Alif Episode 6 Story Review – Momin’s Revenge & Momina’s Reward

Opening Thoughts – Different From The Previous Episodes:

Ohkay so, this episode of Alif was different from all the previous episodes that we have seen so far. There were emotions but still, the way everything was conveyed is making me feel empty & there’s a void in my heart right now. I totally get that before showing how things will change in both Momin & Momina’s lives, they have given a detailed insight into their emotional & mental state, which is necessary. I am at a loss of words right now & I totally get why this episode was executed this way because now everything is about to change & we will experience the magic happening soon!

Reward & Revenge:

All of the scenes that covered Momina & her family’s mental & emotional state were done beautifully. They left me feeling overwhelmed & once again, each & every detail was executed brilliantly. Momina’s body language, her slouched shoulders, defeated gait, empty eyes & expressionless face depicted what was running through her mind. Momina is unable to feel any emotion because she has realized that everything that she felt & experienced was related to Jahangir. For so many years, Momina could not feel at peace & she could not put her mind to rest because the thought of healing & getting Jahangir treated dominated her life. Momina struggled & struggled because she knew that she had to do everything in her might to help her younger brother & because she got used to that kind of life, now with Jahangir gone, she is being forced to reform her life & she is finding it hard to do so. Momina is unable to decode what the purpose of her life is, when Jahangir was around, Momina despite beating herself up felt she had a purpose because she had the responsibility but now, she is completely lost. She has now started thinking about her parents, this way she gets to feed herself that she is still needed & she has a lot to do. Momina is dragging herself through this mayhem but yes, she is tired.

Alif Episode 6 Story Review - Momin's Revenge & Momina's Reward

Momina tried to make things better for her parents, she decided to speak to them, get them back to normal but she failed. It makes me feel so much for her that Momina has dedicated her life to her family – everything that she feels is only related to them & while doing so, she has left herself somewhere far behind. Sultan related Jahangir’s death with the death of Husn e Jahan, he felt that the people he loved strongly passed away & that made him upset. At that moment Momina just walked away which showed that she realized that this was something that her father could not help – it was not in his control to not feel such emotions for Husn e Jahan.

Master Ibrahim & Momina’s conversation was beautiful & emotional. This was a very unique kind of catharsis for Momina, at least after hearing all those things from Master Ibrahim, Momina started thinking about her ‘rewards’. Momina has all this while felt a strong emotion for Faisal & she assumes if she’ll get to be with him, that will be her reward but she is mistaken – again a lesson that she will learn the hard way. I must say, the way Sajal Aly has elaborated all the emotions & feelings of Momina with such clarity & precision is absolutely commendable. Just by looking at her you know what she is going through, her minute expressions are actually a treat to watch because she gives away so much in such an effortless manner – this kind of portrayal of emotions is my absolute favorite & I am loving Sajal Aly’s performance as Momina.

Momin once again proved a point that he is Momin – the one who never forgives, the one who keeps grudges & never forgets. Momin humiliated Neha in front of the world whereas whatever Neha was doing was behind closed doors. She cheated quietly but Momin humiliated her publicly. Momin actually had strong emotions for Neha & that is why he was hurt but yes, he couldn’t let go off it so he thought of getting back at her. Momin actually underestimated Neha & because he is ruling the industry with his power & authority, he thought he could get away with everything & there was nothing that will ever get in his way. Neha is hurt & she wants to see Momin fail. As much as I totally feel that Momin has to taste failure in order to actually understand what real success is, I still think Neha is not in a position to be angry at Momin because she was the one who cheated on him in the first place. Momin didn’t cheat, therefore he’s in the clear!

Momin has landed himself in a scandal & with this, his life is in a downward spiral. Momin is definitely not ready but he will be faced with one situation after another which will make him question everything. Momin will be forced to reflect, introspect & he will only have a control on his life back when he will decide to change himself & this is the journey I am eager to experience.

Alif Episode 6 Story Review - Momin's Revenge & Momina's Reward

Momin is carrying a facade & no one has actually been able to understand or decipher that there’s a vulnerable, scared & scarred Momin behind this tough looking man who shows he is very much sorted emotionally. When I saw the scene of Husn e Jahan & young Momin, I could not help but feel sad for the little child who was getting to hear his mother’s confession. For a child, his first superheroes are his parents but Momin’s father showed him that he was a coward who ran away & his mother herself confessed that she was not an ideal parent for him & this is something that a child can’t even imagine. Young Momin was trying hard to figure out things at a very tender age & he found his mother admitting that she was a failure, even if she hadn’t said all of that, he was observant, he was wise for his age to actually see his mother dying a slow-death every single day. Momin hates the fact that everyone idealizes Husn e Jahan for her beauty, fame, success because he has seen her at her lowest, when she just yearned for love & togetherness of her husband, where her status, the love of her fans didn’t matter to her at all – what did was Taha’s affection & sadly, that was the only thing that she didn’t get.

