beyond brilliant. Sajal Aly depicted Momina’s sadness & happiness in such a precise manner that it was nothing short of a treat. The entire team should take a bow. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Alif.

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  • excellent review zahra, just everything u covered, nothing more to explain. abdul ala is the backbone of alif and kubra khan is just fantastic, really she is a revelation. their scenes together are awesome. i didnt like the next week promo much, i feel nothin much will happen next week.

    • Thank you Tiger. Kubra Khan is a perfect choice to play the role of Husn e Jahan. Manzar Sehbai is another treat to watch. I am sure there will be some developments in the next episode as well. :)

  • Looking forward for momin and momina’s story…one thing we know that they are connected to each other through sultan…and maybe they might connect because he’s director and she is actor…
    And yes one more husne jahan alive in present sotry or not?…am I missing something!

    • She passed away I think. Yes, Momin & Momina are related through Sultan, a lot in store for the viewers I believe.

  • Perfect review of an even more perfect episode! Having read the novel, I can happily say that the execution couldn’t have been better! It was not at all an easy thing to translate on screen so flawlessly, the team definitely deserves a round of applause! Also, your every question will be answered & every mystery will be solved; much in store for the viewers!😉 Loved the review! Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you so much Fatimah for your kind words. I am glad the novel readers are finding the execution of the drama flawless too, it rarely happens. :) I am looking forward to those answers for sure. :)

  • I totally second you. I like how eventhough Momina is touching sky, she grounds herself by Allah’s remembrance. There is so much to learn from this regardless what we do. Loving this.

  • Hey Zahra👋. Just got busy elsewhere so was not able to follow the dramas. I read ur previous reviews on Alif after watching those episodes,and… MY GOD!!!! These episodes were absolutely beautiful. No other words. Although now I regret binge watching them together, but the experience was worth it.

    I can completely understand the thinking of Husn e Jahan and Taha’s love story. Love, whether materialistic or Divine, is a powerful thing; it can deviate a calligrapher from his path or bring a dancer closer to Allah. I loved how Alif has shown that nobody is perfect, even those that are pious like Abdul Alla. But I think that it was not Husn e Jahan or her work which he didn’t approve of, it was the impact it had on his son, who left calligraphy for painting her figure. This is next level love and so powerful!!

    Regarding the dance of the Whirling dervishes, I want to add something as I read comments of disapproval abt it. It was a dance originated by Rumi and Shams to attain Oneness and a state of ecstasy equal to that of Divine Love. A dervish not only loses himself in the way of Allah but the white cloth he wears and the honey coloured cap reminds him abt mortality, that everyone has to die once, so they should be accountable towards Allah. I don’t say that I completely agree with all this, but yes I can understand the logic behind this. Everyone has a different form of relation with Allah, and Zikr is done in which ever way possible, if it’s done with the heart and soul, I think that’s not wrong. Hope that helps:-)

    • If whirling dance is a form of zikr and if a person is able to build a relationship with Allah through this dance then why it’s not approved by the most perfect and beloved to Allah and was rehmat ul alameen our nabi Kareem sallellahu alaihi wa salllam and why is not mentioned in the Quran. Islam is not abandonment of dunya,its about leading life remembering Allah and the judgement day and also fulfilling our worldly responsibilities at the same. If something that would take us spiritually closer to Allah is only namaz,Quran and following footsteps of our prophet(pbuh).

      • I am not supporting or approving of this dance Waqar. Neither I’m trying to defend it. I’m just trying to explain the philosophy behind it. Everyone has a different way of connecting to Allah and although rituals like namaz and Dua have been declared obligatory, there is a special connection which every individual finds for himself. This dance might seem objectionable to many, fine, but at the end if the day, remember it is a philosophy. And there is no defined right or wrong in philosophy.
        Even I don’t agree with some things in Sufism, but I treat it like a philosophy, a set of different ideas, that have to be understood rather than be accepted.

        • Who understands us better than our creator. Allah has already mentioned in Quran and through messengers what he wants from us. These different philosophies of getting closer to Allah are not approved by Allah than whats the point of such philosophy. Philosophy is product of our imperfect understanding and thinking oneself capable of innovating divine laws.

          • Allah has also given man a brain to think and understand the majesty of the universe. To strengthen our bond with the Creator we have to observe the world around us. This leads to an outpour of questions, leading to specific answers which vary from person to person according to his degree of understanding. This is philosophy. I don’t understand or approved any need to condemn philosophy. It is a basic force of nature— completely natural! You cannot interfere with the inner thought process of a human, can u? Plz observe the dance of the Sufis from a broader range of perspective( again, I’m not encouraging u to accept it). I’m sure u will find something new and something to ponder upon:-)

          • The answers to those questions that arise when we observe the world around us can be found from Quran and sunnah and cannot be custom made from our own assumptions. That’s why its recommended to understand Quran and learn what Allah subhanallahu tawla wants from us. Yes we cannot interfere with humans inner thought process but with Quran and sunnah we can prove it wrong. I never said that you are encouraging me to accept it Alhamdulillah Allah has given us the Quran to ponder upon.

  • Brilliant episode and a great review
    Over the next few episodes I guess they’ll answer some more of our questions such as why did momin began to hate his mother and what was the mistake that husn e jahan did

    The only bit that I didn’t like was Abdul Alla telling momin that Allah doesn’t forgive. Astaghfirullah. Allah is ever forgiving.

    Everybody just delved into their roles, I agree, we all could feel their pain and not. I guess Sultan could understand that momina might have known about faisal. Pehlaj was adorable in all his scenes as usual. I hope there’s a bit more of him

    I’ve read the novel, and I guess I have said this before, but will say it again that this is the best dramatization of any novel that has been done. Acting, direction, location, every thing. Superb!!


  • Ufff. What an absolute masterpiece this drama is. Cant take my eyes off or fwd a single scene as every dialogue every act is so impactful and has something to offer. I m really amazed to see the level of effort put in by director and all the actors.
    And you are so right Zahra, now i watch it without any distraction, lights off, door close full cinema mode me 😉 i believe is drama ko dekhne ka asal maza isi tarah hai. to absorb the details and depth it has to offer.
    Brilliant reveiw as usual. Hats off to your observation :)

  • I loveee Alif and lovee reading your reviews. You explain it soo beautifullyy. Uff i cried alottt in thos episode. Every one is sooo good. The rest of the story of taha and husn e jahan will be revealed in the v.end now i think ! But they showed it sooo beautifully! It showed how we should forgive and forget, kal ka kya pata . Just a few decisions made due to ego and anger ruined so many lives 😭

  • Your reviews are soooo perfect that I keep waiting for them after watching the Episode. You add dimensions to unsaid, Zahra !!! Salute !!!

  • Hi Zahra,
    Great review as usual. Apart from Qalb e momin, husn e jahan scenes, I liked the part Momina played in her hotel room. The mixed feeling of excitement of new contract as well as sadness, was well managed by her and in the background her memory of Jahangir, was beautiful. And you described it very well. It was very short scene for her, but she put life there. I think this should be her best role ever. And true, Sultan-Jumar shares very great emotional bond.