Alif Episode 13 Story Review – Meaningful Conversations

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif was absolutely beautiful. Although nothing much happened in this episode, however it covered the emotional transition of both Momina & Qalb e Momin in such a convincing manner. This episode of Alif did have one of the most important revelations to its credit & I am sure no one saw it coming. I am pleasantly surprised that the story which might seem somewhat predictable has so many different surprises along the way to offer to the viewers. Alif has been super impressive so far & I can not wait to see what’s in store for the viewers.

Momina & Qalb e Momin’s Emotional Transitions:

Qalb e Momin is not only on the path of soul-searching, he is also getting to know a different side of his mother that he never really saw or bothered knowing about. He is unconsciously finding closeness to Allah & that path is also leading him to get closer to his mother because for the first time, it sounded like he felt for her & regretted the fact that he misjudged her. Qalb e Momin is at that level of maturity where he can finally analyze that his mother also had a tough life & the fact that her only son resented her must’ve made things far more difficult for her. I have said this before & I will say that again too, I love how the main characters of Alif have so much in common & this is what I explored in this episode as well. I saw a similarity in Abdul Alla & Qalb e Momin where they both were full of regrets – the only difference is that despite holding himself responsible time & again, Abdul Alla has come to terms with the fact that he made mistakes, however Qalb e Momin has yet to come to terms with these new found emotions.

Abdul Alla got Husn e Jahan married to Master Ibrahim, wow. I never saw that coming. Hearing it from Qalb e Momin made it sound like Husn e Jahan lived miserably & died miserably too but the way Master Ibrahim remembered her showed that they both shared a special bond. I am sure there’s so much more to Husn e Jahan’s story & I can not wait to find out more about her. The fact that Master Ibrahim happened to be her husband made things appear less harsh & also suggested that she must’ve been treated with respect & love, something that she couldn’t find when she was married to Taha.

Momina’s track is unfolding at a decent pace but I am definitely waiting to see her coming across Qalb e Momin. Momina came back from America but had to put a closure to Faisal’s chapter once & for all. She was reminded of him repeatedly but she knew that it was finally time to address the issue & put an end to it. Momina knows she lost someone she cherished the most & that is why she is also sad about it but because she is far-sighted & wise, she knew she had to lose herself in order to keep pleasing Faisal, someone who was so demanding. It was nice to see big changes in Momina’s life but Jahangir & his memories are always going to keep her grounded & connected with her past, her reality, her roots & where she comes from. All those scenes that mentioned Jahangir were absolutely heart-wrenching & emotional. I must say Haseeb Hassan has done a commendable job by establishing this kind of connection of the viewers with Jahangir where they feel for him even when he is not around. Every single conversation that is related to Jahangir actually shows the reality where it is very hard for parents to move on.

Qalb e Momin is slowly getting answers & he finally got an idea about his script. Another aspect worth noticing is how the writer Umera Ahmed has commendably shown the impact dreams have on people. Qalb e Momin has always stayed in touch with his spirituality through dreams, although he lost his direction but the dreams that he has seen always have had a meaning which he is finally recalling to put things into perspective. Momin has always gotten the hints & clues, now it’s up to him to solve the conundrum!

Meaningful Conversations:

This episode of Alif was all about beautiful & meaningful conversations. I am glad they also established a connection of Abdul Alla & Momina Sultan in this episode. I really hope we get to see more of Master Ibrahim as well, not because he happens to be Husn e Jahan’s husband but because he is such a dynamic character who has experienced life differently. Master Ibrahim & Momina also have a lot in common, the way he gifted her the calligraphed Quran Majeed went to show that he knew exactly what Momina was getting into. I have always loved the conversations both Momina & Master Ibrahim have, it is like he guides her the way she wants to be guided & he eases the emotional burdens & tensions that she feels. Saife Hassan & Manzar Sehbai’s performances have been phenomenal. Sajal Aly & Hamza Ali Abbasi are breathing life into the characters of Momina & Momin. Saleem Mairaj & Lubna Aslam have performed convincingly as parents who have lost almost everything but are finding ways to be happy because of their daughter. They all are grievous & hide their emotions from each other but still when they come together as a family, it somehow shows how many battles they have fought together. The way the director has established the chemistry between all the characters is one of the brilliant aspects of Alif as well. I am so looking forward to the next episode because the preview seems quite happening, however I hope nothing happens to Abdul Alla. Please share your thoughts about this beautiful episode of Alif.

