Bay Emaan Mohabbat- Episode 19 to 22 Review

Four episodes have elapsed and we have another time change? ARYs lack of faith is disturbing. But then again, this drama has been going downhill for quite some time. I think the biggest dilemma is a lack of focus, a mediocre storyline and poor vision. Trying to throw in suspense elements hasn’t really helped much since we all pretty much know where things are headed.

Dania has succeeded in luring Nabeel into a marriage- there were a few hiccups along the way but the inevitable wedding took place. Nabeel gifted her a house for a wedding and ironically the house cost him his life’s worth of savings! Dania is over-the-moon initially being a homeowner and marrying the man of her new-found dreams but soon her bubble bursts when she is faced with the reality that Nabeel will only be a part-time husband and that too in secrecy. Maria is back and pulling the strings as she does best. She’s torn over the news that she can’t conceive and is suffocating Nabeel in the process.

The long dialogues between Dania’s parents serve no real purpose. There was a failed attempt at trying to get our pulse racing when Nabeel was trying to uncover the mystery behind who was keeping tabs on him and Dania. But just like that, he managed to quickly turn the tables in his favour and now the Private Investigator has sworn allegiance to Nabeel. Or so it seems for the mo. Maria’s bossy attitude continues and is no longer restricted to the home. She is now pushing herself into the workplace trying to keep track of every breath he takes. If only chocking your better half could guarantee faithfulness…

Dania is trying to throw tantrums of her own- Kyun Nabeel? Aaj ki raat rukh jao… Umm, okay, so didn’t she know what she was getting herself into? It surprises me that the characters suffer from short-term memory loss and forget their association with one another. Babar and Naeem have completely disappeared from the scene- Naeem tried to blackmail Dania but that backfired and he was tossed out of his job; Babar feigned an apology which fell flat. This is now simply the story of a man caught between two wives doing the juggling act as best as he can.

My issue really is with the number of episodes. All of this could’ve easily been wrapped up in 15 episodes. Had that happened, we may even have had moments of paying attention. But 22 episodes later, any efforts at redemption seem highly unlikely. Are my faithful four still on-board or have you stumbled off?

Yours in watching,

Kanwal Murtaza


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