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Meray Humdum Meray Dost – Last Episode

Man .. ! ..What an ending to such a wonderful show.. !. That was one expected ending but the way they wrapped up the show beautifully, is really commendable. I loved how they put everything related to Haider and Aiman back on track and by connecting the dots, they reached finishing line very smoothly.

There was a time when Aiman was unfamiliar with the meaning of confidence and was under serious inferiority complex ; At that particular time, Haider came as a ray of hope in her life – He helped her grow mentally , he made her believe in what she had in the form of intelligence and he compelled her to negate everything that made her feel grimy. With the passage of time,both Aiman and Haider literally got addicted of each other. Where Aiman can’t think of living her life without Haider , Haider also feels incomplete when she isnot around him. All this while , they forgot the biggest hurdle in their lives and that was the age difference between them. Out of the blue, Sajeela entered into their dream world and from that day, odds went against Aiman and Haider’s relation. Situation became even worse when Almaas jeered at Haider and gave her reality check. Right from that time, Haider initiated keeping distance from Aiman and decided to get married to Fatima.


 Maine usay Bahadur banaya, dunya ke ankhu mai ankhain daal k dekhna sikhaya magar mai khud bhool gaya k ye bahaduri ka muzahira woh meray saamnay bhi kar sakti hai.. Haider broke Aiman’s heart but deep inside, he was cursing himself badly – How could he dare to hurt that girl who is nearest to his heart; He was completely broken and shattered because this time , he was the reason of bringing tears to Aiman’s eyes and that was completely unforgivable.

Uss ka behta hua har aansu mujh se keh raha tha k mai usay jaanay doun. We got to see softer side of Taufeeq today.Being father of a daughter, he was really worried for Aiman. She begged her father to spare her from living miserable life without Haider. Without confessing her love for Haider in-front of her father, she narrated whats going inside her head and she won’t be able to bear watching Haider getting married to someone else. This particular scene was the most touchy scene of episode with all shades of emotions packed in it.


Aiman was in no way ready to stay in Karachi and Haider was not allowing himself to come out of the shell , he put his own self in for a very long time. He remained calm and composed when Almaas told him about Aiman’s decision; But as soon as he came to know from Bibi that Aiman will be leaving next day, he rushed to Taufeeq’s. That was the time when Aiman spoke her heart out openly. She did not want to live her life anymore by star gazing and day-dreaming. The confrontation scene between Haider and Aiman was really cute. Adnan Siddiqui outdid himself in that particular scene but I felt that Sanam Jung lagged in facial expression and dialogue delivery  – She was too loud. Still, Sanam has improved her acting skills a lot as compared to her previous performance in Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara hai.

Kisi baap se uss ke beti ka rishta maangnay ka ye mohazibana tareeqa nahi, Shareef log apnai baroun ko bhejtay hain ..That was the moment of glory for everyone; Emma was the happiest girl on earth and Haider got what he yearned for so long. Closing scene was beautifully executed and after a long time, I got to see such complete ending of any show. 


Khushyaan aisai he tou milti hain.. bilkul achanak.. I got similar “khushi” while reviewing this show; This show has proved that simple stories , if dealt with finesse and adroitness, can have spell-bounding screenplay. More than that, If every artist brings out the best in themselves and handle every character with sincere and intense conviction then without a shadow of doubt, show will be a big hit. Meray Humdum Meray Dost was one complete show for me, I enjoyed every bit of it and will really miss this show. Round of applause goes out for the entire team of this show.

I would like to thank all those who made this journey wonderful for me ; Special thanks to Sabahet, Ana, Hammad, Nida , Malika,Aima, Hibba Fatima and all those who appreciated and supported me throughout the show..

Dont forget to share your thoughts on this wonderful ending !

Rabia Basharat.