Alif Episode 14 Story Review – Spellbinding

How is it possible that every single episode of Alif leaves its viewers spellbound & emotional? I think Pakistani drama buffs should be thankful to Umera Ahmed, Haseeb Hassan, the producers & then all the actors who have teamed up to bring Alif to our TV screens because they have not only created magic but have compelled the viewers to think, analyze & ask questions. This was yet another brilliant episode of Alif, it was emotional, it showed the contrast between lives where someone is touching the skies & someone else is engulfed in loneliness & misery. Alif brings human emotions to life on screen in such an articulate manner that it leaves you speechless. Absolutely brilliant.

Momina’s Success

Momina’s personal life has a huge baggage to it, the loss of her brother & the fact that her parents still have not moved on. I find this portrayal very realistic, they were still not coping well with Jahangir’s loss that they actually had to change their home & leave the one which held all the memories they made with Jahangir. This change in the long run is definitely going to be beneficial for them but at this moment, their hesitancy in accepting the change & the new house denoted the fact that they were grevious of the fact that in this new chapter of their lives, they won’t have Jahangir around. The fact that Sultan immediately found a spot for all of Jahangir’s pictures & accolades was emotional, it showed that he still wanted to dedicate a place to Jahangir no matter where he went, because even if Jahangir is no more, he is very much going to be a part of their lives as long as they live. Momina tries really hard to help her parents overcome Jahangir’s death but she often just lets them be because she can’t muster up the courage to tell them to move on. This emotion has been brilliantly portrayed by Sajal Aly in every single episode, she always shows how Momina is also grievous but is putting up a brave face only for her parents, but then gets disappointed when she sees that no matter what she does, she remains unsuccessful in her attempts. I feel for her a lot.

Alif Episode 14 Story Review - Spellbinding

Momina unlocked another achievement where she scored herself an Oscar award. I love how they always show Momina being in touch with her spirituality, always finding solace in the recitation of Holy Quran, away from the noise of her success & the world around. Momina knows the price she has paid & how much she has lost to be where she is. I think this is also a commendable effort by the writer to show the actors in a more humane & relatable spot. Quite often people judge the actors & assume they are only doing everything wrong or are only running behind the worldly success but Momina’s character shows them in a very different light. There’s Momina, who is stepping on one level of success after another but no one sees her for who she is. No one knows her, or the fact that she is a calligrapher herself who loves to maintain her relationship with Allah & His Book. Just a very different way of perspective alteration & Umera Ahmed deserves all the credit for that.

Qalb e Momin’s Struggles:

It was definitely a much needed change in Qalb e Momin’s scenario where they covered the struggles of his professional life at this stage. No one was ready to work with him. Abdul Alla’s suggestion of financing his movie for him through his paintings was absolutely sweet. He wanted to support Qalb e Momin in everything that he did, this was something he confessed before too & he was standing by what he said. In this moment of loneliness, Abdul Alla’s supportive words healed Qalb e Momin & gave him some encouragement that he was looking for. Qalb e Momin is slowly & steadily learning about the superficiality of the world that he is associated with, this is the reason why he is finding himself getting detached from it as the days are passing by.

Alif Episode 14 Story Review - Spellbinding

I don’t know about others but I am definitely going to mourn the loss of Abdul Alla for weeks to come. Why did he die? All the scenes covering Qalb e Momin’s misery after the departure of Abdul Alla were brilliantly shown & acted phenomenally by Hamza Ali Abbasi. Momin finally learned more about Abdul Alla but unfortunately it was too late. All this while I was wondering about all the things Momin would be wanting to ask his grandfather but sadly, he will never be able to have a conversation with him again. Once again, Qalb e Momin was full of regrets, he regretted not knowing about the success that his humble Dada Jaan achieved in his life, he regretted misbehaving with him, he regretted losing him & in the end, Qalb e Momin was once again lonely. He has lost his father, his mother & now his grandfather too. The famous Qalb e Momin is lonely, he is an orphan who has no one by his side. I feel for him too.

The Prayer:

Qalb e Momin has finally acknowledged the fact that he went astray. He lost his path & forgot about his Creator. Acknowledging the problem is the very first step of making amends & Qalb e Momin is finally ready for it. The dua scene was so powerful, it was spellbinding, impactful & just perfect. In most parts of this episode, Hamza Ali Abbasi did not have much dialogues, he just had to act & convery the emotions & feelings through his expressions & he was phenomenal in all of those scenes. The very last scene was the highlight of this episode & it left me overwhelmed. Sheer brilliance!