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ps: Apologies for the late review. :)

Zahra Mirza

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  • Oh Zahra, I’ve literally no words for Alif! And as someone who has read the novel, I cannot wait for the next episode! Sooo many things are going to happen and I’m sooo excited! :D

  • no problem it’s a bit late but well worth waiting for
    the drama once again was very interesting

  • Hi Zahra, it was a brilliant episode and you reviewed all its details, especially Husne jahan & Master Ibrahim track. Hamza & Sajjal has given their best performances ever. Talking about the scenes, i like the one when Momina says to reporters that, “ bahot achi jagah hai, aap rahe nahi na isliye pata nahi aapko.” This comes out from a girl who just arrived from America, is worth appreciating. This response gives surprise and thankfulness in the eye of her father, was a glimpse of a scene, but worth appreciating. Second dialogue i like was “De sanitize” by Momina referring Faisal’s intention post marriage. What i like most is the bond Momina shares with each person she comes in contact. She left remarkable affect on her publicity manager in America, her parents especially her father who thinks she is her son now, her friend with whom she shares everything frankly and who also influenced by her and lastly the bond with Master Ibrahim. When they two talk, the discussion is always very meaningful. Saifee hassan as you said, always makes us feel his presence.

  • Many have said it countless times before and I will say it again: Alif is truly a MASTERPIECE ✨✨. This is not only a drama u watch to get entertained temporarily, but it’s impact is permanent, even life changing.
    This episode has to be one of the best!! How beautifully Abdul Alla explained the importance of the alphabet Alif was so meaningful and ‘enlightening’. I never considered it this way for sure! The dialogues of Momina we’re again brilliant especially the one of Faisal trying to desanitize her. Sajal Aly is a true artist beyond doubt.
    Another interesting thing abt this ep was that this time Momin got to see Husn e Jahan dancing in the style of the Whirling dervishes instead of Taha. Has Momin started to see her mother in a different light? Has he understood the true reason why she fell in love with Taha? I guess the answers to these questions we will find in the next episode which already had got me hooked up.
    Looking forward to more discussions on Alif.

  • Nice review Zahra, it was a good episode, and quite a few revelations. I hope Abdul ala doesn’t die as he is the life of the show rt now. just at times I felt the episode became too slow unnecessary. story and performances are amazing, but direction and pace could be better. also its little hard to believe that sultan or master Ibrahim don’t know that qalb e mumin the director is husnejahan’s son.

    • I have wondered about that too…how come Sultan or Master Sahab don’t know about Qalb E Mumin-an established and famous director as Husn-e-Jahan’s son? I think we will find that answered down the story line.

  • Thanks God you reviewed it. I was literally getting worried. As always your review is PERFECT. In my opinion alif is a MASTERPIECE.

  • What an episode! Although it isn’t clear that husn e jehan was married to Master Ibrahim or maybe I missed a dialogue or something. He called her “husna”, it does suggest her marriage to him.
    Meaningful and thought provoking conversations. Momina is excelling in her field whereas Momin is struggling, yet both of their hearts are on the same path now. I love Manzer Sehbai as Dada G. Alif shows the power of dua, faith, being humble and not harsh on anyone for a change of heart to right path. Like Dada G has been treating Momin.
    I’ve read the novel and I know what’s coming but the way it is being portrayed by entire team of Alif, it makes me emotional.
    Also the conversation between Momina and Aqsa to fake the background, language, groomed parents etc is so accurate. Now a days, such media personalities does seem to fake everything via social media and people admire them.
    Thanks for the review Zahra. The late review made me wonder you have stopped reviewing it and I was disappointed. khair, dair ayed durust ayed.

  • Alif sets a very high standard for any drama or series that will come out of Pakistan now! I have been an on-off viewer of Pak Dramas, but tune into them more often now for the last 2-3 years. I am selective about what I choose to watch, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching many dramas… but Alif is beyond everything else I have experienced before. I had to get my husband to watch it with me from start (my second time seeing it again). Congratulations to the Alif Team!
    – a US based Indian fan of Pakistani talent.

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