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Baba Jani Episode 3 Story Review – One-of-a-kind Hero

Baba Jani Episode 4 Story Review – After watching this episode in particular, I would highly recommend this drama to all those viewers who are sick and tired of watching dramas which involve falling in love at first sight, women fighting over the male lead who might not fall into the “good looking” category but is rich enough to be extremely charming and attractive (character of course takes a back seat if the leading man is rich) and most importantly men whose character flaws are glorified like they are the most “charming” aspect of their personality! Baba Jani – Asfand – is truly a breath of fresh air!

Refreshing and Unpredictable

Tonight’s episode of Baba Jani was unexpectedly fast-paced and some of the developments in particular completely won me over. Asfand finding out that his sisters tricked him into leaving Mehwish was a pleasant surprise. This, once again showed that Asfand was not foolish but just someone who took his duties and responsibilities towards his family much more seriously than anything he expected from them. This development lead to Asfand leaving Mehwish with a goodbye message which was both meaningful and refreshing (yes I will be using this word a lot tonight!). The maturity, honesty and wisdom in Asfand’s personality is one which we get to see in older supporting characters every now and then in dramas but we have never seen another hero in our dramas who had this much grace. Although Asfand is a “nice guy” but his character is compelling at the same time. His actions are constantly driving the plot even though he is not fierce but he is definitely strong in his own way. Faysal Qureshi’s overall look, his body language and his performance has breathed tangible life into a character which is just plain beautiful!



A New Interpretation Of Love At First Sight!

We have seen heroes falling in love with their leading ladies the second they look at them but tonight what we saw was a rare case of love at first sight! Asfand has raised his younger sisters and is like a father figure to them therefore when he saw Nimra, his feelings for her were completely different. He wanted to shelter her and he thought the best way was to give her respect by walking out of there. His gesture before leaving was touching and one which was poignant and brand new. The way Asfand’s reaction was covered in this scene was brilliant. Apart from this, the expressions of everyone involved and the confusion couldn’t have been translated more convincingly on screen.

Characters and Situations

All the situations shown tonight, gave some insight into the characters. Asfand was hurt and disappointed to find out what his sisters had done but he was extremely forgiving. Nasir and Rakhshanda’s characters are clearly going to be two of those very few people in Asfand’s life who will be standing by him without any ulterior motives. Najeeba and Naila know Asfand’s weaknesses and they constantly tried to make him feel bad for marrying them off to men who were not their perfect match. They were shown coming to Asfand’s house to take a “break” and had a problem doing anything at all for their brother. Asfand’s decision to go ahead and look into the proposal Rakhshanda suggested himself was a direct result of loneliness more than anything else, something which was also shown convincingly. The fact that Asfand went to see Mehwish’s mother showed that he had moved on. This conversation too was refreshing!


Concluding Remarks

This episode of Baba Jani was the best one so far. With the exception of a confusing timeline, everything else was on point. The camerawork, locations, makeovers and the overall feel of this play continues to be extremely impressive. With the exception of Savera Nadeem everyone else looked perfect for their respective roles. The styling especially is pleasing, a much needed break from gel backed hair which are most often distracting. Asfand’s character and the way it has been translated on-screen is the best thing about this drama. All the performances have been spot on throughout which is definitely an added bonus. The production values of this drama gives it the edge it needs. The director has also done his job really well. I would especially like to thank Faysal Qureshi for not banking on done-to-death scenarios and trying out something new, since this is his first production.

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Baba Jani Episode 3

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