Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 21 Story Review – What’s Next

Tonight’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho had some new developments and there were a lot of scenes which were repetitive. Just like the past few episodes, this one too focused on bewafai and whether an unfaithful partner should be forgiven or not. Danish clearly thinks that Mehwish does not deserve forgiveness. Salman and Ayesha’s dialogues were confusing since they clearly wanted Danish to take Mehwish back when it is just not possible. Shehwar and Maham’s scene was intriguing. It seems like Rumi isn’t the only one who doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘divorce’.

Rumi’s Dialogues and Situations

I must say that watching a 6 year old kid talk about attempted suicide was more disturbing than all the matchmaking attempts by Rumi. Shees Sajjad Gul is absolutely adorable and his acting has been impressive but Rumi’s role in this episode was extremely hard to digest. Through these scenes, the writer helped the viewers understand the feelings of different characters but Rumi’s scenes really irked me. The way this 6 year old is left unattended and misses his parents should have been the focus of attention because this part of Rumi’s track actually shows how divorce impacts children. Rumi’s fascination with his teacher is understandable but the way he keeps on changing his mind makes him come across as a really disturbed child who is constantly trying to take control of situations which should be handled by adults. This makes me wonder if some of Rumi’s scenes were added later because the viewers find his interactions with his father in particular cute.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 21 Story Review - What's Next

Shehwar and Maham

Shehwar and Maham’s scene was interesting. It was almost as if Maham thought that putting Shehwar behind bars wasn’t enough – he deserved worse. The explanation she gave Shehwar and what she had said to Mehwish earlier clearly suggested that she wanted to make Shehwar suffer on her terms and conditions. The look on Shehwar’s face was priceless when Maham told him what are plans were! He is clearly scared and completely unsure what Maham is going to do next. These scenes also suggested that Maham might give Shehwar a death sentence – is she going to kill him? So far, Maham keeps you guessing, it is difficult to predict what her next move will be. Savera Nadeem and Adnan Siddiqui both acted superbly in this scene. It was also directed brilliantly, the flashback scenes and the present scenario showed just how much things had changed in the past few months.

More of Rumi

There was an overdose of Salman and Ayesha’s scenes in this episode and most of these scenes didn’t have anything new to offer. Salman and Ayesha have been pleading Mehwish’s case as if Danish and Mehwish are not divorced. This entire ‘experience’ has been quite ‘educational’ for Rumi – he has learned about divorce, he has heard his mom say that Hania is his dad’s girlfriend, he has learned to propose on his father’s behalf and last but definitely not the least he knows that if you cut your vein you can die! Rumi is the one most affected by his parents’ divorce yet that is not being shown as an issue at all. On the contrary, Rumi’s dialogues and scenes are supposed to be entertaining. There is nothing entertaining about a 6 year old acting like an adult!

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 21 Story Review - What's Next

Favorite Scene

My favorite scene from tonight’s episode was the conversation between Danish and Mehwish. Mehwish was always just as naive as she was greedy. This conversation basically showed that she had not grown as an individual. Mehwish still thinks she can mould relationships, stay in someone’s life and leave whenever it suits her. My favorite dialogue from this scene was, “dekho meri ankhoon mein ansoo aa gaye aur tumhare liye rona mujhe acha nahi lagta.” This was such a meaningful dialogue which showed why Danish does not want any interaction with Mehwish. Danish is done investing his feelings in this relationship. There couldn’t have been a better way to get the message across to the viewers. Humayun Saeed does exceptionally well in such emotional scenes. Mehwish buying the flat was yet another development which depicted how immature she still was. If Danish wanted to buy the flat, he could have conveniently done so. Monty’s inviting Mehwish for tea was actually funny! Yes, he is married now but he obviously finds it really hard to just ignore Mehwish!

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 21 Story Review - What's Next

All of Mehwish’s scene tonight showed how regretful she was. She cried in almost all the scenes and her dialogues suggested she wanted the life she once lived with Danish back. When Mehwish left Shehwar’s house, she was immediately looking for a job but now her sole purpose in life is to get back into Danish and Rumi’s life/house!

