Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 19 Story Review – Apologies and Regrets

Mohabbat ki dori, wafau ke dhagay
Agr toot jayen tu jurte nahi hei

Tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho had powerful and meaningful conversations. The writer aptly covered every aspect of the given situation by defining commitment, highlighting the sanctity of nikkah and showing why Mehwish thinks she deserves forgiveness. In this latest episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho, Rumi’s conversations with his parents were the most impactful and touching. In his innocence he raised a few points which were quite meaningful. The responses he got gave an insight into Danish and Mehwish’s present state of mind. Ayesha and Salman’s conversation too was an interesting one which showed two different perspectives. Mehwish wants to be forgiven – she is pretty sure she deserves forgiveness. All the characters got equal screen time tonight. The pace of the drama is now steady and it seems like Shehwar’s track has ended. Therefore the story now will focus on Danish and Mehwish. Unlike last week, I did not feel for Mehwish at all while watching this episode.

Mehwish Wants To Be Forgiven

Tonight’s episode opened with Mehwish asking Ayesha and Salman to help her out. Even though Ayesha refused to keep Mehwish in her house, she later on helped her out with finding a job and a place to stay. Mehwish’s sole purpose tonight was to somehow persuade Danish to forgive her. Her conversation with Danish clearly suggested that she did not only want forgiveness but she also wanted to be a part of his life again! Danish’s dialogues in this scene were brilliantly written since they reflected his vulnerabilities with utmost honesty.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 19 Story Review - Apologies and Regrets

The Conversations

Mehwish’s conversation with Hania showed that she was sure she deserved to be forgiven. She was expecting Danish to take her back and forget everything! Someone like Danish would completely be capable of doing something like this but his dialogues tonight suggested that he did not want Mehwish back in his life. Some of Hania’s dialogues did not work for me at all but this conversation helped the viewers understand Mehwish’s mindset. Hania’s character most often shows a man’s point of view more than that of a woman’s. All of a sudden Mehwish is a completely different person, she has no problem apologizing and will do anything to have Danish back in her life.

When Mehwish called Danish, he did not recognize her – something which was really difficult to connect with! Salman had already told Danish what was going on therefore he should have been expecting this call. Also, how can you possibly forget your ex-wife’s number! Apart from this, the conversation was an interesting one since Danish was really honest and Mehwish was pretty confident that things could go back to ‘normal’!

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 19 Story Review - Apologies and Regrets

Salman and Ayesha’s conversation was the best one tonight. Salman explained so well why even a man like Danish would find it difficult to go on loving someone unconditionally. The situation Ayesha narrated was surely completely different from this one. I loved how the writer highlighted the importance of nikkah through this scene and why it wasn’t okay for spouses to cheat on each other.

My favorite conversation tonight was the one Rumi had with Mehwish. When he told her that her father called her name after she left and asked her if she ever did the same, this was such a powerful scene. Through this scene the writer reminded the viewers that Mehwish indeed did not even think about Danish for a second after she left. Also, had she not been abandoned in this manner, she would never have looked back!

Although Mehwish was shown crying and asking for forgiveness in this episode but the way she went about it made it look like she was doing all this because she had no place to go. The preview of the next episode and Hania’s scene with her sister suggested that Danish might consider marrying Hania after all. Danish is clearly scared of meeting Mehwish – fearful that he might not be able to stand his ground if he meets her in person. Danish might have switched to an English breakfast but deep inside he is still the same person he was before. Humayun Saeed has translated all the different aspects of Danish’s personality impeccably on screen.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 19 Story Review - Apologies and Regrets

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode belonged to Humayun Saeed – Danish. Danish’s dialogues in this episode were written exceptionally well and Humayun Saeed did complete justice to them. Rumi was also the star of the show tonight. Shees Sajjad Gul is absolutely  adorable. Nadeem Baig once again made every scene count by making sure that the pauses and close ups came at the right moment. The use of the background music in this episode was superb as well. The preview of the next episode suggested that Mehwish will have an accident. Waiting to find out how this drama ends.

