Karb – Episode 1

This Monday we got to see the much publicised first episode of Hum Tv’s new drama; KARB starring Adnan Siddiqui and Armeena Khan in lead roles. The drama seemed more of an eye candy than any serious stuff, which is actually ok. You need dramas like this to put your feet up and relax with. I’m a little disappointed with the cast, Adnan Siddiqui is a wonderful actor but looks a bit old for this character especially because Armeena looks and behaves a little more immaturely than she usually does in this play :)

Mostly we are just introduced to characters and shown two different households with very different set of values and rules. Hamza (Adnan) is a very mature and grounded man, determined to help out his family from the financial crisis they are in. Hania (Armeena) on the other hand doesn’t have any such problem. They seem very well to do and every single person refers to themselves as *hum*. I didn’t know people still speak like that. Her dad seems to have nothing much to do except looking after the well being of his wife and daughter and preparing them fresh drinks in the morning. Another eye opener that men like him still exist :)

A fresh breath was the way Saba Faisal was so easy on her daughter in law too; doesn’t mind her watching TV rather than cooking. A very different scenario from typical dramas. So glad about it.

Hania’s friend Noor ul Ain is Hamza’s younger sister and the exact opposite of Hania. While we saw Hania everywhere like on the trees, in the park, on the roof, at her friend’s terrace, Ainaa is found either in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house cleaning :)

In spit of all these differences, Hania is very much infatuated with Hamza who is least bothered about this fact. He wants a mature, sensible, caring and homemaking woman, none of which can be said about Hania so we can duly predict the trouble that is coming both their ways as the play will unfold.

Hamza’s sister Alia is shown to be a very domestic and loyal wife to her currently jobless husband Afaq. I don’t know if it’s just me or not but Alia and Afaq look quite aged for their roles too. Maybe they have been married for fifteen or so years and did not have a child. If we get to see that sometime, then I’ll understand but right now I gather they are just shown a few years into marriage.

Looking forward to Armeena’s tactics to get the proud owner of Tiger to notice her. It’s going to be a fun drama, interesting in the way of just enjoying rather than any real theories coming out of it.

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