Final Remarks

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s announcement of making an appearance in this episode was obviously yet again marketing strategy. The producers added the promo of Jhooti to the drama itself but that obviously had nothing to do with this episode or Mere Pass Tum Ho. The next episode was supposed to be the last one but the promo of the upcoming episode suggested that it is going to be the second last episode. Mere Pass Tum Ho has been an emotional and powerful journey overall but tonight’s episode wasn’t the best one. Just like every week however, it had a few good scenes and dialogues but overall there was a lot of repetition. I am not rooting for Hania and Danish at all! Definitely waiting to see how this drama ends.

Waiting to hear what you guys have to say! Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Fatima thank you so much for putting exactly what I was thinking while watching this episode in such perfect words. You said everything which was on my mind. I also feel that they recorded Roomi’s scenes again and they were not good. He is a cute kid but they are stealing away his innocence. You are 100 percent right Fatima, that scene you mentioned was my favorite to. You have done justice to this drama by writing such wonderful reviews. MPTH is incomplete without your reviews and the comments of the regular people here. Thank you reviewit. Bless you all.

    • You’re most welcome Sehar. Yaar your comment made my day, thank you so so much. I am truly touched. Totally agree with your comments about this episode. I see people praising Rumi’s scenes on different forums but the mom in me strongly disagrees LOL!!

  • Except rumi scenes, i enjoyed drama especially maham-shehwar and Danish and mehwish scenes. They were well written and well directed. Maza aagaya bhai wah. I am eagerly waiting to see how it ends as it has been shown that next episode will be 2nd last episode. Bhai wah.. chatpatta review itni sardi mein with precision maza hee aagaya.

    • Mbs saver I always read your comment and enjoy them. You are right Fatima’s reviews are always precise. Doesn’t matter how the big the drama is she says what is on her mind. Your comments are the best too.

      • Thank you for liking. Really appreciable. Yes fatima sister has eagle’s eye, she catches every detail and articulate in such manner that we get stuck to her reviews. Aur dramay ka maza tab tak complete nahin hota jab tak inka review na parhley. Jaisey khaaney key baad coca cola

        • You are very right. Keen observation and the skill to express the opinions properly is a gift and Fatima has it. Aap ke bhi comments intehai dilchasp hotay hei. Haan ji theek kaha ap ne thand mei coca cola ki jaga kehwa😊 I am addicted to these reviews and even the comments. Stay happy.

      • Yes Aqsa we all enjoy reading our bro’s comments, there is a history behind Mb’s saver haha, wonder if you know that ;) Aww thank you so much yaar, your guys are too kind. Means so so much to me. I look forward to everyone’s comments too.

    • Yes definitely Waqar this episode was very well directed and there were some good dialogues as well. Overall however, I felt there was a lot of repetition. I am so glad you enjoyed watching it. haha thank you so much Waqar, episode ko 2 baar dekha phr review kiya LOL!!

  • Bang on review Fatima Awan. You hit the nail on its head. You always point out the good and the bad so accurately. You know what when Maham was standing behind Shehwar I thought she will kill him hehehe. Savera Nadeem’s expressions were to die for, what an exceptional actress she is. You quoted the best dialogue. Hats off to you. Keep it up. Waiting for comments now.

    • Thanks a ton Aqsa. Your appreciation means so much to me. Hahaha that is so interesting! I also have a feeling she might kill him. Thank you once again.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Fatima brilliant review I have a request please review jhooti after it begins to air please I love your reviews

  • Salaam fatima!

    Episode was normal, we want an ending. Ye itni hi thi story. Lekin mn ne suna h k 22 se brha di gai hn episodes, agr esa h to ghlt h bht…….. Kher what’s your thoughts on jhooti’s teasers?
    And also on pyar k sadqay?
    Will you review one of them?

    Apt review…..!