Do share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Miss Awan,
    Thanks for balanced review for rather well balanced episode.
    Today’s episode was apt, sober and meaningful

  • After watching episode of MPTH, i was continuously scrolling to read your delighted and insightful review. Yes, tonight danish and his dialogues were so well written. Apart from this, though salman explained with utmost but i find Aayesha point more witty. I think hania is totally aware of her father that he had also cheated on to his wife, mateen had also suffered terribly then why she puts emphasis key sirf aurat hee bardaash karey. Baqi jo naslon ki baat thi woh tou waqai shows that women have high place in this world and they truly deserve such elevated standard. Bilkul dumdaar tay mazaydaar review.

    • Yes Waqar you’re right, Hania knows about her father’s trials. She keeps on quoting her father suggesting she was really close to him. Thank you so much bro for looking forward to the reviews, means a lot to me. LOL @ dumdaar tay mazaydar, glad you enjoyed it.

      Keep reading and commenting 😊

  • Superb review Fatima!The writer indeed explained so many things which are never said in this manner in any other drama before! N you are so right Mehwish seemed quite unapologetic in this episode as if choti se ghalti ki maafi mil jae tau sab thek hojae ga! Superb performance by Humayun Saeed! Mehwish will most probably die as KRQ cant do without killing one character lol! And then they will make us remember how Mateen sahabs story is related to Mehwish!

    • Bilkul they will relate it per i don’t want danish to end up with miss hania. She is such a good character of drama but yet i dont want to see her with danish. Danish must live with bitter memories of mehwish

    • Thank you so much Anonymous. LOL yes!! She shouldn’t die so soon..let’s see.
      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

      • We must not forget that from the beginning, mehwish has been shown as unapologetic even when she was with danish, she used to say sorry flatly, thus they have shown it brilliantly that one person can not change his/ her nature in short time.

  • یاد آتی ہو تم اور اس وقت تو اور بھی یاد آتی ہو جب کوئی غرور میں پیار اور پیار میں نبھانے کی بات کرتا ہے
    ابھے سالے جس محبت کو پچھلی محبت کہنا پڑےوہ پچھلی بار بھی محبت نہیں تھی
    محبت اندھوں کا کھیل ہے اور اس میں جس کی آنکھ پہلے کھل جائے وہ بے وفا کہلاتا ہے (اسے بدل دیا تھوڑا)
    Idk mein apni x gf ka to number rakhon ga but surely Mehwish jesi x wife ka number zaroor delete kar don ga… Tonight episode was really awesome. Salman and Ayesha’s conversation taught us why cheating is not ok. Life gives you so many better opportunities but that doesn’t mean you should leave your spouse. Yes Hania’s pov is like of a man’s pov but she’s not wrong whatever she said. It’s relatively easy for a man to go back compare to a woman. Religiously you have to do Halala which shouldn’t be intentional or planned at all.
    Idk but i have a feeling Mehwish will die.
    ‘Jub mein usy bhool jaoun ga to mil jaey gi usko maafi’ means kabhi ni mily gi maafi…kon kambakhat bhoolta ha?

    • Of course deleting the number is natural but completely forgetting it – not possible! Yes, seems like she will die. Ahsan, the dialogues you quoted were awesome.

    • Ahsan lodhi i wait for your comments more anxiously than Fatima’ review. infact comments on dialogues are really very fascinating. moreover you deeply analyze each character and its psyche

      • Kia baat hai ‘Ahsan Lodhi’ k comments ki. Kafi samajhdar banda hai. Is he relative of Sahir Lodhi?

      • Seriously! Why draw such a comparison when there is clearly no competition here. Fatima’s reviews are always so indepth and simply the best. Ahsan “Lodhi” only gets an audience here because he is commenting under Fatima’s review. You sound like one of those people who like their own comments hahahahaha

        • Shazia, now you are getting jealous to Ahsan “Lodhi'” because nobody waits for your comments like Annie does for Ahsan’s. 😚

  • I agree with you that Hania’s character only speaks in defense of men- they should show her character saying that if men can be forgiven for the same sin then why cant women? She uses the word “gunaah” as what cheating is from a married mother- but gunaah is gunaah regardless of gender.

    • Totally agree with you Tia. Hania basically reinforces all the gender stereotypes. Her dialogue about not asking men for what was rightfully theirs suggested that it was a man’s right to cheat. But I am glad that the other characters presented a different viewpoint.

