Balaa Episode 3 & 4 Story Review – Convincing!

Opening Thoughts:

Ohkay so, this episode of Balaa was amazing. It was well directed, well executed & well acted. Even though Balaa is in the initial stages but it has given me enough to grab my interest & make me look forward to it by the end of an episode. Even though till now we have seen family politics in this drama, I will say they have been elaborated in such a convincing manner that i actually want to see more of what the future holds of these families.

Progress In The Story:

Nigar is evil, it is unfortunate but she it. As much as you want to feel for her, you can’t. At least this is what I feel about her as of now but I hope that changes because I want to see her through her perspective but right now, Nigar is just simply evil who can not see anyone happy whereas she has a father who loves her more than anything in the world & a brother who sympathizes with her enough too. Nigar obviously wants the entire world to feel for her & even though she gets enough attention, she twists it in such a way that she sees it as if people are treating her as a laughing stock. It is sad that she hasn’t been able to come out of the self-pity mode.

Nigar literally is torturing Zeba mentally & physically as well because she knows that Junaid will not be able to do anything about it or even if he’d want to, his father won’t let him do it. Junaid knows that he is dependant on his father’s support so he hasn’t grown that courage to unhear everything that Zafar says. It is unfortunate that Zafar is going out of the way to drift Junaid & Zeba apart. It is also unfortunate that Junaid is now doubting Zeba’s character based on the mere fact that she fell in love with him before they both got married, how shallow is that? Junaid is judging Zeba as if he is scot-free & not guilty of committing the same mistake – falling in love before getting married!

Oh well, Nigar was the one who got to see Saba with her boyfriend. I am not sure why but I have a feeling Nigar is responsible for the calls that Zeba is getting & it could be Saba’s boyfriend who is calling Zeba only to get Saba? I feel Nigar must have told Saba’s boyfriend that she will pay him to blackmail Zeba & will also help him be with Saba because she knows that she needs Zeba out of Junaid’s life to get to Taimoor because then Zafar can pressurize Shama to get Batool married to Junaid in return of Nigar’s marriage to Taimoor. It does seem to be the case because the conversation that both Nigar & Zafar had about she withdrawing 10 lacs from the bank does suggest that Nigar is upto something fishy & Zafar is being supportive of her wrongdoings!

I love Shama’s character. I loved the way she reflected upon herself & how she felt ashamed knowing that Taimoor was thinking so highly of her while she was holding a grudge against Zafar in her heart. I loved that little conversation that she had with Allah where she asked for forgiveness & also asked to have a heart big enough to look past Zafar’s flaws. The last scene of this episode was brilliantly done too where Shama was welcomed with with all those insults yet she decided to put up with everything only because she was adamant to fix things & fix the broken ties. Zafar has an upper hand because Shama gets pressurized easily & unfortunately Zafar takes advantage of that. Nigar obviously has a plan up her sleeve that is why she decided to go against her father & attend Taimoor’s wedding. I can’t even begin to imagine what will happen when Nigar will become a part of Shama’s beautiful little intimate family, she will ruin everything that they have.

Ending Thoughts:

Overall, this episode of Balaa was quite interesting & built up the curiosity of what is yet to come perfectly too. I must say it is commendable how all the actors have embraced their characters & make it seem so real as if they are those characters. Samina Peerzada looks stunning, there is so much grace & beauty around her, I couldn’t stop noticing how beautiful she looked. Sajid Hassan is superb as arrogant Zafar. Ushna Shah has shown so much of improvement over the period of time & she really is outdoing herself in every other project but in Balaa I have a serious issue with her wig, I don’t see it complimenting her look so not sure why she went for one. Bilal Abbas Khan is convincing as Taimoor but I am sure he will get a lot more chances in the remaining drama to showcase his acting skills. The supporting characters have done a great job. The OST is nice but it reminds me of an Indian Song Tosay Naina Lagay. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Balaa.

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