    • 22 episode will be second last episode and 23 episode of MPTH will be last episode

    • Waelukum Asalam Ali, how are you? Long time no see. Jhooti looks like another Balaa, could be a guilty pleasure. Liked Iqra’s acting, love Ahmed Ali Butt in comic roles, waiting to see how he does here. Wondering why Iqra is not promoting Jhooti.

      Zahra will review PKS at some point whenever Alif ends I guess.

      Thank you so much, appreciate it.

      • Yup! Mid exams thay mere. N i am fine. Srdi bri h bsss😁! Lets see ary k dramas se koi umeed wabasta nhi krta mn, lkin chlo dekhte hn…. Mjy ek second k liye lga jese iqra ko psychological msla h…. Lekin may be wahi sb ho jo pehle hota dramas mn….
        I like bilal n yumna both but direction n writer se zra se chaalu hu mn….

        • Farooq rind somehow killed the impact of IZN, n over dose of ost ufff. Zanjabeel is i think tge writer. I m not impressed by her after cheekh. 🙄

        • Oh acha. I hope exams achay hue aap ke. Yes Bilal and Yumna look good, promos bhi mazay ke lag rahay hei. ARY ke dramas thore ziada commercial ho jatay hei, yeh masla hei.

          • Aap log ziada khush na hon. Yumna is one of my most favorite actresses but I can guarantee that her talent is going to be wasted in this drama since it has been penned by non other than our very own Zanjabeel Asim Shah. Pehli 5 episodes he achi hongi bus :D

  • Finallyy… the review which completely reverberates my thoughts. I was just about to think that the whole Internet has completely lost it especially about the overdose of Rumi.

    I agree with u Fatima a 110% about the sanity of giving such heavy dialogues to a 6 year old child. Aj to hadd hi kardi!! Aik bacha bataye baghair apni teacher se milne janay ki sari tayyari Kar ke jaraho ho aur at the end keh de ke “sorry mujhe poochna yaad nahi Raha”. Wait a sec Whatt?? And who talks to a father like that? “Shaadi karwa deta hun’ apki”… Agar hum abhi bhi aisi baat apnay Baron se karen, to wo thuppar moon par ata .. aur yehan to آوے کا آوا ہی بگڑا ہوا ہے 😂😂

    Thr next thing which I fail to comprehend is the importance of the whole”Vateera-Hania” track from Day 1. All of there dialogues start from Hania’s infatuation towards Danish and end at Hania’s complete denial.

    It’s a good idea that instead of dragging MPTH, they have decided to end it. Though I think that they could have ended it this week or the next. Anyways, Fatima what do u think about Jhooti? Will u be reviewing it? Honestly, I didn’t find anything new in the storyline or the performances from the teaser.

    • So glad we are on the same page. Honestly! Who lets there kid go everywhere alone with the driver in this day and age..yeh definitely hi ziada ho gaya. I agree with you, glad they are ending it. Vateera/Hania scenes are all the same now. Yes, the teaser has Balaa and Dil Mom Ka Diya written all over it – another masoom mard and jhooti aurat. I might review it, not sure yet. I liked Iqra’s acting and waiting to see how Ahmed Ali Butt does.

      Appreciate your feedback Ibrahim.

  • Totally agree with your words. Was waiting for your review. Many of the scenes in this episode were repetitive. Salman and Ayesha’s conversations have stopped making sense. How can they ask Danish to get back to Mehwish when a period of whole 5 months has passed? Agar aisa hua hota k Danish nay Mehwish ko aik ya do talaq di hoti tou there was a chance of them reuniting but that too within 4 months 10 days. (Agr 3 talaqein nhi di gaii hain tou rijoo ka option hota hai iddat tk k period mein. Agr iddat guzar gaii hai aur riju nhi kiya gya tou sumjhein 3 talaqein ho gaii hain) Ab halala ka he option hai and if makers opt for this, it will be totally reckless. Marrying someone for the sake of getting divorced is NOT a marriage but more like a self-deception. I had read such situation in a novel and writer had clearly stated that such marriage will not fulfill the halala condition and hence remarrying that person will be against Islamic rules totally. I hope they give MPTH a better ending
    Aur Fatima baji I have a request. Please review Deewar e Shab after MPTH ends. I have heard that due to low ratings, makers have made a long cut in the drama, dropping unnecessary scenes and hence drama now is more fast paced. The story has become very much interesting and I believe DS bohat underrated hai. I’ve a feeling that TSH or YDM will be reviewed later on but I think DS will be a better choice. No?