Sultan wants to get in touch with Qalb e Momin. I think he doesn’t know that the famous director Momin is Qalb e Momin because everyone around him has only referred to him as Momin. Be it Daood, Tina, Shakoor, Neha or Shelly. He is known as Momin & in all of the scenes, either Momin has referred to himself with his full name or it was Abdul Alla who preferred calling him Qalb e Momin, therefore not many people know his real name. This is the reason why Momina was forced to think about the possibility that may be Qalb e Momin was the son of Husn e Jahan that Sultan was talking about. I am sure this is the reasoning behind Sultan not knowing who Momin is, otherwise he would’ve known himself, considering he has been involved in Husn e Jahan & everything related to her, all his life.

Alif Is Magic:

This episode was emotionally charged & absolutely beautiful. Alif has allowed viewers to not only experience a unique storyline but also come across such brilliant acting where every single actor is doing justice to their characters & elevating the level of this drama. Sajal Aly, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Saleem Mairaj, Lubna Aslam as well as all the supporting actors who are playing the characters of Jhumar, Daood and Tina have given their 100% to this drama. Every scene is skillfully brought together, be it the art direction, aesthetically pleasing locations and spaces, angles, camera work, lighting, background scores, everything is just brilliant and adds more charm to the drama watching experience. I am sure the prayer scene is going to stay with me for a long long time, it was a work of art & just took me to another world. Alif is magical. The preview is already making me look forward to the next episode, I can’t wait for Momin to get in touch with Master Ibrahim & then Sultan to learn more about Abdul Alla as well as his mother, it sure is going to be an interesting journey. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif.

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.

  • I want to comment something meaningful, something that will make people like my comment.. but honestly, I am stupefied after watching this episode of Alif. Almost paralyzed.
    Hats off to u Zahra for actually finding words to cover this episode of Alif.. but like many, I cannot put into words the intensity of raw emotions, the precision of detail and the impact all of this has on me as a a viewer.
    For me, Alif is already a winner.

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim. Trust me I struggled too, especially because the episode ended on such a powerful note. It takes us to another world & to come back, recollect the thoughts & share them is no easy feat. Alif is magical.

  • Mere lfz khtm ho gye hn, esa kbhi nhi dekha tv screen pe, ufffffff 😢, un logo ka rasta jinse tu razi hua, mjy jhinjor k rkh dia is ne, hila k poocha k kin mn se ho? un mn se jin se wo razi h? ya un mn se jis se wo naraz h?

    Alif kuch or h, ye drama nhi h…..

  • Thank you for the review. One word for Alif is ‘brillaint’. Oh God! Each episode touches you to the core. It’s a show which makes you think and study and explore. I feel it’s not story of Just Momin, Momina, Husne Jahan or Taha, but of each one us.
    The scene where Momima remembers Jahanghir after oscar was so painful. The last gave me goosebumps. I feel Momina is like Abdul Ala. For her, worldly success does not matter. It’s only her relationship with Allah is what she is always worried about. Similarly, ABDUL Ala, even though was so famous, but he never announced it at home since its secondary to him.
    Alif rightly shows that if we go after what Allah commanded, He will bless in many ways. Abdul Ala success exhibits it.
    The industry knows Qalb e Momin full name since his initials appear everywhere, but generally he is referred as Momin. But since there will multiple people of same name and Sultan cannot get himself to the fact Momin, belonging to such a religious family, could ever end up in show busines, he did not even thought in that way.

    • Thank you so much P. Yes, absolutely, this is one of the most interesting aspects of this story that every single character has similarities & despite being on different journeys are they very much the same.

      Yes, your explanation about Sultan not knowing about Qalb e Momin could be true, but then Qalb e Momin is not such a common name for Sultan to not have his doubts.

