Balaa Episode 27 & 28 Story Review – Dude Turning Into A Dud

Opening Thoughts – Are Things Ever Going To Change?

Ohkay so, this was yet another average episode of Balaa with nothing much happening & things being one-sided yet again. I think they have used a lot of episodes to establish the fact that Nigar is selfishly evil & she will go to any extreme to make things work only for herself so I am wondering when will the story come to a point where everyone else will find the truth about what she has been doing all this while?

Taimoor Is a Dud:

When I saw the preview last week, I was actually excited that may be Taimoor’s probing will actually bring him to a conclusion that Zafar’s entire family has been lying about the way Batool died but Taimoor didn’t disappoint & proved yet again that he is practically & literally brain-free. All Taimoor had to do was follow the lead of his evil wife to come to a conclusion that Hamza ran off to USA because may be he was caught with Batool? I mean these guys lost a family member in such a tragic way but none of them has done anything to find out the truth? Taimoor was disturbed & riled up but just a half-baked truth was enough for him to forget all about what happened to Batool, how she was killed & move on in his life? This dud had an audacity to doubt his dead sister that may be she was cheating on her husband? Wow!

Nigar met Hamza’s mother & just like that, everything happened according to her plan. The way the writer has made Nigar the mastermind in every single situation now seems forced & unrealistic. I’d say that Nigar is not only evil but she is definitely very very lucky that she is surrounded by such people who are dumb & pure duds because so far no one has been able to put two & two together. I actually thought that Batool’s death will push Taimoor & he won’t sit still until he finds out the truth but he was casually sitting in his office & then also went to pick Nigar up because he believed she was right!?! When did it all become about Nigar & not Batool? Hearing Taimoor say all those things to Shama made me want to bang his head on the wall!!!

Junaid has lost his senses & there’s a slim chance that he will become normal again. I hope he spills the beans & tells the truth to Taimoor & Shama because he is already feeling guilty. Nigar already hates her brother so Junaid should give her all the more reason to do so. Saleha is unwell & now Nigar is set to take revenge from her because she thinks Saleha riled Taimoor up by telling him about the quantity control in kitchen. To be honest, our nazuk mizaj Taimoor did set Nigar straight after finding out about her locking methods, I couldn’t stop laughing as to how low the level of the story has reduced to. I mean Taimoor lost a family member a few days ago & he completely forgot about it because he had bigger & more important things to react upon – doodh, cheeni, patti & ghar ke naukar, lol! Seriously. Nigar lying about Saleha’s condition was again a pathetic situation.

Closing Thoughts – I’ve Run Out of Words:

This drama does not make sense anymore. Does anyone have an idea when does this torture end? Please share your thoughts about this episode of Balaa.

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