Aseer Zadi Episode 23 and 24 – An Unexpected Ending!

This show has taken the viewers on a roller coaster ride since its first episode. The best part about this show is that there were rarely any dull moments as the show was pretty fast paced. The last 3 to 4 episodes were a bit slow, but I still enjoyed all the episodes a lot. I must admit, I was not expecting the show to end with such a huge twist.

The last few episodes have been focused on Badi Sarkar’s redemption, and how she is trying her best to make amends. After proving Maira’s innocence, it was now time for her to bring her back to the haveli and Maira came back to the haveli on Badi Sarkar’s request. Badi Sarkar also apologized to Amna in front of everyone and Amna forgave her with all her heart. It was good to see everyone happy and dancing to celebrate Maira’s return and Amna’s unique ‘Naagin’ dance was also an added bonus. Sakina Sammo has done full justice to her character. Then there was the reconciliation between mother and son; their scene was one of the best scenes of the show. We saw the mother and son bonding for the first time; Badi Sarkar acted like a mother who truly cared for her son’s happiness and wellbeing.

I liked the fact that they did not show Maira forgiving Shahab immediately which usually happens in most shows. The accusation he had made on her was not a trivial matter, and it took Maira some time to forgive Shahab. She forgave him completely when Badi Sarkar tried to explain her his position. It was definitely good to see Maira and Shahab back together!

Even Yasmeen’s matter was resolved to satisfaction. Maira was very cooperative in Yasmeen’s case and asked Shahab to make it up to her. She deserved his attention as much as she did, and this is exactly what he did. He finally managed to patch things up with Yasmeen. Even Naseemi was finally able to let go of the past when Amna advised her to. I am glad they paid attention to all these tracks too!

Badi Sarkar might have changed, but Peer Jalal was still adamant on bringing the glory back to his ancestors and he was still thinking of ways to achieve this. He was not ready to admit defeat at any cost. Peer Jalal tried to talk to Shahab but he was not ready to listen and had no interest in bringing fame to his family again by lying. Peer Jalal then resorted to his last option and took help from a person like Sikander.

Sikander had again kept an offer in front of Peer Jalal. This time he did not want power, but wanted his daughter’s happiness. Fatima had become mentally unstable after being rejected and her father was ready to do anything to get back her sanity. He offered to get Maira out of the way in exchange for Fatima and Shahab’s wedding. The plan failed completely when Sikander shot Badi Sarkar instead of Maira. Badi Sarkar’s death came as a complete surprise to me!

What was even more shocking was Peer Jalal committing suicide! He lost one of the most important people in his life because of his selfishness. He could not live with this guilt on his conscience and decided to end his life.

The last few scenes showed that the rest of the people in the haveli managed to live a blissful life after the storm they had been through. The family was finally complete when Maira gave birth to twins.

Noor Hassan has given one of his best performances in this show. I remember when I saw him in his first show; I had thought that he had no potential as an actor, but he has improved drastically overtime.

Ainnie Jafferi was also at her best in this show and so was Saniya Shamshad. Saniya performed brilliantly throughout the show and especially when she went completely crazy in the end. The transition from the proud and dominating Badi Sarkar to a normal woman was portrayed brilliantly by Sania Saeed. Salman Shahid also carried out his grey shaded character to perfection. There were so many layers in his character! The flawless direction also gave life to the scenes and made each one stand out!

So what are your views on the ending of this show?

Mariam Shafiq


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