    Allah aapko aur ap say juray logon ko hamesha khush rkhy

    • Thank you for waiting for the reviews Shobraan and special thanks for this beautiful dua. Ameen. Dil khush kar diya aap ne, so blessed to have readers like you.

      Dekhei divorce tu paki paki ho gaye hei akhr Mehwish aur Shehwar ka nikkah hone wala tha so there can be no two opinions about it.

      I stopped watching Deewar-e-Shab, will definitely catch up Shobraan. I was watching it few weeks back and it was too slow. Will watch it on your suggestion and if I can review it, I will.

      Thank you once again. Duao mei yaad rakhiye ga, buhat shukriya.

    • There are many a times when ppl still live together despite uttering word divorce many times.they don’t realise or want to realise the importance of that word which becomes applicable no matter in which situation it’s being said.they commit sin.every one is stressing they can’t go back without halala etc but here main focus is just to forget about divorce and move on as before.harsh ugly reality but still it exists.

      • I know someone like that. I also remember a drama which showed a couple living together even after divorce. This is a sensitive topic. Remains to be seen how it is tackled in MPTH. Love the discussions Fatima. Thank you for the review.

        • I agree with you Afaq sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. You’re most welcome. Appreciate your feedback, keep reading and commenting.

  • Sister you are the best i just love watching your comments i just waitfor your review loveyou love you so much by the way i enjoyed rumi scenes

  • Very apt review Fatima! Rumis dialogues were really difficult to digest and hania and her sisters conversations are not a least bit interesting! How come she fell so deep in love with Danish! They hardly had any interactions n they never showed if it happened after reading her abas diary! I also dont want Danish to end with Hania but i guess KRQ wse he Danish ka ‘THE END’ kar den gay!;))

  • Hi fatima!
    Ye baat waqayi me 100% sach hai ke apkay reviews k sath drama daikhny ka alag hi maza ata hai. Apka writing style aur observation bohat kamal ki hai aur mujhe boht achi lagti hai
    Jhooti ke teasers ko daikh ke waqayi me blkl balaa jesi feel ati hai lkn acting ki waja se kuch acha lag raha hai
    English me comment nhi kia qk aisy ziada sahi lgta hai😄
    Aur akhir pe fatima ap se ye pochna tha ke apny ‘Dumpukht aatish ishq’ dekha hai Ke nhi Agr nhi tu zroor dekhiye ga me apke viewa janana chaho ga uskay bary me

    • Hello Asfand,
      Buhat shukriya reviews ko pasand krne ka. Ji bilkul acting achi lg rahi hei aur pehli baar Ahmed Ali Butt ko kisi serious drama mei dekhei gay hm, let’s see. Bilkul janab, Urdu zindabad.
      Bilkul dekha hei, ek nahi du baar. Kya kamal drama tha. Bulke best dramas list mei bhi tha us year ki.

  • Ayesha & her husband are so annoying me i feel so sorry for Danish. i like the way Danish cut them short & left the room when they arrived. Rumi got on my nerves with his big lines. that kid knows everything but what the word divorce means, he knew about his mother’s 2cd husband so what is so hard to understand but then he make up his mind about if he wants his mother back or Hania to marry his father
    Mehwish kept the check after all, like we didn’t know that she would keep it. pehle to Danish ke abu ko laat marwa rahi thi qabar me aur ab flat ke bahar unka naam lekh rahi hai, jaise is baat par Danish use wapis ane dega

  • I think Danish will die. This is my gut feeling. Yes it was hard digesting those dialogues from Rumi but writer tried his best to justify him like he said Mama Papa aap ne mujy bara kar diya. That was true. I actually liked the way Maham’s idea of punishing shehwar. It felt really good. Yes Salman and Ayesha are pleading her case but do they know even if Danish decides to get back what they will have to do? That’s why it’s impossible especially for a man like Danish. I just want to know what’s the end? Are Danish going to marry Hania or die like a KRQ hero or heroine?
    Absolutely fantastic review Fatima g

    • That will be really sad. Yes, I know he did but there were other things like Rumi going to school, to Hania’s house unsupervised, alone, super weird. Same here, want to know how it is going to end. It has been an emotional ride, I hope the end is equally powerful.