  • A brilliant review of an equally brilliant episode. Thank you Zahra for speaking my heart out! It was after a long time that I cried watching an Umera Ahmed drama….and it wasn’t the Qalb e Momin scene that made me cry….no I am not taking credit away from Hamza for his phenomenal portrayal of Momin…..nevertheless the scene that left me speechless was that of Momina while she is reciting the Qur’an….amidst the bouquets, she is so nonchalant to the taste of worldly success….this very trait of hers makes me fall deeper in love with Momina’s character…….she is the same what she was when she was a struggling actor…..she took failure gracefully and now she is taking success gracefully……full marks to Sajal Ali for her gem of a depiction of a girl who so desperately yearns for closeness with her Creator. A thumbs up to Umera Ahmed for her exquisite script and to Hasib Hasan for his equally elucidation of Umera’s vision. OUT OF THE WORLD!

    • Thank you so much Mehreen for your beautiful comment. Yes, Alif strikes a chord for everyone through different situations. For some, the dua scene made them cry & like you said, I am sure a lot of people must have shed a tear seeing the peace & tranquility Momina chose to engulf herself in while reciting Quran Majeed. That scene definitely was absolutely beautiful.

  • Wow, wow, just wow.
    I don’t have words to be honest to describe the emotional trans i’m going through after watching tonight’s episode. Alif is just perfectly perfect. Sheer brilliance.

  • Its not just a drama but another level of emotional and spiritual rhythm. My favorite scene was the one when Hamza Ali Abbasi just broke the pictures n move on towards the calligraphy, the background score was just perfect and it actually reminds that in order the light to enter a heart, it must be pure n cleaned from the worldly desires and cobwebs. Just amazing.

  • I have no words to explain what I feel after watching this episode. That last scene was beyond impressive. Round of applause for the team of Alif, indeed a very brilliant drama. Your review is equally impressive.

  • No doubt worth watching. The way presenting the real massage of life is excellent. I dont have the words to praise this meaningful, beautiful drama.

  • Main jab bhi alif dekhti hoon main dusry jahan main pohanch jaati hoon. Umera ahmad ki alfaz main ajeeb sa jadoo hota hay.
    Agar main acting aur direction Ki bath karon to main bayan nahi kar sakti ki kitni impressed hoon. Manzar sehbai ko bohat miss karungi, Abdul Alla ka role un ki elawa koi aur play hi nahi kar sakta tha.
    Jab bhi alif dekti hoon mujhy is main sajal aly ki expressions bohat zyada attract karti hain.hamza ali abbasi ne is character ki mukammal insaaf kia hay .

    • Bilkul, in sab actors ne apne apne characters ke saath justice kiya hai aur un mai jaan daal di hai. I am sure everyone is going to miss Abdul Alla’s character. He was the backbone of the drama.

  • Nice review Zahra. The episode was good only for the portions of Abdul Aala and QalbeMomin. The next ep preview suggests another insight into backstory of HusneJahan.
    Momina’s parents mourn so much over Jahangir and always fail to acknowledge let alone praise Momina’s success. This track is very disturbing and there is so much mourn over Jahangir that doesn’t make sense anymore. Just because he was a boy he is being mourned over again and again.
    The film industry executions remained poor. Momin is writing the film himself and all around him are reacting like it’s a new thing. The fact that Shelly represents most of the film actresses is also very unconvincing. Whole Oscar scenario and the PM calls also fell flat. These portions should have been written and executed by film professionals rather than tv people/ digest writers.
    P.S: Feeling so bad for Vidya Balan, and Shelly too, she lost an Oscar as if Oscar is in Daud’s bag; and also thankfully Umera Ahmad didn’t know Scarlet Johansson’s name, otherwise Momina Sultan might have been the new Black Widow too within half an hour.

      • The number of dislikes represent how much our people are less oblivious in accepting reality and how less they like truthful comments.
        P.S: If only half of these people actually watched Alif on tv, it wouldn’t have been the least watch show on tv.

        • I’ve been reading your comments on Alif for past few weeks Sarmad. First of all, does it matter which show is the most watched on TV? Kahin Deep Jaley, Thora Sa Haq, Na Kariyo Muhabbat, Hassad, Balaa, Bharosa Payar Tera are some of the recent ‘most watched’ on TV and all of them are puke-worthy. On the other hand, dramas like Ye Dil Mera and Alif are not getting mmuch ratings but have quality content, keep trending on Pakistani & Indian twitter and YouTube with millions of views. I would also like to know which dramas do you think should people watch? Kahin Deep Jale? Thora Sa Haq? Mehboob aapkay qadmon main?

