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BM 21

Bashar Momin – The End!

Ohkay, so fair enough. Let me just say this drama had a fairly decent ending which I wasn’t expecting at all. I will definitely praise the bits that deserve to be praised. I think the developments that they showed in these last 3 episodes were what we all were looking for. I’d once again say that this drama had a lot of potential but may be the unnecessary stretching till 30+ episodes did the trick in losing the plot & pace of the drama. I think ever since the drama began, if they had revolved the plot around Bashar Momin, his character, his background, his feelings & his story, this drama definitely would’ve garnered a lot more fans. I think I’d definitely blame the writer & the director for losing the track & drifting the focus from important aspects to the meaningless ones by giving a lot more coverage to & wasting so many episodes on the supporting characters than needed.

Like we all discussed, Bashar was too softy of a don. I think in one of my reviews I did predict that Rudaba will change him, which was obvious as he was like a lost soul that needed some love, attention & guidance but the way they reached to this point wasn’t convincing at all. I really wish they hadn’t stooped so low to unleash such dark & diabolic side of Bashar because now when he rebounded from it, I had a hard time feeling for him as much as I wanted to. Obviously, Bashar fell weak & all the negativity really burdened him, which he couldn’t cope up with, that’s why he decided he didn’t want all this in his life. Saira & Tayyaba always resonated the negativity to keep him going but now when Rudaba was exposed to all this, Bashar found out that she is a different being who couldn’t bear all that & this is what made him regret doing everything that he ever did to her, in a fit of hatred & anguish. I know it would sound surprising but I kind of enjoyed the scenes between Bashar & Rudaba, I think this is how a love story should be like, less yelling & more talking. Bashar really wanted to make up for the things Rudaba had to face because of him & it was good to see him being repentant repeatedly.

I think the sudden intervention of media & police wasn’t convincing once again. Obviously, they had to show that Bashar being a don was always at a risk of losing his freedom & life but I think we were never given any grounds to know what Bashar did & what level of crimes he was involved in, that’s why it never really made any sense. I so wish they had focused more on his professional life rather than the personal lives, that too of his family, so that we could’ve found the recent turn of events a tad bit interesting.

To see Buland again yearning for Rudaba wasn’t appeasing at all. I mean how much of a self-respect-less can a man be? Did he really think that Rudaba would still be so in love with him to leave Bashar for such a spineless man like him? I think the director & we all could’ve done without him because he was useless even now just like he was useless ever since the drama began.

I think Saira got the shut up call rightly so & just when she needed some. Bashar said it loud & clear that nothing can part him & Rudaba, which was fine because the things later Adil said to her made sense as well. She has been a very self-absorbed & rigid person who never gave importance to anyone, but I think it was about time that she learnt a few lessons of life too.

So, everyone found a closure. Rudaba earned Bashar’s love. Saira learned how to mind her own business. Bashar decided to start afresh & Buland finally let go of his one-sided love for Rudaba. The ending was fair I believe but I’d still say that this drama had a lot of potential if only it was tackled properly. I so wish they hadn’t gone for such an OTT approach in executing this drama. I am sure if they had focused more on the quality of script & acting & hadn’t spent time in meaningless angles & larger-than-life appearance of everything, they might’ve given out a fairly decent play with a bit of acceptable filmy touch to it. I also feel that they should’ve invested more time on the central character & should’ve given him the required coverage to let us know why the drama was named Bashar Momin, some story starting from his childhood to his struggling days & some showcasing of how he got to such a point that made him such a ruthless yet successful don, I believe would’ve sufficed. I think if they had wrapped the drama within 20-22 episodes, it would’ve been a lot more interesting because in between, the drama & its story definitely lost the track as Adil, Saira, Tayyaba & Buland dominated the whole story while Bashar only seemed to be that person who was tending to their issues like a head of the family without having a life of his own. I so wish they had equalized the coverage of the supporting & the main characters to make a balanced & engaging drama. I must say the only person who did justice to his character in terms of acting was Faysal Qureshi & I think he certainly deserves to be credited for this. Share your say please.

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

ps: I must say by the end I so wished he’d get rid of his BM ring & I was the happiest when he finally let go of it, haha!