Aseer Zadi Episode 17 & 18 – The Shocking Changes!

One thing that I have always loved about this show is its pace. I look forward to this show week after week as it is always full of surprises. One can never really expect what will happen next in this show.

The transition that Badi Sarkar went through was nicely shown, and Sania Saeed was superb in every scene. It had shattered her to know that she was never the true Badi Sarkar of the haveli and the Karamats were just a façade to hide the reality from the world and maintain the prestige of the family. What had shocked her even more was to realize the true faces of people she had trusted the most. Her brother, whom she had trusted blindly, was just using her to get the seat in the National Assembly from her husband. Her sister-in-law also pointed fingers at her current status in the haveli, and last but not the least, she also got to know that Fatima whom she had always treated like her daughter, was a devil in disguise. Badi Sarkar had finally gotten to know that lying was her natural talent, and she had fooled her not once but many times in the past too. The scene where she looks herself in the mirror and sees herself as a normal woman for the first time, and not the haughty and egoistic Badi Sarkar was beautifully directed and enacted. Even the background music’s lyrics depicted Badi Sarkar’s feelings at that moment.

Salman Shahid has played Peer Jalal’s role to perfection. One could really feel how helpless Peer Jalal felt about the whole situation which had gotten out of his hands now. People like Sikander who cowered before him had now gained courage to blackmail him, and his whole family’s prestige was at stake if the news of Maira’s pregnancy got out. I had not expected Peer Jalal to come up with such disgusting sort of solution. If Badi Sarkar had accused Maira of something like this then it would have been understandable, but I had never thought that Peer Jalal would put such blame on her. He was the one who gave the guarantee of Maira’s character to Shahab, and now he used his words against her.

Shahab had always trusted his father blindly. When he told him that Maira was innocent, he believed him and now when he put this accusation on her, he again believed him without a second thought. Shahab really needs to start relying on his own gut feeling instead of believing everything that others say. One flaw in his character is that he easily gets manipulated by everyone. He even believed Fatima when she told him that Badi Sarkar had left the house because Maira insulted her. Doesn’t he know his own mother? She would never leave haveli for such a petty issue!

Finally, we saw Shahab giving some time to Yasmeen too and of course, Maira did not like this. They both were upset with each other; Shahab was upset because he thought Maira was the reason Badi Sarkar left and Maira was angry because she did not want Yasmeen to come between them. Maira decided to take the initiative, and end the quarrel between them when she saw that Yasmeen might take advantage of this situation. Shahab was really happy when Maira told him that she was ready to apologize to Badi Sarkar. However, his happiness was short-lived because Peer Jalal put the blame on Maira shortly after that.

Badi Sarkar returned to the haveli not because she wanted to, but to prove her brother and sister-in-law that she still had the same status in the haveli. She was not too happy to come back though. She is now even more upset with Peer Jalal because of the accusation he had put on Maira to ‘deal’ with the situation. It is really hard to believe but Badi Sarkar truly has changed!

Another person who shocked me in these episodes was Naseemi. I have always loved her character since the beginning, and I did not know that her character would turn out be grey-shaded. The lust for power has turned her completely into a different person and she has already started to dream of taking Badi Sarkar’s place. Something is brewing up in her mind and she is brainwashing Yasmeen’s mind too. Amna seems more sensible to me than Naseemi now.

Shahab has now left Maira at her house without giving her any explanation. She is confused and upset and has no clue about the accusations that have been put on her. I am really looking forward to see who will help Maira this time. I have a strong feeling that Badi Sarkar might help her this time. *fingers crossed*

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Mariam Shafiq


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