          • So with u Pakistani Po. Unfortunately, if u want to watch quality content u cannot rely on the Pakistani TRPs system. Quality content is not in need of these feeble ratings or the no.of views on YouTube. It speaks for itself.

          • Ok if you read the comments then can you care to acknowledge the flaws I pointed in your otherwise “Quality” serial. Whew.

          • Okay so here it goes,
            I don’t know if you have or not but I have seen a couple who lost their only son in an accident. They had three daughters but they kept mourning him for years and were like they are lifeless.
            Momin writing a film isn’t strange for all of them. A person like momin writing script for a spiritual film is what all of them can’t believe and they are reacting this way.
            When Sharmeen Obaid got an Oscar she was getting praise at the government level as well in the industry too. She got the call from the PM.
            Shelly’s jealousy is what happens in the industry. When Sajal got Mom and was praised while Mawra’s STK wasn’t praised much she got jealous and blocked her and during Aangan promotions Sajal mentioned that She isn’t tagging Mawra bcz she can’t see her ID. Many actresses have given statements like us ne meri chori hui film ki aur famous ho gai.
            If you have any more questions bring them on without being personal. And my question is still there what dramas do you think are quality content?
            About MPTH I love KRQ dramas, and I am watching it. I like it but at the same time I criticize it (if you read comments you must know) that why are their friends suddenly involved too much in their family? Where are Mehwish’s relatives? Why is roomi so philosophical? And maham’s scenes in last episode.

          • 1) Mourning thing. For me that’s bad that you are ignoring the living and mourining the dead ones. That should have been Momina’s pain not leaving her brother. Trust me this whole continued mourn over Jahangir doesnt make sense. I have seen families that move on to focus on the living.
            2) Oscar fiasco. I saw it too rushed and pretentious. Also because whole film industry proceedings are fake. In previous episodes, there are dialogues like tum writer ho tum film likho. In modern days films are written and developed in writing rooms where the director is in charge of the writing process. But Momin’s whole team is alien to the process, even Momin is. Also, the brands discontinue their association with his films without any legal notices or consultations.
            The whole conversation between actors directors happens through agents but leave that.
            Coming towards jealousy, I dont give a damn about insecurities of small film actresses Mawra Sajal. Jealousy is real but shallow characters arent. Shelly is designed to give us an idea that Paki film actresses are devoid of talent, are desperate to work in films where their body do the talking (basically JPNA films). Whole film industry is shown in bad light (booze and girls). Come on this is real life.
            Now without being personal, you “love” a drama and you go to justify it. I just watch this Alif series and for me its just unconvincing at many levels and I just make it sound without any inhibitions.
            Well for MPTH, you love KRQ dramas but not all his work is gem. Certainly this one is flawed at many levels. At least I cannot withstand a drama in which a wealthy woman comes to me and says that I should be a living symbol of pity and sin, when actually she forgives his sinful husband. Such misogyny cannot be tolerated.
            Lastly, puke Worthy, without being personal, one should not mock other’s tastes especially when his own taste is so dismal. Kahin Deep Jalay, Hassad, Bharosa are as dreadful as MPTH & Yeh Dil Mera.

          • 1) There are people who move on and there are people who don’t. Momina’s parents are definitely not moving on and the condition will get worse with each passing episode.
            2) I agree it was rushed, I have mentioned it in my comment too and they should have shown a few details. When the script was not final yet, they were all sitting in the room deciding the story, the scene where the writer mentions that the Herione will be like Husn e Jahan and Momin gets mad. I don’t think the agents thing work here in Pakistan. If you hear interviews, even for the bollywood offers, the actors either get a direct call or are recommended by some other actor. If Shelly is the one who wants to work in films where body does talking, Momina is the one who has her boundaries and does not want to do that. This is what happens here. Ayeza Khan is not doing any film because of it (even if you don’t give a damn about small actress like aiza, this is what happens in this industry with small actresses).
            I like MPTH and I know it has its flaws and is not KRQ’s best but for me still it is worth watching. And if you have watched last episode, maham is not forgiving Shehwar.
            Lastly, I am sorry I didn’t know ‘families with retarded minds are watching MPTH together’ or calling someone ‘hypocrite, pretentious’ comes under category of NOT MOCKING other’s tastes.

