Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 13 Story Review – The Aftermath

Mere Pass Tum Ho’s screenplay and its direction is turning out to be the best element of this drama. Nadeem Baig deserves tons of credit for directing some of the scenes in this episode in such a manner that they had an element of suspense about them. This episode was not as emotional as the previous one but it showed character growth and had some important developments to its credit. I am certain most of the viewers like me were waiting to see Mehwish more than Danish since everyone must have been curious to find out how her life was after ‘marriage’! I mentioned this in my previous review as well that Mehwish did not for a second think about the fact that Shahwar never talked about marriage. It was actually quite apparent that he had no intention of marrying her but Mehwish was so keen on being with him that she never thought on these lines. Danish’s character completely changed in this episode and I must say that it was quite unsettling to watch him turn into a different person altogether.

Rumi and Danish

The scene between Rumi and Danish was one of the most meaningful scenes in this episode. Danish’s body language and his conversation with Rumi showed how much he had changed. This was the same father who treasured the time he spent with his son but now he did not even get up to hug him even though they were meeting after weeks or perhaps months. Danish’s conversation with Mateen sahib summed up how much Rumi had changed in these few months in the absence of his mother. I found this depiction close to reality since kids sometimes suffer more than anyone else when a marriage falls apart. In this case, Mehwish abandoned Rumi and Danish clearly was no longer emotionally available for him therefore like any other young kid his age, he decided to choose a path which would allow him to be away from people who obviously let him down.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 13 Story Review - The Aftermath

It was sad watching a father expect so much from a child who deserved nothing but love. If Mehwish failed as a mother then Danish too has not been able to play the role he should have played in Rumi’s life. This scene showed how much resentment Rumi felt and at the same time he did not want to disappoint his father. The dialogues regarding how he would prove to be the son Danish could take pride in were a bit hard to digest coming from a 7 year old. The child star playing Rumi acted exceptionally well in this scene.

Danish and Mateen sahib

Danish and Mateen sahib’s friendship was the highlight of this episode. Some of their conversations were a little bit long but in the end when Mateen sahib passed away these conversations made perfect sense since these were the last few interactions they were going to have together. Whatever Mateen sahib said to Danish sounded like all those questions and thoughts that would have been in the mind of the viewers watching the episode. Through their first conversation, the writer conveyed how things had changed in these past few months. I am glad the story started few months after Mehwish left because otherwise the pace of the drama would have slowed down.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 13 Story Review - The Aftermath

Danish’s dialogue about how a man felt when the woman he loved was faithful to him and how he felt when that woman was no longer loyal to him has to be the best way to sum up the change in his character. Until the previous episode money meant nothing to Danish but now he is more than willing to sell his apartment and take risks in order to get rich. His bigger aim could be taking revenge from Shahwar. The viewers saw a completely different side of Danish, he wants to get rich but he is also being smart about it. He is not in a rush and is waiting to get the best price for his apartment.

Muhammad Ahmed acted exceptionally well in the scene covering Mateen sahib’s life story. I couldn’t help but wonder why he never mentioned that he had a daughter. It took him quite a while to reveal details about his personal life to Danish and when he did, he didn’t have time to tell more. The regret and the guilt he felt was apparent from this scene.

Enter Hania – Hira Mani

Many people had already predicted that Hania was going to be Rumi’s teacher and Mateeb sahib’s daughter therefore there were no surprises there. The introduction to this character was quite short and the manner in which Hania ‘judged’ Danish’s decision to put Rumi in boarding was confusing. Why have a boarding for kids Rumi’s age if you are going to judge their parents for putting them there?! Danish and Hania met outside the school in the end but not in the best circumstances. Waiting to see how these two interact in the upcoming episodes.

