Alvida – Episode 16

This episode had a lot of interesting developments to its credit. For a change I am enjoying the twisted characters who are anything but perfect. It is the weaknesses in their characters that have put them in the place they are right now. Haya made a very wrong decision by getting married to someone she did not ever consider more than just a friend thinking that it would make Haadi confess his love for her. Everything that Haadi read in Haya’s diary in the last episode went to show that Haya wanted Haadi to stop this marriage and confess that he could not see her with anyone else but that did not happen and now Haya is married to a man who wants her to be all his although he knows only too well that she never loved him in the first place.

Rameez made just as big a mistake as Haya by getting married to someone who he knew loved someone else but expected her to fall in love with him once they got married. Rameez’s already twisted mind became even more so when he saw Haya and Haadi together. Which was quite normal of course but taking the pictures and “confronting” Haya in the most unusual manner is anything but “normal”! Apparently in Rameez’s head there are “two” Haya’s now, one who loves Haadi and one who loves Rameez, I found that bit really funny! I couldn’t help but wonder how Rameez found out about the note Haya sent in Haadi’s lunch box when she made his lunch since he was insisting that he wanted such a note in his lunch box too. Rameez is all set to make Haya’s life hell and Haya is still waiting for Haadi to come rescue her. The method Haya resorted to in order to ask for help seemed like a desperate attempt which wasn’t likely to bear any results. I can think of much better ways of asking for help like banging on the door for instance! It was good to see Haya playing along with Rameez while he was there, she knew that anything else would have put her life in danger.

Haadi’s attempt to patch things up with Farisa was definitely not my favorite part of the episode. It would have been much better if we saw the bonding between father and son alone and he did not attempt to go back to Farisa because that made it look like he just wanted a woman in his life it didn’t matter who she was. Haadi spending time with Saadi had to be the best part of this episode because it showed that Haadi finally has moved on. Saadi was still 6 months or so old in this episode which was a disappointment and I hope that he grows a little by the time the drama ends. We saw Saim asking Farisa for her time and attention. He wasn’t happy with Haadi moving back in the room unlike before when we saw Saim not reacting much to what Farisa had to say about her life or Haadi. Farisa wants Haadi’s money and she wants to live in his house but she does not want to have a relationship with him and she obviously does not want anything to do with his son.

Tayee’s concern for Haya and the way she knew exactly what was going on in Haya’s mind went to show that she really thought of Haya as her daughter. It was good to see her making that phone call because it would have been very unbelievable if no one got in touch with Haya. I am glad that we finally got to see Mahmood Aslam in this episode.

I must say that Zahid Ahmed was the star of the show today; he completely nailed his character. One thing is for sure that these two marriages are not meant to last, it remains to be seen how they come to an end. I am waiting to see how Haya manages to find her way out of this tricky situation and I am quite sure that we will see the story moving forward soon because until now the drama has maintained a very steady pace. I must appreciate Shehzad Kashmiri’s direction once again which definitely makes the drama more engaging. The scenes are always short and I love the camera work.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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