  • Ur review is like a revision;-)
    The ost made me cry..really
    Yes u r right that hania’s dialogue are from man point of view…I think she simply follows her father’s idea…she knew what all he went through..I really liked her naslo wala dialogue…
    And yes even I didn’t felt for mehwish throughout the episode…but last scene dekhne ke baad laga ke chalo danish maaf bhi karde toh kya karegi woh..use apni galati, galati nhi lagti agar shahwar se shaadi hojati uski..usne choda isiliye danish ke paas aayi..phir maafi maang ke kya karna hai…
    I just want danish and rumi to be happy …even if it means marrying hania…danish deserves to be loved….okay bohot zyada hogaya :-)

    • LOL @ revision ;) Yes, she does quote her father often who suffered right till the end because he betrayed someone who loved him so much therefore I don’t understand how she can say things like men cheat, it’s their nature – that is basically what she said in this episode.

      Bilkul aisa hi hei. Mehwish basically feels entitled to everything, pehle usay lagta tha ke us ka haq hei ke wo apni mrzi ke admi ke sath chali jaye aur ab usay lagta hei ke us ka haq hei ke usay maaf kr diya jaye.

  • good review fatima, i really liked today’s episode, it has a nice pace as you mentioned, according to me this episode belongs to Ayeza khan, she was excellent today, she made her feelings clearly visible in all her scenes, her expressions were perfect and we know that she is slowly realizing her mistake, still there is no overnight change in her nature, that selfishness is still seen which is good. her scenes with danish and rumi, both were excellent. salman has been a gr8 edition unlike hania, who is really boring, i hope danish doesnt end up with her, also i dont want mehwish to die. furqan qureshi is a gr8 supp actor, would like to see more of him. the last mazaar scene, ayeza’s clothes, all reminded of the excellent last episode mazaar scene of dillagi, ofcourse the impact was missing.

    • Thank you so much Tiger for liking the review. Totally agree with you, she is still selfish and manipulative. Not liking Hania much, she is annoying. Dillagi ke mazar ka scene was something else!

      Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

      • Good review although I loved the conversation btwn Hania and Mehwish. I thought Hania explained it well ghuna is ghuna.. I just wish she had said regardless of gender it is ghuna and the punishment is equal. I loved when she said dua karo that this is it for you bc usually this is just the beginning.. Something along those lines. Loved that! Danish excellent acting just hope he never forgets the betrayal and remains firm in never taking her back. Hope he ends up with Hania.

  • Something that I’m really thinking about. Does Mehwish actually love danish for all that he is, or does she just need someone to love her unconditionally and make her feel wanted. It seemed she felt bad for hurting someone. Not that he was the one she truly loved.

    • Correct…as someone mentioned above that she came back to danish only because shehwar left her…remember danish telling her tumne gunah kiya hai,mene bas use gunah kaha nahi hai.
      One more thing we shouldn’t forget that she was with shahwar only because of his money..
      Now she doesn’t have shahwar’s money neither danish’s love..

    • You bring up a really good point Tin. It seems as if she never truly understood what love is and she has finally understood that Danish truly loved her. However, why would Danish want to be with someone who doesn’t actually understand what love is? It wouldn’t seem right, morally, for her to be with him.

      That being said, I disagree with some of the dialogues by Hania. I get that some of us strongly oppose Mehwish being Danish, whether it’s from a religious, social, or love standpoint or all three. That doesn’t give the right for men to be forgiven for cheating. Cheating is wrong, regardless of who it’s done by. Yet, very often in dramas, they show that a man has cheated, showed a lack of respect and love for his wife, yet she takes him back without a second thought. It’s time that they should also show how it’s not ok for a man to cheat and be forgiven for his wrongdoings. Whether you look at a from a religious, social, or love perspective, a man cheating is just as wrong as a woman cheating…

      • Exactly. Why is it ok in hundreds of dramas for men to commit this gunaah and still be forgiven. But a woman does it and shes 2 takay ki and doesnt deserve forgiveness

        • Right. Why don’t we call men 2 takay Kay when they commit gunnahs? This drama has some strong and great dialogues about a marriage and definition of love. Yet, the viewpoints of how the responsibility is on the woman to be a certain way and flourish the relationship is very demeaning towards a woman. The responsibility of leading a loving, respectable, and committed relationship lies on both partners. At times, the drama seems to preach and show how women can be the root cause of how things go wrong. Yet, the irony is in most dramas, men are the ones cheating, abusive (physically , mentally, and emotionally) and we subconsciously think that’s normal and we don’t question/ get as upset as we are in this show where it’s shown that a woman did those things.