          • Mominas parents not moving on is being normalized and for me these scenes make no sense anymore.
            Well Bollywood is run by agents, care to read credits of some film.
            Maham isnt forgiving, really, read the line “mard pakra jae to baki umar wafadar ho ke guzarta hai (men are dogs but dogs are loyal wah)”.
            I am not saying Alif or MPTH arent worth watching. And lastly I didnt mock your taste, it was necessary to bring out your choices to familiarize you with reality since you were having a pretty good time making fun of other series which might not just be as terrible as the ones you watch.

          • Puke Worthy.
            You have a liking for another terrible show Mere Paas Tum Ho which you praise a lot. (yes I also read comments).
            This explains the “Quality” of shows as you say, along with your hypocrite, pretentious and fanboy approach towards drama serials.

          • I agree with you for most of the points, like parents giving preference to boy over girl, all of a sudden Oscar hype, they should have shown these developments as gradual. The parents should be little cheerful for her daughter . But otherwise, Momin, Abdul Alaa, Dawood and his friend, Momina, Jhumar were very convincing. However generalizing all drama categories into one or comparative conclusion of one drama on other, is also not good. But one thing i must say, the trend here is if you disagree with the reviewer (which happens very rarely), you will be bombarded with criticism from everyone and this is not good at all.

          • Thanks Aamer.
            The reviewers arent supportive of this behavior and they actually discuss if you have a varied opinion. But the people here are so hell bent with their unisided opinions.
            I have been following this website since like 2010 (tvkahani times) so I know it all. (i am not a regular comment person though)
            On twitter as well people have a varied opinion for Alif.
            I just hope that this drama outshines its weaknesses in the upcoming episodes.

          • Also sir, I also freaking hate the bg flute tune that plays in every scene of Momina’s parents. Are they blind or they cant see Momina. Their only interest in Momina’s life was getting her married to Faysal.
            If a progressive serial shows this disparity what else can be expected

          • I absolutely disagree with your notion Aamer. I am surprised that being a regular reader of Reviewit & after always being heard for your opinions on the dramas irrespective of the fact whether they are the same as the review or not, you feel the readers are bombarded with criticism if they dare say something which goes against the review or reviewer?

            Please do not insinuate that all the comments Sarmad is getting in his replies are being transpired by the reviewer. All of these readers are fans of Alif & they are, in a very respectful manner trying to help Sarmad understand the happenings of the drama which he thinks are flaws or plotholes.

          • Zahra, surprise to see that you are saying, “after always being heard for your opinions on the dramas irrespective of the fact whether they are the same as the review or not”. First, my comments were not always heard or responded by the reviewers. Second, it looks to me now that reviewers also feel that others shouldn’t have their own opinion. For every comment they judge whether it is inline to their review or against and there are some favorite readers. Another thing, when i replied to Sarmad, then all the Alif fans were not talking about Alif content, but about rating & comparison with other dramas, & definitely not with respectful tone, but using the words “puke worthy” & all, in fact my response to him was in a respectful tone. And regarding the word “insinuate” you used for me, i feel it is too exaggerated. Most of the time i put my comment just to the review and very rarely i respond to someone else’s comment, but definitely do not go bitching around. I always focus in my comment about the details of the drama/episode/review, never talk about rating, social media, followers & all. What shall i say now, when you chose to respond to my this comment, but not to my main comment for the review of this episode.

          • The favorites are those who agree with Zahra Mirza and praise her. Poor readers know the only way to get a response from the self proclaimed queen is to praise her first. Happy to hear someone utter the truth here. Alif is being mocked by the more informed intelligent viewers and even some writers for being shallow. This is Umera Ahmed’s weakest script. They have copied Turkish dramas so no creativity on Mr director’s part either but how dare we disagree ROFL

          • LOL Alif is being PRAISED by all the critics and even those who have read the novel and you’re saying its being mocked? SERIOUSLY?! As someone who’s not a huge fan of Pakistani dramsa and who has read the novel, I think the director and actors have done a commendable job! What makes Alif special is that it’s DIFFERENT!

          • Critics who? Bunch of people who know English and have a blog? Are those critics? The real critics are the people in the industry with years of experience. I am talking about the conversations that go on there. The real critics who know what script writing is make fun of this drama. Don’t call people like Zahra Mirza and others critics. They are not qualified enough. They are like Tik Tok and YouTube stars. Anyone with an opinion nowadays thinks they are a critic.

