Alvida – Episode 18!

Ohkay so, it was an interesting episode of Alvida & I enjoyed watching it because the story is transitioning into another phase where Farissa & Rameez are going to form ties in order to get back at Haadi & Haya, which I am sure would not be anything short of a roller-coaster ride.

The whole plan of spending time with Haadi & Farissa was made by Rameez just so that he could rub it on Haadi’s face as to how happy he is with Haya. Rameez might not be a very intelligent person but when it comes to his wife, he has read her enough to know that she will not go against him because he has left quite an impression on her. Rameez has seen that no matter how easily he intimidates her, Haya always takes it with a smile on her face & doesn’t say much because he thinks she is embarrassed enough, that is why he seemed so confident about making Haya do things so that he could send a message loud & clear to Haadi as to how he was ruling his wife. For now, Rameez surely is underestimating the extent Haya can go to because he thinks she has nowhere to go & has no place to return to.

For a change, it was good to see Haadi’s mother not acting like a typical mother-in-law & blaming Farissa for the rift that she & Haadi have had. Even though she herself has seen the transition of Farissa from a polite girl to someone who doesn’t pay heed to anything & anyone, I liked the fact that Haadi’s mother was blaming her own son because she wants him to tackle the situation with maturity. Yes, she is unaware of what Farissa has done to infuriate Haadi but it was good to see her reminding her son about his responsibilities & teaching him to be patient to make things work.

When the episode began, I kind of had a hard time into believing that they were showing us the events of a single day because not only they changed their dresses but the flow between the scenes was missing too. Haadi saw & met Haya in person just when Haya came but his mother called him to mention that Haya & Rameez had come to meet him, more like she was informing him for the first time & not only that, he was in a pretty bad mood & he even let Haya know that too but the very next moment he was acting like nothing has happened & it was a new day for him. It was interesting to see Haya finding the truth on her own but as an outsider; she couldn’t do much as she didn’t have enough reasons to form an opinion about what was actually going on. Yes, she did understand that Haadi was in a bad shape but just because they both have vowed to not rely on each other, Haya couldn’t force him to tell her everything.

No matter what Rameez thinks, Haadi knows Haya a little too well that is the reason he immediately found out that something was odd about the way Haya was behaving. Haadi knows her & that is why he could not only feel but see that Rameez was trying to turn her into someone she’s not & she can never be. Even though Haadi wants Haya to settle down in her life but just because of Rameez, he isn’t ready to just easily let everything slide off his mind. He has sensed that something is definitely wrong which is why even though he wants to maintain a distance, he won’t sit quietly & watch Haya suffer. I actually found the whole scenario very convincing & it was done perfectly where all of them were trying to send out a message of some sort to one another. Rameez wanted to showcase how perfect of a husband he is & wanted to rub it on Haadi’s face that Rameez has Haadi’s Haya wrapped around his finger, whereas Haya was trying to show that everything was normal & she loves the way Rameez treats her. Haadi was trying hard to contain himself but he couldn’t & Farissa was just analysing the whole situation as she wanted something to use against Haadi.

The moment Rameez spoke to Farissa, he didn’t know that he will get a lot more information than he was looking for. Farissa loves to victimize herself & now after the way she has been insulted, she wants to make sure she gets back at Haadi & luckily, she has found a perfect pawn to use at a right time. She knows her way & that is why, the moment she sensed that Rameez had an idea about Haya’s feelings for Haadi, she took the opportunity to plant a seed in his mind that too very subtly. I think Zahid Ahmed was phenomenal in that scene especially where he went from being someone who was carrying a facade of a happy-go-lucky person to someone who thinks that he has found a true friend who can understand & relate to him. Rameez really thought he found a shoulder that he was looking for to rely on but he is too naive to know that Farissa wasn’t being sympathetic towards him & is just using him. Too bad that he can’t see that because he is so engrossed in his one-sided love & rage.

One thing that I found interesting was the way Farissa once again flipped. Until now we haven’t been able to understand whether Saim is sincere or not but in this episode, he really & genuinely seemed concerned for Farrisa & it looked like he really wants her to be with him but too bad, Farissa has found a new adventure that she was looking for because of which she is ready to leave Saim in the lurch once again. Now that Farissa knows that she has a backup plan & she now has Saim as an option to scurry to, she is ready to bring Haadi down because he has bruised her ego & she isn’t someone who’d quietly walk away. She wants to make sure she insults Haadi way more than he has insulted her & now when she has gotten a green signal from Rameez, she wants to kill two birds with one stone. Even though the whole situation is quite interesting, I really don’t want to see Farissa running things once again. I’d be happier to see how Haadi & Haya will tackle the situation. I was relieved to see Haadi once again giving Haya the edge she actually needs at this point of time, not in a sense that she has an option to go back to Haadi but just a peace in her mind that she can rescue herself from Rameez because he is not a normal person to be with.

Overall, it was a very interesting episode with some top-notch acting by all the actors but Zahid Ahmed deserves a special mention for portraying Rameez’s character to perfection. Sanam Jung also did a good job too as someone who has so much to say but is holding herself back as she is too scared of the consequences. Imran Abbas has been flawless as Haadi & Sara Khan has given a perfect face to the character of Farissa. I must say I had a giggle when in the opening scene; Rameez & Haya’s drive was a smooth sail & lasted only for 3 – 4 seconds because the way Hum TV dramatized it in preview for this episode was really a bad attempt into keeping all the viewers hooked. I find it very annoying that they tried to show that incident as something that will take the story forward whereas it wasn’t even a proper scene. Similar thing happened within this episode too where they showed that Rameez & Haya almost had an accident but nothing of that sort happened. I really don’t think they need to do all this to keep the viewers engaged, even in the middle of episode or even by the end of it, because those who’ve made it through the these 18 episodes are definitely going to continue to watch it right till the end. Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode & let us know what do you think about Farissa & Rameez’s partnership?

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