Shahwar and Mehwish

Mehwish and Shahwar were shown having a grand time. All these months they had been travelling and enjoying themselves. Their conversation revealed that they had not been married and Shahwar had no plans to get married either. His take on relationships didn’t come as a surprise since he never talked about marriage even before. It also wasn’t surprising that Mehwish was willing to go along with Shahwar’s decisions since she was completely smitten by Shahwar’s lifestyle and personality even before too and found it hard to say no! Mehwish has always come across as a naive woman. The only man she was ever with was Danish therefore she clearly has no clue that there are men who would shower a woman with praises and money but will not give her the kind of commitment she wants. Mehwish and Shahwar’s scene was short but it made their relationship status quite clear.

Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 13 Story Review - The Aftermath

Final Remarks

I must say that this episode was not as powerful as some of the previous episodes of Mere Pass Tum Ho but it laid down the foundations for what is coming ahead. The changes in Danish’s personality will change the course of his life and I am glad Rumi was given so much screen time. Although Danish’s main concern right now is making money but most of his conversations revolved around Rumi. Mateen sahib was an interesting character who helped Danish in his most difficult times by lending an ear, he will be missed. Muhammad Ahmed’s performance tonight was remarkable. Shamim Hilali also performed really well in this episode and made her presence felt.

I was watching the first few episodes of Mere Pass Tum Ho again this week and I must commend the actors for changing their looks in such a manner that you actually feel like they have ‘grown’. Especially the difficult times Danish has gone through show on his face, as if he has aged! Humayun Saeed looked completely different in the first few episodes with a clean shave and shorter hair. Ayeza Khan too has changed her looks with time.

The preview of the next episode was intense, looking forward to it.

How many of you watched this episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Was waiting for episode and then for review. I must say, the way episode started today was too good. I enjoyed it a lot… this episode was belonged to Mateen Saahib his dialogues especially yeh dunya achi auraton ki wajah sey chalti hai was phenomenal and so true.. apart from this, danish and rumi are going through difficult times but both conceal their pain. It is heartbreaking… i pity mehwish for leaving this cute kid ufff. Finally hira mani entered and she will change the dynamics of drama. Now waiting for next qist.. an excellent review sister

  • I have seen on wikipedia about mere pas tum ho
    In cast they written the name of anoushy abassi as shehwar’s wife

  • Fatima your review is more than I could ask for. You have written so many things which did not even occur to me. If this drama is meaningful then your reviews add more meaning to it. Keep writing my dear. You are gifted. Your analysis of Danish and Rumi’s character is so good that I read it two times. Thank you.

      • I am not satisfied with your comments. This episodes is completely well directed and According to plot of story this episode is ok. Every character show very nicely. How danish behave after divorced. What is condition of romi in boarding. The most important thing is show shahwaar is not serious with mehwish. Mehwish is just a partner not a life partner. the twist which u like hania is daughter of mateen shaib. It is very easy to point out the mistake in serial but if we look in dept Nadeem baig did a great job.

  • Perfect review Fatima!! I loved Mateen sb’s scene. It was very emotional. I alsp thought about that boarding school part, that you have mentioned but may be she was thinking that he was brought here without his will and that’s why he is not performing well so she asked danish about that. This episode for me belonged to Muhammad Ahmed. He was brilliant. Looking forward to Hira’s character. Also I noticed that Danish’s lips were black in this episode. Were they showing that it was due to smoking (because they are paying great attention to this kinda details) or was it a coincidence?
    Also, Mehwsih’s friend was the reason she met Shehwar. She was the one who gave her all details about his life, introduced her to him and told her to go to sinner at his house and now she is nowhere.