      Thanks a ton Ahsan. Missed your comment last week.

  • Hello. Im a reviewit fan since Alvida and im so used to watching a drama and coming here to read your reviews since theyre so good. Just wanted to ask why arent you reviewing Yeh Dil Mera/Ghalati?

  • Lots of thoughts

    1. When Maham said call deewan Saheb I thought she was going to say he’s not here anymore. From now on u will take care of the housework hahahah

    2. Rumi talks way too old. Why is her father allowing him to go to Hana house alone

    3. Salman and Aysha changed their mindset overnight

    4. Can u pls clarify. I thought danish only gave Mehwish one Divorce. How do we know it’s Three divorces

    • LOL interesting! Mehwish was going to enter into a nikkah with Shehwar, how can a woman do that if she isn’t already divorced? I think the divorce is final that is why Danish keeps on reminding everyone they are divorced!

    • These kind of things are purely called as flaws of a drama serial, we may find many while viewing.
      May be writer fails to adjust these blunders, so he tries level best to cover it by help of screen play.
      Anyways, now drama needs to be ended. Otherwise it ‘ll surely loose its charm.

    • i hope that doesn’t happen because Mehwish has to live to regret what she has done not die

  • A 6 yr old going any where he wants to like a teenager, seriously. I agree that may be they added Roomi’s scenes later for TRP. Its too much to digest…..loved ur review. It echoed all that I was thinking after watching the episode and I am sure many felt the same.

    • MPTH is a well written play but over dosage of Rumi’s “precocious” acts are annoying as they tarnish innocence of a young kid. For a child that age, going to see his teacher on his own is totally unacceptable. It was also hard to digest why Maham gave a hefty amount to her husband’s ex girl friend? Fatima’s reviews are to the point and sensible.

  • Miss Fatima Awan,
    I enjoyed your Review more than actual episode.

    Instead of poor disturbed child, …. writer and director are paying more attention to parents! And that’s sad.

    About time they bring the story to an end.


  • If Shehwar’s wife keeps enjoying the house, comfort that allegedly comes from dirty money business, she is no better than anyone !

  • I think writer forgot that they are divorced. I am sure Danish is not going to marry Hania but then what next?

  • Hello Fatima !

    I Personally feel this drama has lost its charm due to the repetitive stuff and some unnecessary developments .If they would have eliminated this could be the last episode but again viewers need to wait for 2 more episodes .
    But one thing is for sure since Shehwar is back and he has been shown again in the drama i must say there will be some twist in the episode .I am looking forward to a possible murder of someone.

    • Hello Rehan, yes this episode in particular didn’t have the same impact as some of the other episodes. Next episode should have been the last.
      Yes! Waiting to see how Shehwar/Maham track ends.