          • I think if she had gone to Shewar because she felt strong love for him,, she would not be compared with do takay … and she could be forgiven! But this was not the case! Most men in drama shown in general shows they felt love for the scheming other lady hence the treatment could be different. However I have seen few dramas and stories where even men did not get forgiveness. Slowly but surely we are accepting as society that irrespective of gender cheating is not acceptable.

        • Danish has forgiven her but he doesn’t want her back. I never liked any such drama in which men like Mehwish were forgiven. I even hated Hamsafar’s ending – never liked the fact that Asher was forgiven LOL!!

      • I think the deeply-embedded patriarchy in the show is what weighs it down significantly. I know that there are many shows out there that show the man cheating, so having an unfaithful female character was never the issue. The issue is the notion that somehow, men “just can’t refuse” but “a good woman can” (I’m loosely translations from an interview of this drama’s writer).
        I also think that that interview kinda worsened things for the show from a critical standpoint. Had it not been for the show, most of the “problematic” lines (except two or three) could be attributed to be mere reflections of South Asian society, which *is* deeply and thoroughly patriarchal inside-out, and to the characters’ beliefs rather than the show’s message.
        The show itself has a lot that downplays its misogynistic undertones, for instance, by including M. Matin’s backstory where he two-timed his wife, and there was an iconic line from his wife, going like, “Do you think I actually forgave [Matin Ahmed],” (all the while strongly hinting at a “no”), which more or less implies that infidelity is an unforgiveable sin for either men or women. A case has to be made here, also, for how much M. Shehwar’s wife is insulting him. Granted that he’s not been “punished” the way Mehwish is, but I feel that the sheer amount of insult he’s facing is no less than Mehwish’s; it’s just that Mehwish is getting more screen time because the story is firstly about Mehwish and Danish, and then about other characters.
        But then, to bring things to a full circle, I can rest assured that the above is just my optimistic interpretation. The writer certainly didn’t mean it this way, and he would probably be just appalled to read the preceding paragraph as I was to hear his views on “feminism.”

    • I think Mehwish is incapable of loving anyone at all, she left her own kid and is now manipulating him. I see Mehwish as a manipulator and an opportunist.

      • @Fatima Awan – Until E22, I was vacillating between “Mehwish the manipulator” or “Mehwish the penitent” (missed an alliteration there :P), but I think E22 set the record straight and painted her as truly repentant.
        If I got the rumors right, though, I think they reshot some parts of the ending. Let’s see how it goes…

  • i really enjoyed this episode Mehwish is trying to be clever & thinks everyone else are too stupid to use their brain, how can they get back together when they are divorced

  • Really enjoyed this episode alot. As you said, it belonged to Danish completely. Mehwish seems like a ping pong ball. She was with Shahwar for money and lifestyle and now she only wants to be with Danish, as all of that has gone. She does not love him or feel truly remorseful for the gunnah she has committed. She has lived with Shahwar for months without marriage. Have all the characters misunderstood this?

    Lastly, can I say it was just so irresponsible for Rumi to call Miss Haniah on her personal mobile number at midnight in the last episode!!

    • Totally agree with you about Mehwish. She has some really seriously twisted values and can’t commit or even love anyone.

      I feel for Rumi because his mom now wants him to love her when he was clearly so over her! Someone like Mehwish would leave her kid again if another Shehwar came along.

  • Nice review Fatima. Beautiful episode. You so feel for Danish. Why do I get a feeling that they might kill Danish in the end. I don’t know why I feel that way and wouldn’t want it to end that way at all. Or I’m guessing if he will give her all the money so she can live comfortably and goes back to his simple life with Hania. Will miss this drama when it ends. Can’t wait for next week

    • Thank you so much pC. Yes! KRQ usually kills the character people like and feel for the most so quite likely. I agree with you pC and I think the best dramas are those which end when the viewers are still liking them so much.

  • Does this drama have only 22 episodes ? If Mehwish is going to have an accident and Hania will exit the scene (as suggested by Hira Nani’s interview) and there will be 2 murders how is all of that going to be wrapped up in 3 episodes ?

    • Ya only 2 episodes are left…mehwish will die I think..otherwise there is no point in showing her accident…hania will leave (if hira wasn’t misleading us in interviews) she may realize that danish can’t love anyone else than mehwish..He’s happy with his son.
      One more thing….what about shahwar and his wife…itna sab kuch karke gayab!! And his wife …there was so much hype about her and now she’s vanished!!

