Aseer Zadi Episode 13 – The Ultimate ‘Twist’

Surprisingly, I never get a chance to get bored while watching this show. Each scene contains a new twist that keeps me hooked. The prediction of Maira breaking the old tradition that has been running in the family for generations came true in this episode.

The episode progressed at a steady pace; we saw Maira and Shahab enjoying their last few hours together. After his outburst, Shahab tried to make it up to Maira by taking her to the café, and we saw a very playful interaction between them. All was good, till Bilal suddenly appeared out of nowhere and shocked Maira. She has still not forgotten what a huge mess his simple phone call had created, and now he was standing right in front of her and she did not know how to deal with this situation.

She was extremely uncomfortable and tried to keep the conversation to a minimum. She got even more scared when Shahab came and teased Bilal ‘Tum Meri Biwi Ka Peecha Ker Rahe Ho’. For a minute there, I thought Shahab will get furious, but fortunately, Shahab is a person who learns from his mistake and does not believe in repeating them. He casually teased him and dismissed the issue. Thank God!

Shahab’s good mood only lasted for a while, and then he was back to his brooding. He was dreading his impending marriage to Fatima, and my heart went out for Maira when he cruelly made her aware of what is going to happen next. He even smashed the tiny hope inside her that they might still be able to meet secretly.

Peer Jalal’s character may have a lot of flaws, but I simply love his personality. He has this certain aura, charisma that I am in complete awe of. The way he calmly responded to the demand made by Sikander through Badi Sarkar was pretty impressive. If this man has learned something in his life, then it is self-control. He dealt with Sikander in a very clear-cut manner. His warning was given in a very normal tone, but everybody could feel the underlying threat in the warning. Peer Jalal has been ignoring Sikander and his demands for quite some time now, but finally decided to speak up to bring him to his senses. This scene made me want to clap for both the actors for their outstanding performances.

Sikander’s attitude with Badi Sarkar might be stern and authoritative, but when it comes to Peer Jalal his whole attitude changes. The lion suddenly becomes a mere cat in the presence of Peer Jalal. The scene where he is taunting Badi Sarkar for Shahab’s absence and the sudden change in him when Peer Jalal comes made me laugh out loud! Sikander is a two faced man who is using his own sister for his personal gain. Badi Sarkar might not be able to understand that she is being used, but Peer Jalal is wise enough to understand Sikander’s every motive.

The main twist was in the latter part of the episode. Just when it felt like the fate has been sealed, a ray of hope emerged. When Shahab rushed Maira to the hospital, he was not expecting his whole life to take a 360 turn. He was on top of the world when the doctor announced that Maira was expecting; it was like the rest of the world did not exist for him. But he was brought back to reality by Badi Sarkar’s phone call.

I was expecting a better reaction from Maira when Shahab announced the news to her. Ainie Jafferi was completely expressionless in this scene. I was expecting her to be either shocked, surprised or show disbelief, but all we got was an expressionless face. Her expression or the lack of it ruined the scene for me!

I would like to make a special mention of Amna Bibi for this episode. She was bang on in all her scenes! Her senseless rants are truly very entertaining. The way she answered back to Fatima and Badi Sarkar was definitely worth an applause!

So, now the question is what will happen next? Will Shahab marry Fatima now? And why is he so adamant on hiding this news? I am really curious to know what will happen next!

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Mariam Shafiq


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