  • Hi Fatima, The episode was very interesting. The Halala thing is given, no one has to remind it to the divorces, that’s why Salman & Ayesha were not vocal about it, however Mehwish telling, let me be laid in one corner of the house, is not digestible. The dialogues were very good, “Bewafai ko justify” dialogue was too good and ending with Love in Musuem to laugh people at it, was marvelous. This dialogue is not for him, this dialogue is for Mehwish. Mehwish first love Danish, then betrays him and love Shahwar and now realized her first love was honest, this is a joke of Love. Love is not like weather, changing periodically. Second dialogue i like was between Hania & Wateera when Hania says, “is second love is legal on the person who love intensely for the first time and if it is legal, does he has something to give for his second love.” I really feel for Hania, because she has been pursued by many and everyone play emotionally with her, like Roomi, Danish or her sister Wateera, no one really cares how does she feels, everyone especially Danish & Roomi approaches to her with their frequently changing decisions. She has became soft target for all of them. Now, i want her to wind up with Danish. They have not shown the reply of hania when Roomi proposes her for his father, but i would like to see she says Yes to him. Regarding Shahwar track, it is goood they see his side, because infidelity was also done by him, so how can he just be spare so easily. It is good Maham is after him, but does not digest Maham’s track, who was away so many years and does not bother about Shahwar, but now all of a sudden she worries about this. But definitley, Shahwar should be punished on daily basis and sitting on the employee desk in the office is a good plan to that. I liked it, but later giving chairmanship to him again is not justifiable. I like Danish-Roomi chemistry. Though he says above his age limit, but still it is cute.

    • Hello Aamer, Yes, I agree KRQ’s dialogues about bewafai are always the best. Relationships have always been a joke for Mehwish and they still are, she has learned nothing. I don’t think Maham is going to spare him, let’s see, wouldn’t want to see that. I think she was only letting him know that he will have to earn that position – whether he will or not is another story.

  • The drama is being dragged!!!
    The gold digger is still trying very hard but i hope she gets punished the way her boyfriend did.
    The kid was a bit too much last night!!! Kids get sad and depressed when they lose a parent … they dont start looking for a new mother!🙄

  • As we are free to comment here I would like to highlight the issue of Rumi. I do agree what you said in the review but there are many kids who grow up too fast when there parents are separated and I can relate my life story to Rumi’s one as I have feel those moments and lived them. According to my life I can say that the director as translated the scenes very brilliantly because no one can understand how it feels same as no one cannot understand Rumi as viewers. The society always judge child by his age not by the tough time he faced being a 6 year old kid.

    • Even then Roomi’s growth is not likable in any case. Kids grow but what about parents? In a day and age when drivers sexually abuse kids and people know it why show jahalat like 6 year old going on outings with the driver alone. The parents are so cool about it. Will anyone here allow their kids to do so, think not. You missed the point reviewer is trying to make politely.

    • Yes of course, complete freedom to say whatever you want. I respect your opinion Fatima and I agree the director has given this drama his best. The mom in me wants to put Danish and Mehwish behind bars for child abuse LOL!! Bad parenting.

  • Gr8 review Fatima, I m happy that you felt the same about today’s episode as I felt, it was pathetic. I thought last week was boring, but this was worse. Rumi is cute, but his role and specially his scenes with Hania are the worst part of the serial . Im not enjoying even Danish’s dialogues and humayun’s performance and scenes have become too repetitive and I don’t feel anything for him now. Also not completely satisfied with the way Maham and Shehwar’s track is being handled, howcome Shehwar is so portrayed so weak, unbelievable.

    • Thank you so much Tiger for liking the review. I liked some of Danish’s dialogues but yes overall, quite boring and repetitive. Looking forward to a decent ending, they should have ended it next week, no need to drag it.

  • AOA Fatima.
    What a wonderful review written by you
    read kur ke maza agayaa.. ap bi kabi kabi kamaal kur deti hain lol :)
    I will start from the below dialouge
    دیکھو میری آنکھوں میں آنسو آگۓ اور مجھے تمہارے لیے رونا اچھا نہیں لگتا🔥🔥🔥👌👌
    Wallah it was so so real and definitely fit the bill of current situation.
    Humayun Acting was brilliant but but you have to agree with me that the MPTH belongs to Ayeza Khan…Others were awesome including Adnan & Humayun but Ayeza has outdone herself and i was never her fan but she earned me as her fan after MPTH.
    The child playing Roomi is super cute and doing marvelous job but his character was doesn’t making any sence in this episode unrealistic such a small kid and big actions and talk doesn’t make sense.
    Hania and her sister has most creepy character i mean before Hania was saying i am not in loved with Danish but now all of sudden she readily agreed to get engaged huuu totally .
    I must mention the powerful scene between Maham & shahwar..
    Uff Swera expressions were so so good and also her dialouge deliversy was powerful.
    Overall the last few episodes were not able to match the standard which pervious ones have but i am glad they are going to end it soon.
    Let see what will be the end of MPTH.
    Thank you once again for reviewing MPTH.
    2 Cheers to you :)

    • AoA Amir, simply love your detailed comments which obviously come straight from the heart. Your observations are on point and yes that dialogue was the best for sure. LOL @ creepy! You are absolutely right. Savera is amazing, loved her in this episode.