  • I am glas sanctity of nikah was glorified and moral values of Muslim society were stressed upon in a very meaningful manner.

  • Women like mehwish should not be forgiven.
    She is an opportunist and a shameless person.
    Danish is a strong man and im so glad he talks about her to her in past tense.

    Amazing script.

    Superb direction.

    Outstanding performance.


  • Nice reviews Fatima – Keep it up.

    The last scene at Mazar – she didn’t cry till she had a flashback of Danish looking away from her – I think that’s symbolic direction. It’s like, a moment of realization; God turning away from her – that’s when she started crying her heart out. Before that she was just sobbing.

  • Aslamu alikum fatima.mai kafi arsay se comment nahi kar rahi.bus masroofiyet ki wajaha se aur login ki susti ki wajah se.par mai zahra aur ap k review zaror parhti hon.

  • Likin es episode ma comment kyin karne ki wajha hai.wo yeh k pata nahi kyun mjhe shuru se mateen shahb ki batain sun kar lagta hai k mateen shahb k sath danish wala hi mamla howa ho ga.par apni ezat rakhnay ki khatir onho ne kah diya k mai ne bewafai ki.
    Mjhe lagta hai hania aur danish ki conversation kabhi aisi ho gi jis se parda uth jai.
    Kyun k agar mateen shahb bewaafa nikalay thay tu betiyan in k pass kyun rahiin.

    Yeh in ki biwi hi ho gi jo chor kar gai ho gi.

  • Hi Fatima ,Well Crafted Review !

    Although Yesterday’s episode seemed to be slow paced and hardly had any twist but it surely depicted the mindset of Danish and Mehwish at present .Danish is in no mood to take her back and rightly so because He knows deep down inside he wont be the same as before and their relationship will never flourish.I think Mehwish will have a terrible ending in this drama since they cant marry again religiously and Morally .

    looking forward to next episode in which Mehwish might suffer accident .

  • “Mohabbat mae do log andhay hotay haen magar jab ek ko dhund k uss paar dikhai dene lagay toh doosre ki ankhen khud bakhud khul jati haen.” Oh my God…what powerful magic is this…the one that this writer yields with his pen. If I wasn’t sold before…I am now. You’re absolutely right…this episode was full of poignant lines and different perspectives of different people. Tbh the supporting cast seems to be there only to make certain aspects and situations and perhaps even mindsets clearer…which is all to the good. Although Mehwish cried and apologized incessantly during the episode…somehow I’m not feeling it. I loved Ayeza’s portrayal of a loving though frustrated wife, a greedy opportunist and then an entitled mistress to a wealthy man and she was convincing as all but not now. Perhaps it’s because we as audience know her true colours but I found her performance a bit lacking. Hania’s too preachy at times…I like her sister though. She’s sassy 😜 Humayun of course slays every week…his Danish is still vulnerable to the ups and downs of Mehwish’s voice yet strong enough to make sure his son knows that a reunion between the two is not a possibility. Rumi’s “toh phir aap unko bhool jaen” touched me deeply. A brilliant episode…and what a very wonderful review. Oh one more thing…do you really think that we’ve seen the last of Shahwar? Seems unbelievable…I mean…so soon?

    • Interesting insights N. I feel the same way about Hania, not rooting for her at all! I think so but you never know. Thanks a lot for liking the review.

      Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • What about their family backgrounds…hum danish ke abba ke ilawa kisi ko jante hi nahi hai…I think they should tell us about mehwish’s mother…I don’t know but what if there’s some connection between her mother and mateen sahab..just wondering