  • Great review Fatima. I agree completely, comparatively it this was a slower ep than the previous ones. Loved the conversation btw Danish and was so disturbing to see Danish change like this within a span of some months. I really liked the contrast btw Mateen sb and Danish and the growth of this ‘unlikely’ friendship. One cheated his wife while the other got cheated upon. But in the end, both of them are suffering. I wasn’t a lot impressed by Hira Mani’s entry and her pessimistic comments abt Rumi.. u are a teacher? U should try to understand that child instead of calling him ‘not normal’?
    But the scene which made my day was the one btw Mehwish and Shahwar. O YESSSS!! I was so happy to see that look surprise on Mehwish’s face.. so satisfying actually 😌😌. Even though this was the beginning but after what she did with Danish, it was enough to make me and many other fans happy I believe. I just hope that MPTH does not end on a melancholy note for Danish 🤞🤞

    • Thank you so much Ibrahim. Hena, same here, got the same vibes from Hania, very judgmental and not really likable at this point. The preview of the next episode also suggests that she will be quite keen on meeting Mehwish, let’s see. I don’t think he is going to marry her but she is so okay with that even!

      I hope so too Ibrahim.

      Appreciate your feedback. Keep reading and commenting.

  • چلیں جی متین صاحب مرے تو کوئی عورت بھی روتے ہوئے دیکھنے کو ملی، ورنہ اس ڈرامے میں تو مرد ہی روئے جا رہے ہیں، پہلے دانش اور اس دفعہ متین صاحب۔ شہوار بھی پہلی بیوی کا ستایا ہوا۔

    خیر، قسط ایوریج تھی۔ رومی کی وجہ سے تو جیسے بہار آجاتی ہے۔ آئندہ قسط بھی رومی کے گرد ہی گھومے گی۔ مہوش کا رومی کی طرف لاتعلقی والا رویہ عجیب لگ رہا تھا، لیکن اب اس کی ممتا جاگے گی۔

    ھرا مانی کی اینٹری انٹریسٹنگ ثابت ہوگی۔ ویسے اگر دانش اور یہ شادی کر لیں، تو فلیٹ کی رقم کے علاؤہ دانش کو متین صاحب کی بھی دولت مل جائے گی۔

    Intelligently written review by you ma’am.

  • Fatima great review your reviews are giving strong competition to nadeem’s direction and humayun’s performance you are one of the best reviewers of Pakistan and also you care so much about people and always reply to their comments while the reviewers of express tribune, Dawn and galaxy lollywood don’t even care about replying to comments of people you are such a nice person.

  • Kya Mateen sahab ko unki bv ne maaf kar diya?
    ‘Bewafai karny walon ko itni saza milti ha jitni wafa karny walon ko jazza ni milti’
    Yes this episode wasn’t as big as the last one but this was again epic. Mateen sahab stole the show today.
    ‘Aurat fitratan bewafa ni hoti aur jo fitratan bewafa ho wo aurat ni hoti’
    ‘Maashara a6y mardon ki waja se ni chalta, a6i aurton ki waja se chalta ha’
    Yeh dialogues koi new ni hain. Mein already TDKKH aur MANJALI mein sun chuka hoon lekin umeed ha k is controversy ko khatam karny k leye kafi hain.
    Danish is not in his senses completely. I think he wants to take revenge but i guess Mateen sahab gave him enough reasons to be calm the way he was before. I think he shouldn’t become rich. It’s a cheap plot from Bollywood movies and i am pretty much sure Khalil sahab won’t do this.
    Absolutely phenomenal drama and a great review

    • Yes, let’s see whether he changes his plan or not. Good dialogues, Muhammad Ahmed was great today. Thank you Ahsan for compiling these dialogues for us, I always enjoy reading them.

      Thanks a ton for liking the review and for the feedback.

  • I think this was one of the best episode of this serial. Mateen sab acting was phenomenal. This episode deserves 5 stars.

  • Thank you for a great review. Love watching the episode and reading your take on it back to back.
    I felt for Rumi the most and the child star’s performance was amazing. Danish sent him to boarding and his expectations from the little boy were disappointing. Poor kid, feel for all children of broken homes.
    And Mateen sahab’s scenes were amazing. It was so sad when he passed away. He was the only friend Danish had and a voice of reason, a good advisor.
    Mehwish ans Shahwar scene was interesting. What did she expect. He doesn’t need to marry her.
    Looking forward to the next episode and your review.

