Alvida – Episode 13

I have absolutely no complaints with tonight’s episode. Everything was covered really well in this episode and I absolutely loved the way the characters are developing. Haadi definitely feels a lot more than just care and concern for Haya. He knows that Haya is that special someone who he will never be able to replace and letting her go isn’t easy for him at all. Haya has also picked up on how Haadi is feeling therefore she expects him to take a very active part in her wedding in every way possible. I felt like Haya was only asking Haadi to do the shopping and every other thing for her wedding because she wanted to push him to the point where he will feel the same way Haya felt when he got married. Haya does not even like Rameez in that way that is why she said to Haadi that in this marriage there would definitely be 50 percent love. That 50 percent of course will come from Rameez!

It was good to see Rameez talking to Haya about their skype conversation which Farisa took over and changed the whole course of the conversation. Rameez knows that Haya is not sure even now but he is willing to go ahead with the marriage because he is very desperate to have Haya in his life. The half-hearted approval does not bother Rameez. Rameez’s character is shaping up to be very interesting so far. He appears to be the sort of person who will never judge Haya. His reply to Farisa’s comment about Haya not calling Haadi bhai made it look like he did not have a jealous bone in his body. Haadi on the other hand is having a very difficult time giving the same kind of warm welcome to Rameez. Rameez’s interactions with Haadi came as a pleasant surprise and for once I felt like Rameez was that perfect man every girl would want to marry. Rameez puts Haadi’s choice first not only because he likes his choice but also because Haya gives so much importance to Haadi’s likes and dislikes. Rameez seemed like a perfect family man today who would try his best to be as close to his wife’s family as he can. Rameez’s family however was missing in action yet again but he seemed to make up for their absence. The weakest point in Rameez’s personality however seems to be his inferiority complex. He feels like he does not deserve Haya or perhaps that he is not good enough for her.

Farisa and Saim are getting closer with every passing day and Farisa seems to be turning to Saim for solace every time Haadi puts her down just the way Haadi turns to Haya. It looked like Farisa wanted her marriage to work out now that Haya was out of the way but she is not willing to try hard enough especially when just like Haadi she has a “friend” to turn to. It is most likely that this friendship will lead to something much more. Saim kept on reminding Farisa in a subtle manner how different her life would have been with him because he knew her so well.

I am glad that Saadi is back in the picture. He is still a baby which means that not more than six months have elapsed since Haadi and Farisa got married. The confusion regarding the timeline unfortunately remains a constant. The way Haya reacted when she entered her room made it look like she hadn’t been to that room for years although she was there when she came back to her house after finding out about Aroosa’s death. Haadi has been taking good care of Haya’s things but he did not feel the need to tell Haya that. Rameez might be impressed by Haadi but Haadi does not think very highly of him at all probably because he thinks he is not good enough for Haya.

Haya’s scenes with her tayee were one of the best part of tonight’s episode. It was good to see both of them bond and it looked like this was where Haya belonged. I must say that the conversations in tonight’s episode gave a clear insight into what is actually going on in the minds of the characters. When I was done watching this episode there was absolutely no ambiguity as to where each character stood. All of these characters have come a long way since the first episode and they are still growing. For the first time tonight Rameez and Haya looked good as a couple and Sanam Jung was glowing in the mayon scene. The chemistry between all the actors coupled with some very convincing performances made this episode extra special and I really like the way the story is being taken forward. I hope that it stays this way.

The preview of the next episode looked promising therefore I am definitely looking forward to what Alvida has in store for us.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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