Alvida – Episode 5

Tonight Haadi and Aroosa’s track was definitely more pleasent than whatever transpired in Haya’s life especially the part that involved Faiez. After watching Chup Raho anything close to a husband cheating on his wife like this and that too with someone who is so close to her is very repulsive. Faiez reminded me of Numair when all I want to do is to forget Chup Raho and all the characters in it! The way the track was handled gave the viewers more of an insight into Haya’s character but the ugly turn it took was not pleasant to see at all. Haya was naive enough to think that she could continue living in someone’s house for an indefinite period of time. Kaukab might be her childhood friend but only someone who is incapable of thinking ahead would think that they can start a whole new life living in someone’s house. Haya’s reaction when she heard that Haadi and Aroosa had gone on a honeymoon went to show that she could not bear to even hear that these two were happy together which is why going back to that house was not an option. I was surprised when Haya told Kaukab where exactly Haadi and Aroosa had gone for the honeymoon because she hung up before her Taya could give her the details about where they had gone. Was she assuming things since she knew that they had gone to Europe? I have no idea!

The timeline was confusing all through tonight’s episode; when Haya talked to her Taya it seemed like she had been living with her friend for quite some time but when we saw Farisa and Saim’s scene in the library it looked like the next day. Later on when she talked to her Taya again after Faiez accused her of hitting on him I couldn’t help but wonder how much time had elapsed since Aroosa was expecting by then. Haya’s feelings for Haadi were portrayed really well and any confusion regarding Haadi’s feelings for Haya were cleared as well in tonight’s episode. Haadi was clearly worried for Haya in the last episode, now that he knows that she is fine, he is happy with Aroosa. I was expecting Haadi to go after Haya but he did not feel the need to do that. Haya’s Tayee also does not want Haya to come back because she knows what turn things will take if Haya is back in the house. Taya’s concern for Haya was heart-warming. It was good to see that Haya has one person in her life who truly cares for her.

Haadi and Aroosa’s perfect life together and their conversations made it look like their time together was limited. Aroosa’s high blood pressure might cause a serious risk to her and the baby and that is when Aroosa will probably make an exit from this drama and Haya and Haadi’s track will start. Although the Faiez and Haya track was covered very convincingly but even then it left a bad taste in my mouth. It would have been far better if Haya did not trust Faiez in the first place and left the house. Haya decided to stay on even after everything that happened, which just did not quite go in line with Haya’s personality. She is impulsive and emotional and people like her do not think too much before walking out of a situation like this. After hearing that Haadi and Aroosa were going to be parents soon, she obviously did not want to go back home but checking in a hotel until she made up her mind about what she wanted to do next would have been far more logical.

Some conversations in this episodes worked for me while others did not work at all. I think Faiez’s plotting and planning should not have been given so much screen time, Haya should have walked out when he came to her room. I have definitely warmed up to Haadi and Aroosa. Naveen Waqar acted really well in tonight’s episode and she really was glowing! No one plays the die-hard romantic better than Imran Abbas, so no complaints there. Danish Nawaz was very convincing as Faiez and Sanam Jung was absolutely brilliant yet again. Sanam Jung has nailed her character; her body language and dialogue delivery is picture perfect. Mehmood Aslam has done complete justice to his role and his character is very likeable too. I am sure he will have a very important role to play in the future too. The preview of the next episode showed that something big is going to happen in Haadi and Aroosa’s life. I am guessing that Aroosa’s character will die very soon.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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