    • You’re most welcome Asma, so glad you liked the review. Totally agree with your observations.

      I look forward to your feedback too. Keep reading and commenting.

  • I must admit that Humayuon has done a great job and the way he is showing how heart broken he is makes everyone cries and that’s what’s the best part of the drama In the emotional scenes he has done tremendous acting 👍👍

  • Hi Fatima, The Episode was a good leap, quite interesting and indirectly belongs to Mateen Sahib.
    You are right, Danish-Rumi bench interaction scene was too hard to handle, understanding that he is just 7 years old boy. But the decision of boarding school was Rumi’s choice and Danish wants to handle the situation maturely than emotionally because he does not want Rumi to feel that he has made wrong decision. Also, Danish knows that single parenting by father is very difficult. A meet without a tight hug would have been a flaw, but fortunately it happened at the end of the meet. But if I were there, i would be more sportive to build courage and hope in a boy who became depressed & unsocial because of his mother.
    My favorite scenes as usual were the interaction between Danish & Mateen Sahib. Danish usually tells his upside down life with hesitation and then Mateen Sahib shares his life experiences which were always the lessons learnt. However, this time when Mateen Sahib tell his first wife’s last telephone call & then dialogue to her second husband, water flown into my eyes. A wife can forgive her unfaithful husband on a dying bed is just to save him from the hell, but the wound was so deep & yet so alive in her heart that after so many years passed, she can not forgive him from heart. I will definitely miss Mateen Sahib. And I am looking forward to Danish’s journey ahead, as he has made his mind for a business through he knows nothing in that field. I liked his confidence and the dialogue that, “Kaam yes soch ke kiya ke kabhi nahi chalega, phir to kabhi bhi nahi chalega.” And finally an observation, the tea boy in hotels, though they have their own names, but they are mostly famous by the name, “Chotu.”

    • Hello Aamir, Lovely insights, so glad you are watching this one. Yes, Mateen sahib’s conversation was the highlight of this episode. Your observations about Rumi are interesting. Yes, we are all looking forward to that.

      Keep reading and commenting.

  • Another Great Review Fatima !! The Best Part of the episode was the one where Shehwar Said to Mehwish that ” Shaadi me Divorce hojati hai Muhabbat me nahi hoti ” What a Tight Slap to that women .He ll never marry such a woman because he knows that ultimately he needs to divorce once her wife will be back so he is just playing with her till then .And that woman really deserve a tight slap from behind .Wonderful Acting by Danish and Rumi .

    Looking forward to next episode when Rumi will refuse to meet Her Mother .

    • Thank you so much Rehan. Shahwar is a player! I am sure Mehwish is not the first woman he has brought to his house and is treating like a queen. Rumi was super.

      Me too, looking forward to that.

      Keep reading and commenting, appreciate your feedback.

  • Nice review Fatima. The scenario of Danish was believable, he has hatred in his mind and now wants to be rich as he knows that the money has taken away his wife from him. As mentioned in interviews, its sure that he will be rich and smart. For first time Mateen saab (every drama has this guy) was good but is gone now. He really tried to put some sense into Danish. I liked Hira Mani’s entry, what she was think about Danish and Rumi was correct, she is not aware of their past so she will have her opinion just looking at Rumi’s behavior and performance. The only unintentionally funny thing in this episode was the dialogue of Rumi, maa chali jaaye to maa nahi rehti…..common KRQ, a small kid wont say such dialogue, and also he cannot really stop having feelings for his mom so soon.

    One thing I want to say about Mehwish’s character and all this women being evil portrayal …etc this story and character and portrayal is nothing new, there are many such dramas and you have many such women shown, here its a big actress playing such a vamp kind of character that’s why so much hype, otherwise there is nothing to talk in that context.

    • Thank you Tiger. Appreciate your feedback. About Rumi, his anger is understandable but yes the dialogues were heavy duty for sure. He is probably only 7. Ayeza Khan has actually played such a character before too but the reason for the hype is the way this drama has been executed and how popular it is.

