App Ke Liye Episode 23 Review – End It Pleaseee!

Ohkay so, looks like things are about to wrap up & that gives me joy thinking that this drama is coming to an end soon hopefully. I think it’s high time they should end it because they have almost covered the entire story & if there’s something left, it is Washma & Shaheer’s reconciliation.

So, Shaheer already knew everything that Nishat & Imdad were upto, but being a thorough gentleman & someone who didn’t want to put his sister & brother in law down, he stayed quiet, thinking that may be some day they themselves will realize that they were wrong, but it just didn’t happen. It was actually a relief to know that Shaheer knew that everything Washma was saying was true & she wasn’t fabricating a lie against Imdad. Shaheer finally spoke the truth but still didn’t say as much as he should have because he still respects Nishat enough & may be he still believes that it is Imdad who is wrong but Nishat has never wished ill upon Shaheer. I am sure Shaheer’s trust will shatter once again when he will find out that it was because of Nishaat that his wife Abeera left him!

I liked the fact that Washma took a stand against Shaheer, it was like she had some self-respect & knew that she wasn’t going to die without him, so she stopped her family from intervening in her personal matter, because it would’ve made her look weak & it would’ve turned her into a bechari who couldn’t fight her own battles. Washma knew that Shaheer was wrong, that is why she stayed firm on the decision & didn’t even think about going back as she wasn’t wrong in the first place & she was only trying to help her husband!

Areesha’s intervention came as a pleasant surprise, it looks like she has finally understood that Nishat wasn’t such a well-wisher as she posed to be & she never wanted Shaheer to have a life partner because that way his wife had become entitled to his wealth, that is why Areesha understood Nishat’s wrongdoings & decided to take matters in her hands. I liked how Areesha decided to speak to Shaheer in order to make him realize that sending Washma away was a wrong decision on his part, also Areesha spoke to Washma in order to tell her the truth about what Nishat has done in the past as she was doing it again but this time with Washma.

Looks like Nishat will soon be left alone because Imdad will show her, her right place. Imdad knows that if Nishat can deceive her brother, who trusts her blindly, then she can deceive anyone, that is why Imdad rubbed the reality on her face & chose to ignore her demand of apologizing to Shaheer. Imdad knows that Nishat cares about money, may be more than maintaining a healthy relationship with Shaheer & she still wants to enjoy a chunk of his wealth, which she may not get if Shaheer’d disown Imdad. I am sure it will be Imdad who will tell on Nishat because he knows he has already been exposed so he has nothing to lose, but the one who will get affected by it the most will be his wife Nishat!

Overall, this episode was decent or may be I felt this way because the precap suggested it might end soon if not next week. Let’s see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aap Ke Liye!

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