Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 16 & 17!

OMG! I really thought they will take the story forward by giving out a solution but looks like the writer here is on the loop because the story is going to go back to where it all started & they are in no mood to wrap this cheapness up.

I don’t understand one thing, when a girl gets divorced; she is already in enough pressure & depression, so how can they show that she has to fetch a witness with her for every divorce she gets? Like it is so insane that it’s a girl who is getting divorced & then amidst the havoc, it is she who has to arrange a witness so as to announce it to everyone that yes she has been divorced otherwise no one in her so-called ‘family’ will believe her? What sort of a twisted logic is that?

The way Akhtar jumped into the situation for Zoya made me believe that he was ready to stand by his daughter till the end but it was absolutely ridiculous seeing him having second thoughts about his daughter too? I have never seen anyone like that who instead of believing on their daughter would choose to believe on the strangers or outsiders? Akhtar himself saw on the TV that Adnan was hitting Zoya & then he witnessed the same thing at Adnan’s home too but still it took only one session with that mindless Moeez for Akhtar to change his mind? I expected better from a rational person like him & this makes me dislike Akhtar even more than Khalida because he was the voice of reason all this while but now when he couldn’t find enough ‘evidence’ he chose to ignore what Zoya was saying as well.

I hate the way Sanam is made a star of every situation where everything goes to her favour & she gets to reap the most benefit out of it? I really want to ask the so-called ‘writer’ here about the MOTIVE behind this script? Like what was he ‘trying’ to portray? If he’s ready to accept that he wanted to show a lot of cheapness just for the sake of ratings, then it’s ohkay, we can forgive him for this but if he was trying to give out a ‘message’ of some sort, then I think we have a right to know that too because we can teach him a thing or two about morality.

It is absolutely disgusting to see how instead of siding with the victim, everyone is siding with the culprit just because they happen to have a little bit of bigger brains than the mindless & unintelligent family of Khalida? I just wanted to whack Khalida when she said she doesn’t believe a word Zoya has been saying? Like isn’t she proud of the way she has brought her daughter up? If no, then she should blame herself & even her husband for not doing their jobs as parents properly as they now believe that Zoya can lie about such a big thing so easily. They keep on saying how they know their daughter in & out but just when Zoya needs their support, they end up blaming her for being wrong & for fabricating such a serious lie?

Ohkay, Junaid was one of the people from that day that saw what happened, so if they choose not to believe him, why don’t they contact others to find out the truth? Very easily, they dissed the testimony of Junaid just because they doubted him for having ulterior motives but he wasn’t the only person in that gathering who witnessed all of that so why did their brains stop working? It was absolutely abhorrent to hear Akhtar blame Junaid for the pain he has caused to Zoya & how he wanted to defame her whereas completely forgetting about the way Adnan abused & physically harmed her in front of the whole crowd & even in front of Akhtar himself? How stupid can a father be?

The preview of the next episode was just as disgusting because seems like now Akhtar has fallen in the category of brainless zombies like Khalida too where he thinks Zoya is just making an issue & she never got divorced in the first place. It was just plain annoying to hear Khalida praying for her daughter’s protection whereas on the other hand she chooses to show Zoya her back when she needs her mother’s support the most. Why are they making it so hard for Khalida’s family to accept that Zoya has gotten divorced & by doing that what are they trying to show? It is absolutely disgusting to see the similar pattern in this drama from last so many episodes where Adnan hits Zoya & divorces her, she cries & comes to her mother’s place, Sanam’s mother calls her to handle the situation & she swoops in with her negativity filled mind & changes everyone’s perspective & then Zoya is once again sent back to Adnan’s place to get further abused. I am so so so disappointed to see how the channel & the drama makers have literally extracted such cheapness from such a sensitive topic to attain ratings & profits. Please share your thoughts & voice out your frustration against this idiocy.

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Zahra Mirza.

ps: Does anyone know when does this drama end as I can’t deal with this negativity anymore.

Zahra Mirza

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