  • it seems to be inspired by a book called custody by manju kapoor and the indian soap yeh hai mohabbatein

    • This is the real story of RASIKH ISMAIL, Owner of the coveted Koel Café and also associated with the largest food group in Pakistan. He’s also a friend of Humayun Saeed and Khalil ur Rehman Qamar.

  • AOA @Fatima…..
    Thank you for your wonderful review.
    I agree with you that characters got matured in yesterdays episode but Humayun Saeed acting was not upto mark as i was unable to feel for him and in other words unable to connect to him.
    But Ahmed Sir as Mateen sb indeed stole in the show in last night episode but again Hira acting was again big let down for me….
    She is good actress but not so mature to perform this role specially dialogues delivery with emotions for the script written by Khalil Sb.
    Adnan Siddiqui was fabulous came in one scene and totally owned it.
    Mehwish expressions when Shahwar refused to get married says everything how she was feeling and what future has in store for her…
    Overall I am looking forward to next episode ……
    Arrnt you following DeewareShab its interesting play and also Khaas was great
    excluding finale episode.
    Yeh dil Mera is also interesting but i have left watching EhdeWafa its boring Wallah.
    Thank you for doing the great job…
    Keep it up

    • AoA Amir, you’re most welcome. Appreciate your feedback and so good to have you back. I am waiting to see how Hira Mani performs, didn’t really like Hania in this scene. Yes! Adnan Siddiqui owns it for sure, totally agree with you. Amir, I am watching DeS but I find myself forwarding a lot of scenes, it has slowed down.

      Thanks a ton Amir, you have always been so supportive, means a lot to me.

  • Episode was emotional one for me. Two scenes are highlight of the episode first was danish and roomi scene at boarding school and second is last scene of muteen sb with danish. These two scenes were emotional one and these scenes left me with teary eyes. I think so circumstances can change anyone. Halaat ny danish ko bhi badal dia hai and I did not find it strange now he wants to become a businessman Bcoz his wife left him for money of a businessman. For me this episode was as emotional as the last one. Danish roomi scene was really nice. When roomi came and said papa, it reminded me of my father who passed away few months ago. Mere mutabiq bachy maa baap ki strenght hoon yan na hoon maa baap hamesha bachon ki strenght hoty hein aur agar maa baap dono saath hoon tu strength utni hi zaida hoti hai.
    Danish expect much more roomi bcoz maybe he wanted him to be a strong person.
    Coming towards muteen sb, he just did am amazing job. His scenes were also treat to watch but his last scene was too good. Ahmed sb acted really well.
    Mehwish and shehwaar scene highlighted their 2 taakey ka ristha without marriage.She did not even bother to do addat.What can we expect from her. I am looking forward to coming episodes would see how hania’s character will shape up.

  • Salam FA! Lmba intezar phir MPTH or apka tajziya. Bohat mazay ki qist thi. Danish ki shakhsiat mn tabdeeli waazeh thi. Mateen ahmad ki kahani, or khas tor pe wo jumla k achi aurat ki wajah se dunia chalti hai, kafi pur asar thay. Or baat ye nhi k mard be wafa hai ya aurat baat be wafai ki hai wo mrd kre ya aurat bewafai to bewafai hoti hai.
    Do rukh dikha diye gye hn, k aurat ne bewafa ho skti hai or mateen ahmad ki soorat mn b btayya gya hai k mrd b bewafa ho skta hai.

    Kher achi qist thi…. Rumi or danish ka scene bohat pasand aya hai mujhy. “Maa jab chorr jaye to wo maa bhi nhi rehti”. Baat gehri h q k maa nhi chorti or jo chor jaaye…..
    Aalaa tajziya Fatima….!

