Be Aib – Episode 2

The second episode of Be Aib started with the engagement of Tooba and Taimoor. Sadaf finds it necessary to upstage everyone around her which is why she gifted Shahana APA and her husband with exquisite presents. Sadaf’s fake pride and controlling nature was further highlighted during her scenes with Tooba. The pact between the mother- daughter duo is supposedly for Tooba’s benefit. Tooba doesn’t have a personality of her own- she’s caught between what her mother expects of us vs her inability to think for herself. Overpowering mothers can impact children negatively as they never let their children grow into themselves but expect their children to be an extension of themselves. This pressure results in low self esteem and leaves them incapacitated to make their own decisions. Something as simple as taking her friends out for lunch becomes a topic of debate. Even though Sadaf has secured a suitor like Taimoor for Tooba, she feels insecure which is why she discouraged Tooba from introducing him to her friends and also instructed her to maintain a distance from Taimoor until they are married. Typically, I would’ve expected Sadaf would be encouraging Tooba to spend time with Taimoor but that’s not the case here.

Samina Peerzada’s gaudy saris, chokers, make up and those headphones are just too much. She’s such a fine actress and could’ve effortlessly conveyed this character minus the razzmatazz. I wonder why the director envisioned her this way instead of keeping her more real.

Alisha Yusuf has been very convincing albeit monotonous thus far- let’s see how her character shapes up in the upcoming episodes. Much of this episode focused on Inaya’s rishta. Shahana APA referred a rishte wali to Aisha and Safi to find a suitable rishta for Inaya. Not only is Inaya very self-conscious about her birthmark but as she parades back and forth with her tray of chai, every rejection is taking a toll on her. It’s hard enough for girls who have to walk the walk in front of countless rishte walis and potential suitors, but for someone like Inaya it’s even tougher.

It didn’t help that Sadaf lured a prospective proposal elsewhere. Sadaf seems to loathe her brother and his family because of their financial situation. She couldn’t even say a few kind words to Ahmed before he left but made it a point to stress on him working hard and not wasting his life like his father. The contract between Sadaf and Shahana is nicely done. Shahana genuinely wants to see her brother and his family doing well and without making them feel less than her, she tries to encourage them with her warm word and gestures.

The promo for the next episode revealed the turning point in the story. I like the pace of the drama so far and I hope they keep it moving. I don’t know who recommended that hairstyle to Noor Hassan but it is awful. It would’ve been a suitable look post his accident to signify his trauma. Let’s see if someone in the styling department makes any changes soon…

Kanwal Murtaza


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