Momin looking at his mother’s picture showed that behind such strong emotions, he was still a little child who missed his mother, who was upset at the sad life that she had lead. This goes to show that Momin has bottled up all these feelings for so long that he has actually forgotten why he feels this way. His time away in Turkey will allow him to untangle his thoughts, paint a clear picture & actually realize where does this anger actually come from & for what? Momin has a lot of sorting to do & it will be interesting to see him doing that.

Closing Thoughts – All Over The Place, In a Good Way:

Overall, this episode of Alif was interesting & I liked how it was all over the place because I can totally see that things are going to follow a sequence with Momina trying to take charge of her life & Momin being on a quest of finding himself & the ‘seedha rasta’ that Abdul Alla spoke about. Momin will find himself landing in trouble which will eventually lead him to realize how meaningless all these things are that he had been chasing most of his life. At this point I am actually looking forward to Momina & Momin’s meeting the most but I do like how things are being built up. I must say the background music in all the scenes is spot on because it plays such a huge role in making an impact & adding more meaning to the situation. The sad music used in the scene where Momina spoke about Jahangir with her friend added more emotion to it. Hamza Ali Abbasi has breathed life into Momin’s character – every expression, every emotion has been conveyed brilliantly. Momin is a very complex character & to portray it with such finesse shows Hamza Ali Abbasi’s calibre as an actor. Pehlaaj Hussain is brilliant & his presence adds a different layer of emotion in all of his scenes. Saleem Mairaj’s performance in this episode was outstanding, a father who lost his son & a fan who lost his idol, those emotions were jumbled up but were coming from the same place – a place of loss & heartbreak. Alif so far has been a well-directed, well-executed & brilliantly acted drama which has thought-provoking dialogues & such situations that strike a chord. I can not wait to see the rest of the journey. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif.

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    She is phenomenal. I don’t cry very often while watching dramas in fact a lot of times acting is so shallow that i almost laugh. But the moment sajal starts weeping i get goosebumps and tears in my eyes. She is this good.

    • Same’s the case with me, there hasn’t been a single episode where I have not cried with Momina. Sajal Aly is a gifted actor for sure & yes, she deserves all the hugs for the way she has breathed life into Momina’s character.

  • WOWW!! Zahra, as much as I loved the play, I really liked ur analysis and the insights abt the characters👌🏼👌🏼. Really impressive 👏👏. Alif has turned out to be such a powerful play that is both meaningful and addictive. The scene in which Momina lies down on the terrace was so beautifully shot and the reference to the stars, where Momina imagines Jahangir to be, was so moving 😭😭. Sajal Aly deserves tons of appreciation for portraying Momina with such finesse. I equally liked Momin’s track and the inner battles he is fighting. A child who sees his mother dance infront of strangers will of course be shattered..but he won’t be able to realize that it is not an option rather a necessity. It all makes complete sense why Momin is the way he is right now and the circumstances which will pave the way to his future spiritual awakening will definitely be a delight to watch.

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim for your continuous support & appreciation. :) It means a lot. Yes, I so agree, that terrace scene was beautifully shot & Momina’s despair was beautifully portrayed by Sajal Aly. I love both the tracks of Momina & Momin, even though they are totally different but I like drawing comparisons between the two. Indeed, Momin has had a rough childhood & who can even imagine that the guy who is so tough from the outside is still a child having a heart that aches for his mother. I can not wait to see Momin’s journey of self-discovery, it will be beautiful. :)

      • So good to hear from you Zahra. Eagerly waiting for your expert opinion on Yeh Dil Mera as I can say there will be a lot to discuss on that topic…

  • We hardly have such dramas where they strike a chord within every Muslim
    it should be considered that dramas where a man beat world and win a momin position are lkved by all …

  • Spot on review Zahra. Alif is a masterpiece, wonderful acting by all the cast members. Loved momina and master Ibrahim scene the most. Missed dada in this episode. Zahra plz convey our msg to the one who made this policy of reviewing only 4 dramas at a time. This site is famous for its drama review’s and when good content is out there we expect review of it from this site. Yeh dil mera is such a good drama, was eagerly waiting for ur review. Aapke review k bina Kuch missing sa Lagta hai.

    • Thank you so much Shifa for your kind words & appreciation. :) Indeed, Alif is proving to be a masterpiece & I am so glad it has been dramatized so beautifully. I am looking forward to Momin & Dada Jaan’s scenes the most. Master Ibrahim is such a nice character, it feels good to know that Momina has someone who listens to her when she needs it the most.

