Balaa Episode 25 & 26 Story Review – Who’s The Real Killer?

Opening Thoughts – Burdensome:

Ohkay so, watching this episode of Balaa was quite burdensome & I have a feeling that things will continue to become more disturbing after this incident. After this episode, I am honestly not sure how far will I be able to push myself to watch this drama which is disturbing & depressing because such dramas are not what I resort to TV for. I am not giving up on Balaa just yet because I want to see if things will change on Taimoor’s side or not but yes, if they will keep on pushing the same one-sided agenda then I will stop watching & reviewing Balaa.

Who Actually Killed Batool?

Batool died and we all know that it was Junaid who pulled the trigger but for me the real question is that who actually killed Batool? Junaid, Shama Nigar, Zafar or Taimoor? It is too obvious that now the story will revolve around Taimoor’s confused mental state where he will be faced with one lie after another regarding Batool’s death but then, will Taimoor ever be able to reach the crux of all this? The way Taimoor immediately calmed himself down after hearing Dr. Hamza’s name went to show that even though Batool died, he still couldn’t help doubting his sister? Taimoor himself saw that Junaid was putting Batool through mental torture by drinking in front of her so why did he even let an ounce of suspicion stop him from getting him arrested & punished? Did Taimoor actually think that Junaid had the right to take Batool’s life even if he saw her with Hamza? Ohkay, we can give it to Taimoor that he didn’t want people to talk about Hamza & Batool’s affair & he wanted to get to the crux of it himself but then again Taimoor’s first reaction should have been that he wanted to see Junaid behind bars by hook or by crook!

Shama’s question to Taimoor before the phone call which said ‘Batool khush to hai na’ was ironic. They got Batool married out of her will, they made sure to let Batool know that she had zero support from her family members, they made it clear to her that her happiness meant nothing to them & there she was, asking Taimoor whether Batool was happy enough or not? Ironic!

Well, since our Masoom Clan is too bhola the Chalak Clan continued to fabricate one lie after another & in the middle of all of this, Nigar was again looking for a chance to play the victim. Taimoor did turn a blind eye from her but for how long? I think this incident should change the dynamics & it’s high time that the Masoom Clan gets some Chalaki too.

Closing Thoughts – Will The Dynamics Change?

This episode of Balaa was disturbing but I hope with this, the story changes because they have taken a lot of episodes like more than half of the drama to show the evil dominion of Nigar & Co. so the monotony should break now. I think this should serve as an eye opener for Taimoor & Co. where they actually start analyzing things to understand the game that Nigar has played with them for so long. Goes without saying that Balaa has given the viewers a chance to see some amazing performances though. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Balaa.

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