Dil Mom Ka Diya Episode 5 & 6 Story Review – Pretty Basic!

Opening Thoughts:

Ohkay so, this episode of Dil Mom Ka Diya was pretty basic but it did take the story forward a little bit. The characters in Dil Mom Ka Diya are quite black & white but it is definitely interesting to see how it has been shown that things can work between two totally opposite people if the relationship is based on a lot of respect & tolerance from either side.

Developments In The Episode:

Ulfat continued being herself, unapologetically at that, so much so that she chose to overlook all the niceness that there is in her life & focused on things that weren’t according to her taste. Ulfat has a husband who not only puts up with everything that she does but also loves her so much to ignore all of her mistakes, yet she thinks she is entitled to so much more & no one should ever say anything to her or else she will blow it out of proportion. If Ulfat will ever take a look at herself, she will realize that Afzal has given so much more to this relationship than she has.

It is pretty obvious that Salma has an issue with Ulfat & Ulfat has an issue with Salma because of her interfering nature, but the difference is that Ulfat says it to her face whereas Salma tries to be manipulative about it but I feel Salma does poke her nose in the matters which do not require her opinion. Salma clearly had an issue with Afzal going to Ulfat’s house only to bring her back, like does Salma want Afzal to completely ignore his wife? Everyone knows what sort of a person Afzal is, so it is irrational to expext him to not accommodate his wife even in such situations where she is wrong. Unfortunately, it is pretty obvious that Ulfat takes Afzal for granted & she still thinks she is doing him favor by staying married to him.

In my opinion, they shouldn’t have moved the story forward by a few years because all the spats that Ulfat was now having with Kausar, Salma, Aqmal & even Afzal seemed out of the place. It looked like things have not moved on at all & even after so many years, Ulfat & everyone’s stuck at the same point? I feel if they had shown that Ulfat was still a newly wed as in may be an year old bride, all these fights & quarrels would’ve made a bit more sense. Also, I think if they had decided to take a few years’ leap, they should have changed Neelam Munir’s styling to make her look like a properly married woman & a mother of a kid because I fail to buy that despite being married for so many years, Ulfat still dresses like she used to when she was single? Yes, I know they had to keep the age difference between Afzal & Ulfat a bit too obvious but then that’s something which is what the story is based on so I am sure the viewers wouldn’t have forgotten about it anyways.

Salma decided to arrange a meet up of Kausar’s potential suitors but then she also cut Ulfat off even after she decided to help them? I think Salma really should show some maturity in dealing with Ulfat & just let her do her thing – especially after so many years have passed by, it is unconvincing that Salma still hasn’t learnt how she should deal with Ulfat. As usual, Ulfat gave it back to Salma at the wrong time & she again made an issue about it in front of Afzal. I feel Salma is the one who creates friction between Ulfat & Afzal because every time those two are together & on their own, they pretty much enjoy each other’s company & have no problems with one another. I honestly found it all a bit too unconvincing that after 5 years of marriage, everyone had an issue with Ulfat & vice versa, as if it had been a few weeks after Afzal’s marriage with Ulfat & everyone was having a hard time understanding her!

Tamkinat & Azhar formed a relationship too where Azhar was obviously drawn towards her but after seeing how considerate & genuinely nice Azhar was, Tamkinat also started liking him. It was obvious right from the moment Tamkinat’s character was introduced that Dil Mom Ka Diya’s story will go in that direction where Ulfat will have a problem with her cousin & she will be the first one to oppose this marriage. It was nice to see how Kausar formed a friendship with Tamkinat & she got to see what a sweetheart she was. I liked Tamkinat & Azhar’s scenes too, though nothing new, they were still nicely done & very sweet!

Ending Thoughts:

Overall, this episode of Dil Mom Ka Diya was nothing special but was a decent watch. I am sure the story will be all about family politics from now on but I am keen to see if Ulfat’s character will ever show some mental growth. I really hope that doesn’t turn out to be the case where in last 20 seconds of last episode, everyone forgives Ulfat & forgets about her atrocities & they are a happy family, I hope if the change in her is on the cards, they make it gradual enough to look realistic. Neelam Munir has surely made Ulfat believable & very very real. She surely has given this character the kind of treatment it required to come across this way on screen. Yasir Nawaz is phenomenal as Afzal, I am glad the was chosen to play this role. I am not sure what Zubii Majeed has done to herself, may be its the choice of those colored lenses that is making her look very very different than how she looked in Aangan & I definitely prefer her look in Aangan than the one she is sporting in Dil Mom Ka Diya. She is a very good actor with a bright future ahead though but I am not liking her makeup/look in this drama. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Dil Mom Ka Diya.

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