Bashar Momin – Episode 10!

Ohkay so, even though this drama has a few hits & a misses, I enjoy watching it. I know the major downer is Bashar Momin being a domesticated don but other than that this drama has a different plot which makes it worth a watch.

Bashar has called dibs on Rudaba & now he is leaving no stone unturned to call off her engagement with Buland. According to Bashar, Buland is a suitable prospect for Tayyaba but definitely not for Rudaba because he himself wants to win her over. I must say when the drama began I thought Rudaba’s character would be nothing new & she’d be this simple, emotionally handicapped girl who’d never know how to put forth her opinion or fight for her right but this episode certainly gave me more reasons to like her character. She may act like that in front of Bashar because she is petrified of him but the way she told Buland everything & how she literally snapped him out of the misunderstanding was brilliant because it showed what this relationship meant to her. Buland picked up the pieces & understood that she was all for him & wasn’t even interested in Bashar because she respects him like her own brother Adil & he was thinking too much about the situation whereas there was nothing to worry about.

Finally, when they both got back together Tayyaba & Bashar felt their plan slipped away from their hands & they had nothing left to misuse & turn them against each other. Buland is a perfect gentleman who not only loves but respects Rudaba a lot & she is enjoying the royalty but now very clearly she has understood that people are transpiring traps against her & Buland because she has sensed Tayyaba’s interest in Buland as well.

Rudaba clearly knows that Buland is possessive of her & for that she has tried to do everything possible to avoid any interaction with Bashar but she didn’t know this thing would be used against her but just because Saira clearly has an issue with Rudaba & she got just exactly the right point to thrash Rudaba’s reputation in front of Adil especially.

The episode ended at a perfect note because I enjoyed the showdown between Rudaba & Bashar & then Rudaba & Tayyaba as well. Rubada has understood that being polite won’t do any good to her therefore she is being straight forward about everything. She told Bashar off sternly & reminded him of his right place & that is him being more like a brother figure to her plus she also felt it was pretty much necessary to tell Tayyaba how strong her & Buland’s relation is so therefore she mustn’t try to get in between them.

Ushna Hussain has acted really well in some particular scenes except in the beginning where she is hurt & crying, she certainly doesn’t know how to cry & that’s a done deal. I must commend the dress designers for sticking to the Eastern dresses through out because this is something which we are rarely getting to see in our dramas too. The dresses may be at times a bit elaborate for daily wear but at least they have sticked to Pakistani dresses & that is something worth appreciating.

I thought this was ‘the most’ expensive drama ever made in the history of Pakistani Television but every time I see the cut-paste backdrops in the scenes of Saira & Adil, I doubt the claim. They should’ve bought the ticket to either Thailand or Malaysia & shot a few scenes there in the CBD areas because those pasted foreign backdrops are nothing but hideous. Another thing that I found really irritating through out the episode was the bad bad lighting projected on the faces of the actors. Most of the times the scenes are too dull & dark & the faces look shadowy which makes it really disturbing to see because you really can’t understand the expressions on the faces. I feel in stead of investing so much on the gaudy furniture & the expensive wallpapers, they should’ve invested in technicality because that is definitely missing in this drama.

Over all I enjoy watching Bashar Momin because it has no saas bahu k jhagray or dukhyari aurtain filling buckets with their tears to later use them for laundry purposes. All the actors have done really well but I wish someone else had played the role of Tayyaba because she looks a little…hmmm…meh! Plus yes, Faisal Qureshi came across as a lot more tolerable in this episode so yay for us!

Share your thoughts on this episode plus yes, Bashar Momin would be reviewed regularly. ;)

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