Balaa Episode 35 & 36 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Full of Negativity:

Ohkay so, this episode of Balaa was again disturbing. I think the writer has crossed all the limits of showing negativity & I find it funny that she has made one character so powerful where she gets to decide who lives & who doesn’t. Again, Samina Peerzada’s phenomenal acting is one thing but I did not feel for Taimoor whatsoever. I think more than focusing on how negative Nigar is, people should focus on what’s happening to Taimoor & Co. only because of their stupidity. No wonder why a human being is blessed with a thing called brain & how it is given to us to be used so yes, those who do not use their brains get to face the dire consequences – at least this is the message that I will pick up from Balaa & reinforce!

Nigar Gets To Decide Who Lives & Who Dies:

Nigar cut Shama’s hair & alongside she cut her windpipe too because of which she stopped breathing & passed away, at least this is what the writer has shown so yes. When all of this was happening, I was just wondering about how unconvincing this entire scenario was where Taimoor left for Dubai. I mean after losing 2 sisters & seeing how his mother lost her senses, was it really THIS important for him to go to Dubai & leave his mother on the mercy of Nigar that too when he had already started suspecting that she was the one behind everything that was going wrong in his house. I think it was absolutely stupid of Taimoor to leave Shama with Nigar & on top of that expect that she will take care of her, that too when Nigar was full of excuses & had made it very very clear that she had a full time responsibility of their son Saad. Not only that Nigar even misbehaved with Shama in front of Taimoor so many times so what kind of royal treatment was he expecting that Nigar will give to Shama in his absence? Yes, on his own Taimoor did appoint Saba to take care of Shama but he could’ve moved Shama to Saba’s place, away from Nigar at least.

Nigar to koi supernatural being hai bhai, she gets to decide who lives & who doesn’t. She is the one wrecking people’s home on a whim. She is responsible for Saba Mateen’s divorce. She decided when Zeba, Saleha, Batool & Shama’s life should end. I think in stead of naming this drama Balaa, the writer should’ve named it as Baba because Nigar is this pohanchi hui cheez who has a full fledged control over people’s lives & deaths. I guess now Taimoor, Junaid, Zafar & Saba are left – 10 episodes more & all these guys will die too & then Nigar will be the last woman standing!!!

Taimoor hadn’t seen Shama, he had no idea where she was or what she looked like before she left the house but when he came to that hospital, he told the receptionist that Shama’s hairstyle was a little strange. Fail!

Zafar is left alone now that Junaid has gone to the police. Taimoor didn’t find out about it yet but looks like he will. Ohhh pata hai mai dar gai when Taimoor finally made up his mind that he will destroy Nigar & turn her into ibrat ka nishan. Matlab was he waiting for 3 women to die so that he could take this step? Why didn’t Batool’s death shake & wake him up. Bhai ye to self-imposed misery hai. Shama imposed Nigar on her entire family so nateeja ye nikla. Taimoor didn’t do anything that he was supposed to so he better not hold Nigar responsible for everything.

Closing Thoughts – Sick Joke:

Balaa has turned into a sick joke to be honest. I didn’t feel a thing because now the negativity has gone to some other level where it doesn’t even seem realistic. In stead of blaming Nigar, I will blame others as well for being too dumb-headed to not do anything the moment they started suspecting that Nigar’s intentions were evil. Too much hi ho gaya hai bhai. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Balaa. I’m off to watch a light-hearted Korean Drama & I’d suggest you guys do the same in order to come out of this depression that you all must be feeling after watching such a disturbing episode.

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