          • Oh wow, I am amazed how much you know about me. Self proclaimed queen etc? LOL! I wonder what have I done for you to be so bitter? Tsk tsk tsk. Make no mistake Farah Hassan, I only respond in a tone that the reader chooses first. Just like every reader has the right to pick the tone they want for the comment, I also have the right to respond in a similar manner. Even your comment shows how polite you are.

            You are absolutely free to dislike Alif, I won’t judge you or those viewers/reviewers you feel are disliking Alif & finding it the weakest work of Umera Ahmed, lol!

          • You cannot take criticism. Never have I once seen you accepting criticism but you criticize so passionately the writers, actors and directors. Choose your tone dear. You made a fool of yourself many times on this website by arguing and fighting with people. If there was an option of sharing screenshots here I could share many such arguments where you showed your lack of class. Don’t act classy now, people who follow you from years know how not so classy you are dear.

          • I know how you have always been respectful in your comments & only engage in discussing the dramas & nothing else. I obviously am not accountable for what the fans of the dramas say. I have been reviewing for years & have always replied to everyone who has commented under my reviews, those who were respectful & to those as well who were not.

            Once again, I will have to disagree, every reader/viewer has the right to comment whatever they want to about the drama just like I do. I have never discouraged anyone from stating what they want to about the drama.

            Regarding your main comment, I actually do not know how it got missed, whereas if you scroll through the thread, I tried to reply to all the comments that I got. It was an honest mistake, I am sure it won’t be taken that way though.

    • I read your comments every week and honestly only visit this review forum to read what you have to say. The only person here who talks sense with perfect logic. Alif has the biggest flaws like you pointed out week after week. Umera Ahmed should stop selling religion.

  • Perfect review Zahra!!
    This episode is one of my most favorite episodes and the one I didn’t like for some reasons.
    It was full of emotions, brilliant acting, perfect bg score. Every scene was just perfectttt. Alif sets the bar high with each episode. Hamza and Sajal are phenomenal. You are so right, that Dua scene is going to stay with me for a long time too.
    Why I didn’t like this episode? Bcz in this episode, too many scenes from the novel were cut out. And some of them were the ones that I was looking forward to watch the most (not going to mention them bcz I know you and many others are going to read it after the drama ends). But one thing I have to say is that they should have shown Momina’s oscar-winning speech (atleast just momina reminiscing it (with her voice in background)).
    Other than that, it was again a perfect episode & I love the way they use the OST.

    • Thank you so much PP for your insightful comment. Oh it must’ve been disappointing though for the novel readers, but yes when it comes to those viewers who are learning the story after watching the drama, this episode worked completely. I am sure when the readers read a novel, they have their favorite moments & want to see them included in the drama, so I totally get your disappointment.

      Yes, Alif surely has set the bar very high & what’s amazing is that they top it off every single week with once phenomenal episode after another. :)

  • Yes the drama takes us to another level, another dimension…makes us think about another world, the real world where eventually we all shall return.
    Hats off to the makers for taking up this most important topic.

  • Great episode and wonderful review, Zahra. When Abdul Alaa says you can sell my paintings, even viewers feels he is just saying what a parent says for their child, but he literally meant it. His paintings were worth millions. Momin’s self acknowledgement and comparative life worth with his dada was well shown. When you say about common man’s perception about celebrity life style at home, i liked it. Don’t put everyone in one lane, until you know them. Momina’s grief and her efforts for her parents were well penned by you. I miss her friend Aqsa during her most popular time. I wished her father should have greeted intensely for Her success, at least he knows what a Oscar means as he was part of showbiz. I also missed Master Ibrahim, he should have called Momina and wished, but i miss his presence more and discussion with momina is real treat to watch.

  • “The very last scene was the highlight of this episode & it left me overwhelmed. Sheer brilliance!”

    Brilliant words to describe it. I myself cried while watching that last scene. I paused it & I felt like this scene was for me too. I wanted to cry for past few days, but could not. And that scene proved to be the reason.

