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Mausam – Episode 17

I am not sure where to start from because while watching tonight’s episode I couldn’t help noticing that there were so many ways to make this story work! Even the characters in the drama have tons of potential but the writer completely ruined the characters by making them black and white. Shazia’s character would have been far better if it wasn’t all black, if there were times when she had guilt pangs and she sat down to think about what she had done to Saman or if there were moments when she genuinely wanted to do something good for Saman. Shazia has been using Saman right from the first episode, she hasn’t done anything nice for Saman or anyone else throughout the play. I wish she wasn’t such an evil person but she turned very selfish only because she wanted Hashir more than anything else, only then I could have felt for her character. For example in drama serial Shikwa Mehar’s character is not perfect in any way but her imperfections are more or less justified and there are times when she feels guilty and questions her actions. There are definitely some personality traits because of which you can connect to her character. Shazia was over the moon tonight after “winning” Hashir and she did not take very long to take control of Hashir’s life either. She started complaining about Mehreen’s attitude only when their engagement was a day old! I found Shazia’s comment “ap ke khandan waley un jagho pe nahi jatay jahan ameer log shopping krne jatay hei” funny because this is exactly what we have been discussing for the past few weeks. I completely agree with her of course and therefore question why Saman ends up where Hashir or his mother are; the same parlor, the same restaurant and the same hospital!

Saman’s character also would have been far more relatable and likeable if she was a little smart. How could she not think about what Faisal said about Shazia loving him. He made it quite clear that Shazia had assured him that she had finally realized that she loved him but Saman like always found a way to cover up for Shazia. She assumed that Faisal “thought” that Shazia loved him when he clearly said that Shazia confessed her love for him. Hashir already told her about Faisal and Shazia’s secret meetings so putting two and two together would have been very easy. Saman kept on begging Faisal to take her back home, keep her in some rotten corner but Faisal kept on telling her how much he hated her!


The only well etched-out character in the play is that of Faisal. I never had a problem relating to how he ended up the way he is. He never loved Saman and Shazia never gave him a chance to get closer to Saman. She blamed everything on Faisal’s mother and Saman right after the marriage and gave Faisal the companionship he always wanted from Shazia. Faisal obviously thought that he could leave Saman and marry Shazia at some point. Faisal couldn’t even have dreamed of having Shazia in his life therefore obviously when she confessed her love for him he was bound to go after her. Not only that Shazia also made sure that Faisal never gave his wife the respect she deserved. She kept on polluting Faisal’s mind and he never really understood what her intentions were. My favorite scene in tonight’s episode was the one in which Faisal talks to Shazia. I could totally relate to what he went through when he found out that Shazia had been lying to him all these years. The sudden change in Shazia’s personality made everything crystal clear to him and I am waiting to see how he will react. This is the time when he should start valuing his wife who does not cheat on him and who does not lie to get what she wants. If Faisal realizes how unfair he has been to Saman and changes for good then that would be the perfect ending for Saman because she only truly wants to be with Faisal.


Hashir’s mother’s character is definitely likeable, there was a time when I could not relate to her character but she has my sympathies now. Hashir never acknowledges his mother’s love for him. I am not sure where Fayyaz’s track is going and how it is going to be relevant to the entire story in the upcoming episodes but right now it seems quite irrelevant. I have a question…does stress really cause fever?? I seriously doubt that but we see people getting high fever only because they are under stress all the time in our dramas. The preview of the next episode looked interesting, I loved the expressions on Shazia’s face when Hashir was begging Saman to go with him! There is no hope for Faisal’s character since it looks like he is still under Shazia’s spell! Will Hashir’s dying mother save the day? We will find out soon enough!

Do share your thoughts about tonight’s episode.

Fatima Awan