Maryam – Episode 9

This episode of Maryam was packed with some powerful performances but the story seems to have frozen. Even the clothes Mawra is wearing are the same throughout the whole episode. We can see she has become poor but surely she must have brought her stuff on leaving Amman’s house. Well atleast she is not shown wearing full makeup and extravagant hairstyles, even though a little bit more color in clothes would look nicer.

Amman is slowly coming to terms with his loss and approaching the market for smaller contracts. When people still believe him to be the high-end businessman he once was, his approach to reality is quite graceful. Maryam’s father and sister have sent her some help and luxuries about which Maryam very tactfully dissolved Amman’s anger. She handled the situation really sensibly, whereas most girls get stuck between well meaning parents and a poor spouse who only wants his own feet to stand upon. I really liked this part. It was a beautiful message that while a woman should help and support her husband when he is down, he should be doing every possible effort to take her out of this crisis and meanwhile if the wife’s parents want to provide her daughter with some facilities, it shouldn’t be a point of conflict. She is still their daughter& every parent wants the very best for their daughter. Maryam’s father was brilliant in his short scene but I really dont understand Noor, her high and mighty attitude is starting to get on my nerves. Even if she is doing everything out of love for her sister, there is no need to be a vamp about it. God help Salman if he gets a wife like her, on top of the mother he already has !!!
Salman has gone back to Amman and Amman has dropped him right back. There was too much dramatisation in all those scenes, especially the running after car. Salman if you can go to Amman’s place in the middle of night yourself, you can go there any day…no need to shout and run hanging onto the car like that in the middle of the road :) But he sure has created something for Firdous Begum to worry about. Her two sons have no respect or brotherly bonding at all and after all she has done and stole for them, their differences are going to spoil her plans.
One woman who is competing and actually leaving behind Noor in being irritating is Anoushey. I am all sympathy for her but why can’t she make any converstaion without crying hysterically. She seems to be more in need of depression treatment than fertility one in my opinion. The way Sheraz threathens to hit her everytime she opens her mouth is equally disgusting !! A very sorry couple, I must say.
So all we know till now that Firdous Begum has snatched the business and property from her stepson Amman with the help of her own son Sheraz and her other son, Salman is totally against it. Amman and Maryam are trying to adjust themselves from riches to rags but the love and respect they share is still going strong.. What happens next is being awaited…


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