Alvida – Episode 11

This latest installment of Alvida had some interesting developments to its credit but there are still some things in every episode which make you question whether the most major developments in the future will be convincing enough or not. Until now the major twist in the story was Aroosa’s death and Haadi’s marriage with Farisa. Aroosa’s death was predictable but definitely something we could all relate to but Haadi’s marriage to Farisa was not the least bit convincing. Haya’s growing relationship with Ramiz is being covered in a very believable way; Ramiz has worked very hard to make his way into Haya’s life and Haya also took her time warming up to him but the fact that Haya is keeping her feelings for Haadi secret from Ramiz is unfortunately one thing I cannot seem to connect to at all. Ramiz and Haya are very close, Haya does not want Ramiz to get any wrong ideas so why not just tell him that she likes someone, she does not need to tell him who he is but she can tell him that she needs time to move on. If Haya and Ramiz get married without Haya ever telling him that she loved someone at some point then I will be very disappointed. There was definitely more of Haya and Ramiz in tonight’s episode then that of Haya and Haadi. Ramiz is not going to give up on Haya because it is quite apparent that he is fully convinced that she is the only girl who he would want to marry. Ramiz made is quite clear that he does not even care if Haya does not feel anything close to love for him as long as she does not have feelings for anyone else.

While it was a pleasant surprise to see Haadi dropping off Haya so that she could watch the movie with Ramiz and most importantly watching Haadi cover up for Haya when Farisa exaggerated the entire scenario in front of Haya’s Taya and Tayee, it was also plain to see that Haadi missed Haya in his life and he is not comfortable with Haya spending so much time with Ramiz. When Haadi entered the room and was nostalgic I thought he was thinking about Aroosa but when we were shown a flashback of his conversation with Haya it was like a subtle hint to show the viewers that Haadi was gradually moving on. I could not help wondering how much time had elapsed since Haadi got married to Farisa because Saim left a few days before the wedding but he is already back and can afford to pay a big bill for Farisa. Haadi and Farisa are growing apart with every passing day, while Haadi turns to Haya for solace Farisa relies heavily on shopping! I must say though that for someone who shops all the time Farisa surely does not have much to show for!

All our main leads seem to have grown in some way or the other. Haya has learned to deal with her feelings, Haadi is slowly realizing how important Haya is for him and Farisa is realizing that money cannot buy happiness, that realization does not stop her from shopping of course but her loneliness drove her back to where she started from – Saim! And like a friend in need Saim decided to show up because he is still in love with Farisa although when these two were together it seemed like Saim did not really respect Farisa but now somehow he has learned to “value” her. We know absolutely nothing about what happened with Saim all this time but one thing is for sure that he is back for good. It is definitely good to have Saim back in the picture because it makes the story more interesting.

Sanam Jung has been brilliant as Haya throughout the play till now, Imran Abbas definitely passes as the HS every girl would want to be with and we all love to hate Farisa which means that Sara Khan is doing her part really well. Zahid Ahmed has not given me any reason to complain either, I just wish we didn’t know what his character had in store for us. Some parts of the story have been quite predictable till now but except for a couple of episodes Alvida has been an entertaining show so far. It is nothing out of the ordinary but it definitely keeps giving you something to look forward to.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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