    • Waelukum Asalam AH, ji bilkul acha hua writer ne tasweer ka dusra rukh bhi dikhaya ke ek mard jb bewafai krta hei tu wo kese suffer krta hei. Aur aurat ke liye bhi maaf krna asan nahi hota. Yeh buhat zaruri tha dikhana. Bilkul kya kamal dialogue thi, Rumi ke liye buhat bura laga aur yeh such hei jb divorce hoti hei tu kids are collateral damage.

      Buhat shukriya janab.

  • Another great review Fatima!
    For me this episode was the calm after the storm equally powerful, gripping & emotional.
    Mateen Sahib stole the show tonight. I couldn’t stop crying in his scene with Danish. The dialogues were just perfect between them. Mohammad Ahmad is a versatile actor.
    You’re right about the Danish/Rumi boarding scene. The first thing I noticed was his indifference towards Rumi when he runs towards his father. He should’ve smiled, hugged him first, asked how he was doing before loading all the burden on this poor boy. It was really hard to watch. Rumi is struggling to come to grips with his mother’s abandonment. I hope he refuses to meet his mother in the next episode but then Mehwish will turn around & accuse Danish of poisoning Rumi’s mind. All praises for Rumi- the way he’s handling his character.
    Humayun Saeed has outdone himself in this role. His coping mechanism post Mehwish, his thought process of becoming rich & still reeling from his wife’s betrayal are all different facets of his role which Humayun Saeed has done complete justice to & the audience can feel every single emotion. I was so touched when he was lying on his bed & tears were streaming from the corner of his eyes. He’s clearly still in love with his wife— poor soul. Phenomenal performance !!!!
    Stupid Mehwish is on cloud nine now but her fall will be devastating surely. I am having a little trouble showing their live-in relationship. It’s very unsettling to see her galavanting the world with Shahwar without any formal relation. But she’s morally corrupt to begin with & have no qualms about being just a partner. Her question of marriage after months of co-habitations was pretty jovial & the response was exactly what she deserved. She’s in for a surprise of her life when Shahwar’s wife enters the scene. Shahwar is Shahwar; just having a jolly good time without any formal ties. Not sure if he’s really in love with her or simply enjoying his acquired treasure trophy. Yet to be seen.
    Hira Mani is a great actress & I am looking forward to her character building up & interacting with Danish.
    This drama is in par with all the classics of the past; completely spell bounding.
    Can’t wait for the next episode😊

    • Thank you so much Gullo. Couldn’t agree with you more, really enjoyed reading your comment. You’re absolutely right about all the performances and this drama, it literally transports you to another world and makes you feel for all those who suffer. I also like how they have taken the Mehwish/Shahwar track forward, looking forward to seeing more of them too. Yes! Mehwish is beyond naive! She has no idea what she in for. Same here, waiting to see Rumi reject the mother who abandoned him, he clearly feels abandoned but you never know he might accept since he is a kid, let’s see.

      Gullo keep reading and commenting, interesting insights from you.

  • Mateen sab scene was so emotional I really cried on that scene but I notice some direction error…

  • Chalen isbaar exclusively mateeen saheb ka show raha he was the man of the drama. Very nice performace indeed mere khyal se ab MPTH samne tissue box rakh k dekhni parey gi aur phirr aap ke spot on reviews ka tarka alag fatimaji a really wonderful watch.

  • Thanks for share your review…
    Who’s the first wife of shehwar?
    Please mentioned her name…thanks

  • The meeting between Hania and Danish was concerning Roomi’s performance comparative to other students and I think in that perspective she had a point in questioning Danish’s decision enrolling him in boarding, also seeing the fact that she didn’t know about the divorce. Dialogues of Khalil sb are anecdotal and direction of Nadeem sb is flawless although there is a lot of room of improvement in Humayun’s and Ayeza’s acting, they seem emotionless in most scenes, just delivering the dialogues as if reading them. Acting should live up to the standards of a strong script. The kid is doing his part well. Hira Mani and Ahmed sb have been best performancers so far.

  • >