Moray Saiyaan Episode 03 Review – So Far So Good!

Ohkay so, this episode of Moray Saiyaan was interesting too. I like watching this drama because it qualifies as a lighthearted entertainment. The cast is appeasing to look at & the locations are breath-taking. At this stage, the drama is not too dense nor the situations are too serious, so for me, Moray Saiyaan is the sort of a drama that I can sit back, relax & enjoy watching.

This episode mainly covered the budding relationship between Ghaziyan & Zubaria. Ghaziyan has his sights on her & he is not ashamed to admit that, however Zubaria has other priorities in mind. The most important thing for Zubaria right now is to get educated & also to not do anything that would compromise on the trust her father has on her. Zubaria knows that it has taken her family a lot to allow her to pursue her education while living alone in a hostel, so she most certainly can not afford to divert her attention on something else.

Ghaziyan got a chance to spend more time with Zubaria but what I liked the most about the entire thing was that like a true gentleman, Ghaziyan introduced himself to Zubaria’s family. Zubaria knew that her sister in law Afshan might create some issues but she also had an idea that her father & brother won’t mind because Ghaziyan wasn’t a complete stranger as he was Gul Zeb’s nephew.

Zakia is someone who has harbored a lot of grudges in her heart over the years & during one of her conversations, it felt like she also blames her brother Waris for her failed marriage. What I deduced from that conversation was that may be Kabeer was already married or may be he had a son but he chose not to tell to his friend Waris & wife Zakia, that is why Zakia couldn’t forgive her husband because she is the sort of a person who finds it hard to let go. Also, as much as we have been introduced to Zakia’s character, she can easily malign her heart but she can not forget things easily, that is why she still is not on talking terms with Gul Zeb & doesn’t fancy the idea of curbing the differences in order to reconcile with her sister or her husband. I am sure if Zakia will make an effort, Gul Zeb will walk an extra mile for her but Zakia is most certainly not in a mood to do that & now with what Ghaziyan is upto, Zakia has all the more reasons to blame Gul Zeb for her misery!

So, Ghaziyan has proposed marriage to Zubariya. As much as I like watching Ghaziyan & Zubaria together & as much as I like seeing them as a couple, I find Ghaziyan a little too impulsive & immature because in the first episode & also in the precap of the next episode, things were made clear that he was actually & officially engaged to Nimra, so now that he has spotted Zubaria, he has forgotten all about the promises he made to Nimra & may be he has also forgotten about his love for her & that slightly puts him in a bad light because if he had been a man of his word, he would’ve never done that. Also, I am sure as much as Zubaria doesn’t appreciate the attention she gets from Ghaziyan, she won’t be thrilled with the idea of being the reason behind Nimra & Ghaziyan’s break up. But then again, a love story is never complete with some twists & turns, so this is what is going to happen but even though I have said it before, I will say that again, I’d hate to see the sweetest girl like Nimra go through a heart break because of Ghaziyan’s immaturity & sudden realization about his love for Zubaria.

Overall, this episode was a treat to watch too. I love love love the locations they have chosen, it just lightens up the mood. I also enjoy the conversations Ghaziyan has with Zubaria, where he is always teasing her & she has the best comebacks to silence him up. The precap of the next episode suggested a lot of drama, I am sure Zakia won’t be happy with the news of Ghaziyan not wanting to get married to Nimra. Poor Nimra will suffer & Zakia will easily put a blame on Gul Zeb for transpiring everything because Zakia is someone who doesn’t think rationally & loves putting a blame on others that too with so much of conviction. I will thank the director for keeping things to the point & visually appeasing. Definitely looking forward to what team Moray Saiyaan has in store for us. Please share your thoughts about this very sweet episode of Moray Saiyaan.

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