  • تیرا ہاتھ کل تک میرے ہاتھ میں تھا
    تیرا دل دھڑکتا تھا دل میں ہمارے
    یہ مخمور آنکھیں جو بدلی ہوئی ہیں
    کبھی ہم نے ان کے ہیں صدقے اتارے
    کہیں اب ملاقات ہو جائے ہم سے
    بچا کر نظر کو گزر جائیے گا
    جینا ہے تیرے بنا ، جینا ہے تیرے بنا
    جینا ہے اب مجھ کو تیرے بنا
    AOA @Fatima..
    What an episode uff…it was nice and as u said in the review Humayun Saeed has nailed it followed by Rumi and Ayeza was too good too.
    I had two best scenes one was Salman and Ayesha’s conversation as how smartly KRQ has talked about commitment and somehow he is right when u r doing nikkah it means u r not available for anyone else and she made her available for anybody else so how can he forgives her,..I do agree that men does this too ..This scene was fantastic and v well written.
    Second scene was Rumi conversation with Mehwish when he said one day when u left papa were calling u Mehwish Mehwish and u were not at home.
    Brilliant directed by Nadeem Baig.
    For Humayun i will quote below poetry which will sum up his journey as this episode indeed belongs to Humayun Saeed
    بڑی چال سیدھی ہے روٹھے دنوں کی
    پلٹ کر کبھی پھر وہ مڑتے نہیں ہیں 😭😭
    محبت کی ڈوری وفاؤں کے دھاگے
    اگر ٹوٹ جائیں تو جڑتے نہیں ہیں ۔
    and i can understand why Danish is not willing to see her because

    ہم کو منظور نہیں پھر سے بچھڑنے کا عذاب
    اس لئے تجھ سے ملاقات نہیں چاہتے اب۔۔۔
    I missed Shahwar in todays episode and even Maham was only for two episode hmhmhm.
    Thank you Fatima for the wonderful review. We are entering towards finale so let see what will be the end.
    till then Milte hain

    • Wonderful insights Amir, so glad you’re enjoying this drama and take the time out to comment, means a lot to me. Love the lines from the OST you quoted. Me too, I actually missed Shehwar’s scenes.

      You’re most welcome.

      Ji bilkul, looking forward ;)

  • Hye Fatima!! Why are you and Zahra not doing any year concluding article this time? I was really looking forward to them.

  • The most troubling is that Mehwish is still selfish and she wants to manipulate things and has no remorse. People are giving her reality checks around her. Either she is too naive or insensitive that she does not realize that she did not even care for her son at the height of opportunity.One thing is for sure that her presence in Danish’s life is very crippling as he is besotted with her at a level that he is helpless and does not have the drive to think straight. This kind of love is toxic and unhealthy.

  • I’m glad you mentioned this in your review because I feel like no one brings this up much that if shehwar didn’t leave mehwish, she would still be flying high and not even care about danish or her child as she had proved to be doing. It’s not like she got some sort of revelation, this is all out of majboori

    • I loved it when Rumi asked her if she had ever called out for Danish – such a good way to show that actually she never missed him for a second while she was with Shehwar.

  • I am just wondering how adultery is being glamorized and overlooked. Mehwish was staying with Shehwar without marriage and it seems so natural and normal that no character in the drama pointed a finger at that shameless act. None soever despised it. And now when Mehwish is divorced how can religiously she come back to Danish. But who cares in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. BRAVO!!!!!

  • In Meray Pas Tum Ho drama episode 19 Mehwish and Danish’s friends, Salman and Ayesha, are discussing that Mehwish has committed a “gunah”, sin, by divorcing her husband and leaving her son. I didn’t know divorce was a sin in any religion. It may be socially unacceptable in our culture, but is not a sin in any religion. From where did the writer get this information? Certainly not from any religious book.
    Mehwish didn’t like her poor lifestyle, and was dazzled with Shahwar’s wealth, and did no “sin” in trying to achieve a comfortable life, which in this case backfired.

    • Divorce is not a sin if couple’s don’t wanna live together even though it’s the least favourable thing in the eye’s of God. Here in this drama it’s shown that Mehwish was sleeping with Shahwar while having nikkah with Danish. Even after when getting divorce she moved to Shahwar’s house without observing iddat and started living together with him without Nikkah. These things are not trivial in Islam and in our culture.

  • Mehwish’s entitled frame of mind reflected clearly in her actions. She still has an air about herself and questions why Danish would stop loving her. She’s trying to make amends for her own selfish reasons and not for any remorse or guilt towards how she betrayed both Danish and Rumi. I find Hania’s character forced and an unnecessary addition to the show. Her righteous attitude is simply being used to differentiate between good vs bad which is not needed. What Mehwish did was unforgivable and completely wrong- religiously and morally so there’s no need to show the contrast by bringing Hania into the equation. I think this drama has it’s fair share of highs but some aspects are totally ruining the show. Thanks for your detailed reviews, Fatima.

  • >