Maryam – Episode 6

This episode of Maryam was sad, interesting but predictable. What I feared about Ibrahim Shah became true and he left this world without telling Aman all that he had realised about Firdous Begum.

Amman’s sadness was very well played by Faisal Qureshi. Here is a man who has lost his one and only real parent and that too so suddenly. On top of all that, his stepmother starts accusing Maryam right on the funeral day and asks Aman to throw her out of the house which ofcourse he doesn’t do. Amman’s aggression towards Sheraz was also very natural. Sheraz was crossing his limits and Aman knows how to protect his wife from ill treatment.
Firdous Begum is so versatile that on one hand she is a today’s woman with an insight into business and style and yet she is the typical age old model of a mother in law who can go to any extent to trouble her bahu; calling her manhoos and playing the victim in front of her son. Speaking of which, she is so harsh and manipulative even towards her real son’s wife.

The lawyer and property scene was so predictable and been played so much before in so many movies that it made no impression at all. Thankfully they didn’t make more of a drama out of it in the drawing room as seen so many times before. The will obviously is false and everybody knows it but their best bet is Aman’s decency which he proved again by accepting the will despite Maryam’s objections. Their relationship is portrayed very well, with Aman being so polite and patient that Maryam doesn’t argue much with him, despite being very verbal about the unfairness of it all. That’s precisely why she doesn’t want her father to interfere after sharing her concerns with him. I’m not a very big Mawra Hocane’s fan but she is looking genuinely pretty in this play and acting out the part of Maryam very well.
The stand off between Aman and Behram wasn’t really meaningful at the moment but I think it’s paving a way to show the extent of jealousy Behram keeps in his heart, with which he will bring about the turning point in Aman’s life and his marriage. I’m curious wether Maryam’s in laws will also have a part in it or not.

The angle which I’m not the least interested in at all is Salman’s interest in Noor and after seeing Salman’s mom, I wonder why would Maryam want her sister to be involved in such a family. She is certainly not shown to be as cunning as to plan their union to get Salman on her side rather than his mom. No that’s not Maryam. So I wonder why. Maybe we’ll have an answer in the upcoming episodes as to the part Salman’s infatuation will play.

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