      You’re most welcome. I really appreciate your feedback and look forward to your comments. Thank you for all the appreciation.

  • Nothing was repetitive or overdose…koi baat nahi…pacing theek hai thoda time liya is baar toh koi nahi…ek cheez samajh nahi aayi…kya dobara shooting ki hai jo adnan siddiqui ne abhi abhi shoot finish ki hai…? ek aur cheez samajh nai aayi danish likes hania or not, and roomi wants hania to marry his father or not…? other than that, everything was wonderful and perfect. well edited. kuch lamba nahi lagta..

    • Yes looks like kuch scenes baad mei add hue hei tu add another episode. Cashing in on the popularity of course. I am glad you liked this episode. Appreciate your feedback.

  • Thank you Fatima for your brilliant review. It made sure what viewers are perceiving. This drama maintained outstanding impression in almost every episode, however, the yesterday one could not really reach to the expectation. The most obvious reason was the overestimation of Rumis character. Maha’s return was quite interesting. The whole team is doing excellent performance.

  • My thoughts exactly but (obviously) better put. Once again in this episode Mehwish kept trying to get Danish back, Ayesha kept trying to get Danish back for Mehwish, Salman kept trying to get Danish back for Mehwish and Roomi tried a little but then changed his mind (again) and tried to get Danish to marry Hania. I mean what’s with all the match making… can’t a guy live alone for a while, sort himself out and then tread the all encompassing (in this drama at least) path of true love??? Also I just don’t get why Hania fell for Danish…I just don’t…was it because he was so heartbroken over his ex wife that he couldn’t even take care of his son and got him into a boarding house so that he could (freely) mope? Or was it cuz he was still so hopelessly and helplessly in love with his ex wife that he couldn’t see another woman even when he’s looking at her? Maybe it’s because his (till now) dormant sixth sense is his major attraction which turned him into a millionaire over a short period of a week? Or was it Mateen Sahab’s (hard-to-put-down) diary? Not feeling the connection/chemistry here. Also Mehwish might not be the smartest pea in the pod…like she bought that flat…I mean seriously… SERIOUSLY? End of rant…thanks for reading.

    • Thank you so much N. I think it was a combination of all those factors you mentioned – the way he loved his ex-wife, Danish’s definition of love, his loyalty and obviously the diary! Even though I understand why Hania finds Danish attractive, I am not particularly fond of how this character has been translated on screen. She is definitely not the smartest – she thinks she can live with Danish and leave after a few years – too cool LOL!!

  • It is very strange that just for the sake of story of a drama. We are forgetting the basic Islamic principles of our life. Once a women has taken the divorce and lived haram life with another man for 5 months then what the producer is pretending to show our society that Danish friends are trying to bring her back to Danish. If it is what we are teaching out society to ignore the laws of Islamic sharia. It was a matter of shame for us.

    • exactly, no real friends would ever put anyone in that position by nagging them to get back together with their wife or husband

  • Wonderful review Fatima for a beatiful epi of MPTH. In fact ye drama Krq key powerful dialogues per hi chal raha baat simple magar iski adaegi almost har character se perfect jaise danish mehwish ke aur maham shahwer ke dialogues that often bring tears. Thanks to KRQ for penning down such exceptional and powerful dialogues over specific matrices of love hatè betrayal and regrets.

    • You’re most welcome MR. Appreciate your feedback. Bilkul aisa hi hei dialogues are always the most powerful part of all his dramas and sometimes the characterizations too keep you hooked. Writing about love and unfaithfulness is his forte for sure.