      I will most certainly convey your feedback to the admin. Thank you so much for reading the reviews & appreciating them. :)

  • Zahra!! brilliant review!
    You know wreading the novel, then listening to the audio book and now watching it as a drama is a different kind of experience. Alif is magic that hits you right in your heart. The scene between Momina & Aqsa where she says Momina ko yahan nai hona chahiye tha and Aqsa asks to phir kisko and she replies Jahangir!! Mannnn!!! Sajal totally nailed it. I was teary eyed. and then the scene between Master Ibrahim and Momina where she cries made me shed tears. Lubna Aslam in one scene that she had in episode was beyond brilliant. Her expressions were on point. Hamza is doing great job. Every role is like tailor made for these actors and you do not feel like you are watching a drama. Alif has simple yet meaningful and impactful dialogues and surely is THE BEST drama of this time.
    PS: I wish I could give Sajal something even bigger than the oscar but if she doesn’t win an award for Alif I am going to burn the studios where they record their award shows.

    • Thank you so much Pakistani Po for your appreciation. I so agree, if Sajal doesn’t get the award, I don’t think anyone else would be deserving of it either. She has been beyond brilliant as Momina. Waqay hi, that scene where she speaks to her friend about Jahangir was beautifully acted out by Sajal Aly, she really knows how to connect with the viewers, she is gifted actor for sure.

  • Thank u for the review. This is my favorite drama presently. Indeed Sajal is doing this brilliantly.

  • Gr8 review Zahra, once again a good episode. The casting and performances are the biggest strength of this serial, otherwise such a story and treatment would turn the serial into very arty and boring, but you are just in awe of the performances. I feel sad that this one wont become a blockbuster serial as the story and screenplay is very classy, , it would not cater to all kinds of audiences.

    • Thank you so much Tiger. Yes, it sure is a quality project but I am sure it will mean a lot to those who will pay attention to it, which is a success in itself. This drama is a masterpiece for sure. :)

  • Superb review
    Again an amazing episode which was too emotional. I am loving the way they are showing momin and momina’s story parallel. Sajal ali and Hamza ali abbasi both are doing great job. Today’s Momina’s scene left me eyes with tears. Her all scenes were so emotional in which she was thinking about jahangeer, her parents and all the loans they have taken. I felt so much connected with her Bcoz I can understand that how’s one can feel when she/he lose her/his loved one( family member). Aisa hi lagta hai k duniya ujar gai. Kaam karney ko dil nhi karta but phir bhi karna parta hai kyunky kisi k janey sy duniya nhi rokti. Momina scene with her parents, her friend and master Ibrahim all were too amazing.
    In this episode we get to see more of momin’s suffering, his relationship with his mother. His childhood bitter memories made him a bitter and arrogant person. I am looking forward to seeing his transformation and his interaction with his grand father and also waiting to see momina’s story and momin and momina’s interaction in coming episodes.

    • Thank you so much OeN. Waqay hi, the way they have shown Momina’s mental state is so realistic, aisay hi lagta hai ke kuch nahi kiya ja raha but dil marna parhta hai. Momina is dealing with this pain bravely but still she continues to blame herself that she has become numb & heartless. She is such a poor soul, I feel for her so much.

      Momin’s childhood has shaped his character & it is not his fault. Now all that he’s left to do is find the real purpose of his life. I can’t even begin to imagine what a magical journey it will be. :)

  • Brilliant episode. Emotions portrayed beautifully. Thanks for the review Zahra. As much as Momina does not want to pursue the movie, the loan is making her to do so. “Jahangir khtm ho gya, aazmaishain khtm nahi huin” was so heartbreaking and relating.

  • Hi Zahra, very nice review. The whole episode appeared in a glance. Like you said, the detailing are the backbone for this drama. The mourning house of Momina was really look like a real death happens there. All of them were mourning in their own way. At first i thought, Momina’s father also died, when the cloth was removed from his face, actually he removes the cover, but looked to me that Momina was uncovering it. Master Ibrahim & Momina’s conversation is always interesting to watch. On the other hand Momin’s attitude & action against Neha is totally justified. Regarding Husn e Jahan, your analysis is very right, the world remembers her as a beautiful actress only, but Momin knows what Husne Jahan was in real, a person who is deprived by the love of her husband in real life. She was so lonely. And as you said, little Momin is too young to have such heartbreaks at all the time. Very interesting to watch Journey ahead for Momin & Momina.

  • When I read the novel, I always find Momin’s character more intriguing. Hamas Ali Abbasi is doing good but how Sajal is putting the soul in Momina….just phenomenal. There are many actors who can make you feel sympathy and bad for the character which they play. But there are only some unique actor which made their character this much relatable that you will find yourself in that place. Sajal’s performance bring tears in my eyes, There are moments which are relatable to everyone’s life. Momina’s character is written for Sajal Ali….I don’t think that anyone can portray her character this much brilliantly.

  • >