Khuda Dekh Raha Hai – Episode 04!

Hmmm, it was an interesting episode but was kind of slow because the story didn’t really move forward much. This episode pretty much revolved around Adnan, Junaid & Zoya but I must say I really like the feel & execution of this drama, it’s simple, to-the-point & pretty decent & that makes it an interesting watch.

So, Sanam’s brother Adnan is a perfect example of ‘bigra hua ameer larka’. As much as his indecency didn’t shock me, what did was the way his family seemed normal & showed acceptance towards everything he does. He drinks but his mother wasn’t bothered about it & in fact just told him to get rid of the reek of the spirit. Like I sussed before, Sanam has already called her dibs on Zoya for Adnan & it’s not only Sanam who thinks Zoya is perfect for her brother, Sanam’s father has his own ulterior motives behind getting Adnan married to Zoya & his mother has her own. It was absolutely appalling to see how they already took Zoya as a nobody & thought that she would just be satisfied with just a tag of being Adnan’s wife whereas they themselves know that he is only capable of ruining anyone’s life because he’s on his way of self-destruction, so the person who himself doesn’t have a direction & leads a purposeless life, how would he be able to handle a responsibility of a life partner?

Junaid on the other hand is doing everything he can just so that he can capacitate himself of getting married to Zoya because she is all that matters to him. I actually really like the understanding both Junaid & Zoya have. He understands that she has some boundaries set by her mother & she is bound to abide by them & he doesn’t seem to have an issue with it whereas Zoya also believes in giving him a lot chances that he needs because she understands that what she has demanded from him is not going to be easy for him especially & because of this, I really like their relation & the respect they both have for each other. Just when Faseeh tried to instil a doubt in Junaid’s mind about Zoya & he decided to question her, she made sure to clarify it all because she knows where she stands & her rationality & logical reasoning behind everything makes me like her even more.

Junaid’s struggle seems very real & relatable. He knows that it won’t be easy for him to change his lifestyle overnight because he has done pretty well for himself in such a short span of time due to his music career but the way he is keen on bringing the change in his life really shows that he loves Zoya a lot. Obviously, Faseeh is only concerned about Junaid & that is why he only thinks through one-sided perspective but he can’t seem to grasp the fact that for Junaid nothing else matters anymore. For now, Junaid might think that this is what he wants but the main question is, will he stay determined & focus even after he will get married to Zoya because being an artist, he doesn’t seem to have a calibre fit for a 9-5 job but then luckily the job offer he got is somehow related to his field so I am guessing it won’t be a problem for Junaid in the long run.

Even though Sanam hasn’t gotten married to Moeez yet, I can see how she will try to rule his family through him because for Moeez no one else matters as much as Sanam does, so he will always follow her lead & would do anything that would please his fiancée/wife & for this I believe, he will also join hands with Sanam & force Zoya to get married to Adnan because firstly, he didn’t feel anything odd in the way Adnan behaved & secondly, he would never go against Sanam’s wishes.

So, this is it from my side & I must say I can’t get over the fact that Sajjal Ali looks so cute & youthful & I also like how casual & effortless Agha Ali has been acting in this drama, it looks like he is totally into his character or may be his comfort zone because of which he is presenting the character of Junaid with so much ease, which is good to see because in most of the dramas he seems very stiff & reserved. Anyways, the preview of the next episode seemed interesting too & I am really eager to see how the story of all the tracks will unfold. Share your say about this episode of Khuda Dekh Raha Hai please. :)

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