  • You searched for: Why Danish is creating drama in drama, he knows he is divorce man, why he is thinking of mehwish so much, y is he not moving with his life, he is the one to stop this whole scenario, and what’s the big deal for mehwish she is used to live in nikah and without nikah, she need the life as per wishes, first she liked Danish marry to him then she liked the life style of shahwaar she left Danish now she knows Danish is rich again she wants to come back……… Friends don’t bring religion in middle after all this is drama……. IN OUR SOCIETY SUCH THINGS DO HAPPEN BUT NOT THIS MUCH…….. ONE MORE THING WHERE IS THE GHARAT OF DANISH……. I MEAN SUCH THINGS NOT HAPPEN ANY WHERE……..

  • Can anyone explain where in the world was maham? Why had she left her husband alone?
    Also, which child goes and proposes his teacher on behalf of his dad? Doesn’t he miss his mom? They should show how divorce impacts a small child. And does riches and wealth make us say “Hi , good evening” instead of Assalamualaikum and Allah hafiz. What is our desi mentality honestly! Why do we immediately link money to western lifestyle. We as Desi’s can also be rich and have a Pakistani lifestyle. Seriously.
    Sorry for my rant.

  • I am totally missing the point how can mehwish and danish live together? Why salman and his wife convincing danish? I mean this is pointless…

  • The fact that every single character talks like a poet or philosopher is extremely redundant and irritating. Woh Kehta tha, woh nahin aya… like seriously! Can someone just talk like a normal human being for a change? I don’t understand why Maham have Mehwish a huge payout- that makes zero sense. It’s like everyone ends up becoming a millionaire so it can be convenient. Rumi’s proposal was the most ridiculous scene in the episode. As cute as he is it just doesn’t make sense for a supposedly 6 year old to do whatever hes been doing. A child of divorce is anything but playing matchmaker.

    • & it’s even worse when Haniya decides to go & give Danish a ring poor guy i feell so sorry for him but i liked the look on his face it was a delight to watch

  • Awesome review! I totally agree with you about Rumi, I thought he was cute at first but now he’s annoying haha. It’s sad he has to worry about getting his dad married or his mom killing herself when he’s only 6 years old and both his parents are wrong for making him worry like that. I also don’t understand his “friends”? They admit to not having met since university and now they’re all in their business about everything. What happened to the wife not wanting Mehwish to stay in her house? And what kind of toxic friends keep bugging soemeone to take their cheating ex back? And is it even possible for them to get back together after a divorce….I think the writer should have let Mehwish get married and then divorced from Shewar so that there would at least be a possibility for Danish to take her back.

    • Thank you so much zaira for liking the review and for commenting. LOL yes, these friends are too good to be true at times. I think the writer does not want Danish to take her back – let’s see.

      Appreciate your feedback.

  • Great review as always! To all those saying that Mehvish cannot get back together with Danish due to lack of halala, let’s all remember she is the same woman who left her husband, took a divorce, did NOT complete iddat, and lived with a man who was not her husband for many months- none of these acts comply with Islamic norms so not sure why she would be bothered by halala. If she can live with Shahwar without nikkah, she can do anything! Danish, on the other hand, may worry about the Islamic rules being followed, but he first has to get to the point where he forgives her, and he’s not there yet.

    Rumi is super annoying- too much of him is ruining the initial charm he brought to the drama.

    Looking forward to an unpredictable end!

    • Also, why is Shahwar Group of Industries called Shahwar Group of Industries, if he used to be just an random employee that caught Maham’s fancy? Did she change the name after they got married? Weird.

    • Thank you so much Mari. LOL True about Mehwish but people have been telling me they can still get back together – no idea though – complicated. I am certain however that KRQ won’t forgive an unfaithful woman!

      • but it’s not just about if they can get together but how Danish will feel for the rest of his life if he did take back

  • This episode was a disappointment, the story progressed not even a tiny bit. They are just prolonging the drama!
    Just imagine Maham calling Dewan twice and then telling Shehwar he is off today, what’s the point!?!

  • >