Bashar Momin – Episode 14!

Hmmmm so, finally after a long long wait, Bashar Bhai’s back. :) Even though I have no issues with the script & I myself enjoy watching this drama a lot but in this episode in particular, I had an issue with the direction. The scenes seemed never-endingly long, but other than that, I like the way the story’s moving forward.

The conversation between Adil & Rudaba showed that Adil has gotten much comfortable in his life being Bashar Momin’s brother-in-law that he wasn’t ready to give it all up just for the sake of his sister. It showed that deep down he himself enjoys the status & luxuries he has gotten being Saira’s husband. Adil is well aware of the fact that he has allowed himself to become a stooge of Bashar & Saira, therefore he was ready to make his only sister a sacrificial lamb for the sake of his own benefit. Adil actually knows that Bashar Momin is not a suitable prospect for Rudaba as he is well-aware of Bashar’s track record & criminal history but just because he fears losing everything including his family, he decided to give in & not only convinced but imposed his decision on her, sort of emotionally blackmailing his sister to agree for Bashar’s proposal, which sadly Rudaba accepted as she still cares for her brother & respects him.

Seems like Rudaba sent an e-mail to Buland after he went back to USA, to make him understand the game that was being played to part them & just because Buland actually loved Rudaba despite having the trust issues, he returned to see if he could salvage the relation he cut ties from, but sadly for him, it was too late. I know we should be feeling bad for Buland as he lost his love but I didn’t feel anything for him, as I feel it was his fault that he chose to see the other side of the picture & didn’t know how to trust his fiancée. Time & again Rudaba kept on making him understand what he meant to her & how much she loved him but just because he had his own insecurities, he was the one sitting in a dark lounge room, crying his wits out.

Even though Bashar thought he has won Rudaba but little did he know that his victory celebrations were short-lived as he has a misfortune-love-struck rain-soaked puppy named Tayabba as his sister who he needs to tend to. Bashar found out that Rudaba sort of exposed the plan in front of Buland which he & his sister Tayyaba spewed to create misunderstandings between them but just because he has a very strong & intelligent pawn; Saira, he manipulated Adil once again to make-believe Buland about the things he’s thinking of otherwise. It looked like Adil not only looks upto Bashar but is also intimidated by him; therefore he agreed to take all the blame on himself for Rudaba’s Nikkah, so that he can clear off Tayyaba’s name to make her look more bechari than she actually is.

The story has gotten really interesting & I am happy that the drama has resumed. Even though I have no issues with the cast once again because I am enjoying seeing the uncommon faces on screen but I really wish they had hired someone else to play the role of Tayyaba. I mean sorry to say but to see everyone putting in so much of an effort that too for ‘her’, I mean…you know what I mean, right LOL. I really wish they hadn’t used that stark white light to create the ambiance which they failed at miserably because most of the time I found myself squinting & then resorted to my specs, trust me that lighting ain’t doing anything except making you look away from the TV screen. I actually wish they had also hired a better makeup artist to do the makeup for the Nikkah scenes, Ushna Shah looked like a raccoon who also got punched really bad in the eyes :/. Anyways, share your say & your thoughts about the latest episode of Bashar Momin. :)

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