Aseer Zadi Episode 22 – Review

This show has always been fast paced. but now it is clearly dragging. On one hand, we are getting to see the changes in various people in the haveli and their true faces re being revealed one by one, and on the other hand, the scenes are getting pretty repetitive. It is ironic to see that the two characters I admired in this serial; Peer Jalal and Naseemi have finally shown their true face. I liked Peer Jalal for the aura he emitted even though he was heavily flawed, but I pitied him because of the treatment he got from Badi Sarkar. I liked Naseemi because I thought she was one genuine person in the haveli, but she also turned out to be greedy and selfish. I sympathized with both these characters, but no more!

This show has truly served its purpose; its main theme was to portray how wrong the Peer-Mureedi concept can be if you follow it blindly without questioning anything. Believe it or not but there are still people who follow such customs blindly even in this modern age. I loved the lesson they had shown in the serial.

Finally, Shahab is convinced of Maira’s innocence and has a huge burden on his conscience now. He goes to her only to return disappointed after hearing what she truly wants. He does not have the courage to even convince her anymore because he knows he does not have the right. He did not trust her, and now she has every right to be angry at him. He was even ready to give her what she wanted till Amna Bibi came and made him come back to his senses.

His decision to give divorce to Maira might be sad news for a few, but it is also good news for some other people in the haveli. Yasmeen was happy to hear that Shahab was leaving Maira, and started playing her own games. Naseemi is the one brainwashing her and putting new plans in her mind. Yasmeen was trying to get Shahab back but then she realized that it was of no use since Shahab will eventually marry Fatima even if he divorces Maira. For the first time, Shahab showed Fatima her real place and stood up for Yasmeen. It was a brilliant scene, and the look on both Yasmeen and Fatima’s faces was worth watching!

Badi Sarkar truly regrets all her deeds and surprisingly, the one person who forgave her with all her heart for her misdeeds is Amna Bibi. Amna showed by her behavior that she has accepted her unspoken apology and had seen the guilt in her eyes. Shahab; however, has still not been able to forgive Badi Sarkar completely. He will eventually when he will notice the drastic change in her. She has finally started to act like a mother who truly cares for her son. She even went to Maira to convince her to come home with her, she wants her to come back not only for Shahab, but also to prove that all the Karamats were just plain lies.

One of the best scenes of the episode was when Badi Sarkar finally showed Fatima her true place! Fatima and Sikander both are under the misconception that now when Maira is out of the way; Fatima once again has the chance to become the Badi Sarkar. But now Badi Sarkar knows that she had trusted the wrong people and all the family members of her brother are corrupted just like him. She had heard all the tapes that Fatima had recorded and now she does not even want Fatima to even be around Shahab or the haveli, and she simply showed Fatima the door.

It is clear that Maira still loves Shahab, and now it is just her anger and ego speaking. When she heard that Shahab came to her house, she could not help but run after him. Her mother knows what is in her heart and pointed out that it was obvious that she still care about him otherwise she would have not run after him like that.

Will Maira go back to the haveli now that Badi Sarkar has come to take her back? Will she keep her anger aside and forgive Shahab will all her heart?

Keep watching to find out!

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Mariam Shafiq


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