Balaa Episode 33 & 34 Story Review – Change of Thought Process

Opening Thoughts – Some Change Finally:

Ohkay so, this episode of Balaa focused on the change that the characters were going through. It seems the characters who were stuck in a rut have finally evolved & are now approaching things with a different perspective which I admit was good to see as well as highly required!

Nigar Is Evil – We Know – What’s New?

Taimoor has now started to treat the way Nigar wants to be treated but from his side there’s a lot of tact involved. Taimoor knows that his mother is not in a condition to go through the scrutiny of Nigar that is why for a while he changed his attitude with his wife because he dreaded the time Shama will be left alone with Nigar once Taimoor will be gone. Taimoor has started to have a feeling that things went wrong after Nigar came into his life that is why he is in search of a clue that will help him solve this conundrum.

Junaid finally spoke up & I am glad he didn’t beat around the bush & clearly told his father that he has found out about what he has done. Asad Siddique’s acting in that scene was brilliant. Even though he has been a part of this drama right from the beginning but for the first time he made his presence felt in this episode. Junaid can see that his father is also struggling & is burdened with the guilt that is why he made it very clear to Zafar that he has lost his son. Junaid was already depressed but it was good to see him not losing his senses further after finding out the truth, rather he took it as an eye opener that forced him to do what was right like confessing his crime in order to do right by Batool’s family.

Taimoor left but before that he made sure Shama was well taken care of & for that he gave that responsibility to Saba. Saba is trying to pick up the pieces therefore she takes it as an opportunity to compensate for the pain she had caused to Taimoor & his family plus it will evolve into a relationship later on. Everything else is fine but can someone please comb Saba’s hair & tie them in a braid or a bun? That entire hair situation of Saba’s seems to be messy & problematic. Saba claims to have made Shama’s hair so I wish she had used the same comb/brush for herself too.

There seems to be no limits for Nigar that is why she even assaulted Shama but honestly speaking, I didn’t feel much while watching that scene because the writer has shown us so much negativity from her side that I feel desensitized towards anything that Nigar puts other through. Apparently Nigar can literally kill people without batting an eyelid so for her to give her mother in a law a beating is not a big deal. Taimoor thinks he did something huge by catching Nigar’s lie about changing Shama’s clothes. They have been showing this laughter of Taimoor in the precaps since last 2 weeks so I assumed it would be something big but this is what he was laughing about? I think its time for us viewers to laugh now!!!

Taimoor has once again pledged that he will punish Nigar which made me roll my eyes because again, this was coming from someone who decided to believe that his sister was cheating after marriage only because his wifey said so!!! Taimoor in my opinion is a failed character also I am sure he won’t be the one finding out the truth – Junaid’s confession will do the actual work & in the end Taimoor will take the crown for everything because he happens to be the actual hero of the drama!?!

Closing Thoughts – Disturbing Preview & One Dimensional Characters:

The preview of the next episode was disturbing. I think the writer has shown us enough so there’s no need to push it further & beyond. They have pretty well established the fact that Nigar is evil so I guess that’s enough. Looks like next episode will again contain a lot of empty threats by Taimoor to Nigar but I am wondering when will he actually take action & walk the talk? So far he has only come up with one excuse after another, his time his excuse was his posting to Dubai as if us se pehle he was working like a detective trying to solve the mystery. Zafar is also a failed character, 34 episodes & for the half of it he kept on saying he wanted to do something for Junaid but in the end, Junaid was the one who helped himself & did what he deem right. I feel the writer focused so much on creating this evil Balaa that she forget to focus on the rest of the characters & kept them pretty one-dimensional, I mean look at Taimoor – zero growth. Look at Saleha, poor girl was so simple that she didn’t even know she should seek medical help for her aches. Look at Zafar, he’s got so much money but he couldn’t find a doctor for Junaid for so long!!! Anyways, Asad Siddique’s acting in this episode was top notch & the rest of the actors have performed well. Ushna Shah’s acting in the scene where Balaa hits Shama was awkward, I am sure as an actor it must’ve been hard for her to enact that scene where she has to assault a senior actor – it was too obvious. I just can’t wait for this negative chewing gum to end. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Balaa.

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