    • Thank you so much Nimra. Yes, that scene was so beautiful & powerful. I am sure everyone was teary eyed watching that scene. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s acting plus Haseeb Hassan’s direction & Umera Ahmed’s writing made that scene phenomenal. I am glad you got to channel out those tears, must be feeling light. :)

  • Superb Review
    Once again an amazing episode. I cried watching this episode.The characters Momin and momina are so relatable. The dua scene was so impactful. And that scene when news of momina getting oscar awards are running on tv and momina was reciting the Quran e Pak. I must say Alif is one of the best serials.

    • Thank you so much OeN. Yes, this episode like all the previous episodes of Alif did have some very powerful scenes to its credit. Loved watching this episode. :) Alif surely is one of the best serials we have come across. :)

  • Gr8 review Zahra,, this was a very good episode, it didn’t start well, as Momina’s parents part is being really boring and repetitive, they come across as thankless people, we have had enuff of Jahangir’s memories, its time to move on. After that, the episode was good, just when Momin received the news of his Dada being upset, I almost cried, the bonding between them has been portrayed so well, it has been the best part of the serial, so losing Dada is indeed a very sad moment. He will be missed. But now I just want Momin and Momina to meet asap, Momin being rejected bcoz of his script, all that was also seen before, now pls increase the pace. This drama could have been a masterpiece, but I will blame the director for the slow pace of the drama which is the main reason that this one is not able to achieve the success it deserves. And it wont be the classic that umera Ahmed’s Shehre Zaat is.

    • Thank you so much Tiger for appreciating the review & sharing your perspective. I think Alif has had a similar pace right from the beginning, the episodes are not happening or something but they still cover a lot of story every single week.

      I know Sultan & his wife scenes might seem repetitive but I understand their perspective. They have seen their son suffer for so long & of all the people Jahangir wanted to live, he wanted to experience all of this that they are getting to experience. Life is getting comfortable so it is natural for them to feel low thinking that their poor son could not live to see this comfortable life. I understand their feelings.

      I will respectfully disagree about Shehr e Zaat being a masterpiece & Alif not. Both of these stories are phenomenal in their own way. Shehr e Zaat was impactful but I could feel Sarmat Sultan Khoosat’s obsession with Mahira in that drama, it was so much about her. Alif is about so many people, their interrelated journeys. Two very different stories about two different subjects. :)

  • AOA Zahra, thanks for the excellent reviews on Alif. It’s sad to see Momina’s persistant grief n sorrow losing her dear brother for such a long period but that’s true as well-marney waley k sath koi nahin marta. Waqt key saath hi ye gham doorr hota ha.Mera khyal hai writer ko abb ye btana zaroori hai viewers ko kay allah key raza ko tasleem kar leni chahiye aur uski ata kihui zindagi ko normal way mein hi guzarni chahiey sabr aur shukr k sath.

    • Walaikum Asalam MR. Thank you so much for reading & appreciating the reviews. I truly understand your perspective, waqay hi marne walay ke saath koi nahi marta. I think because Momina’s parents saw Jahangir’s prolonged illness for such a long time, plus now when he is no more, their life is getting comfortable & better financially, they are moving into new house & things are not as hard as they used to, therefore they feel sad about the fact that Jahangir could not experience all of this in his short life. Plus we have seen Jahangir was full of zest, he had big dreams, he wanted to experience all of this & he wanted to live, therefore to lose such a soul who was so eager about everything is definitely hard. I know they should be showing Sultan & his wife coming to terms with Jahangir’s death but this portrayal seems realistic too. :'(

  • I watched the episode yesterday and reading your review today Zahra. I was literally so much in awe of what I saw that I was out of words to describe what every scene made me feel. Hats off to you to review it so brilliantly.
    Every character depicts us; be it thinking aur being jealous of someone’s luck like shelly is of momina without knowing what is she going through. We do think like this for all the people in media industry without knowing what they are going through , or how much near they are to their creator. Hats off to all the team Alif. I’ve read Alif online but will surely keep it’s hard copy for me. Also, I think it;s time such plays are released on Netflix soon.

    • Thank you so much Ambivert. Yes, this episode definitely left us all in an awe & even I was speechless when it ended. Almost every other episode ends on that note, isn’t it?

      Yes, absolutely, I am glad that Umera Ahmed has tried to show the actors in a different light. They get judged so easily but only they know their truth & reality. Zufi thought Momina was going to appreciate his call but she didn’t even bother. I so agree, this drama should definitely be on Netflix. Too good!

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