Rubaru – Episode 05!

Ohkay, so finally there was a progress in the story that we all were waiting for. I am glad that without a further a due they decided to reveal the actual bit & the main reason behind Surmed’s emotional disturbance.

I think all the curiosity would be pretty much settled because now we know who Shabbi takes her looks after & why Surmed finds tranquility in torturing her. Like always & as usually I found Naani & her decision totally unreasonable. Just because she decided to cut all the ties with Shabbi’s mother Neelam, she now wants to buy some peace for herself & her inner-conscience because she is guilty of the regret, so for that particular reason she wants to put everything on the line to give away her property to Shabbi. I think it was fine for her to decide that for her own property but to put her sons through a trial for the sake of Shabbi is wrong. I think it is definitely irrational on Naani’s part to propose the selling of the house just so that all the other 5 members of the family suffer & she can shower Shabbi with things she probably doesn’t need. Here comes another reason for why we kind of dislike Naani’s character. Meanwhile, Tipu & Kiran have had their first official fight as a married couple which made me think that Tipu was over-reacting but seeing how Kiran needs to learn a lesson, I think his sternness is justified.

Surmed finally decided to tell Shabbi why he hates her, in that particular scene I think more was needed from Syra Yousuf than just shedding a few tears expressionlessly because Faizan Khawaja acted exactly how it was required as he was letting go of the biggest secret he had held till now. Syra neither looked stunned nor shocked whereas she should’ve given a bit more from her side as Shabbi was getting to know not only about why Surmed treated that way but also the reality about her dead mother which definitely she was never told of.

Shabbi decided to dig deeper into the past & for that she had Arif uncle to contact, finally he took the story back to where it all began & seems like how everyone predicted, Surmed’s father, Adnan Siddique – Taimoor was involved with Shabbi’s mother – Neelam. I think Syra Yousuf has acted out the character of Neelam particularly well in comparison to that of Shabbi. She is shown as a boisterous young lady in love with her already married professor. She even has her friend (Syra’s younger sis Palwasha) pointing out the cons of dating a married man for her, but seems like Neelam doesn’t want feedback of any sorts on her personal life. I want to find out how Shabbi came into Neelam’s life when clearly she isn’t Taimoor’s daughter because it would technically make Shabbi & Surmed siblings.

I found the scene in which Taimoor’s wife finds out about Neelam quite poorly directed. It’s doesn’t happen that way that a married man stumbles upon his girlfriend, drops the shopping bags & runs behind her in the middle of a public place that too in front of his wife. I think the director should’ve chosen a different way of showing how Taimoor’s wife finds out about her husband’s extramarital affair. Even after getting to know about her husband’s flick, she thought fleeing away from Turkey would solve all the issues but she was sadly mistaken & I was actually surprised at his dhitai that even when he knew his wife knows about Neelam & him, he wasn’t bothered much.

I am glad that suddenly the drama has become a lot more interesting & I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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